Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-47C: A disarmed society is a mean and rude society

By Nathan Barton

Good morning!

The crudity and violence of modern urban “society” is more obvious each day.  Consider this McDonalds in Philadelphia, the vaunted “City of Brotherly Love” once upon a time. Two middle-aged women customers got upset because they were too late for breakfast and a McGriddle sandwich, so they took it out on the store, employees, and other customers: most of whom were as dark of skin tone as the two attacking women: they shouted curses and obscenities, threw food and chairs, and hit people to demonstrate their anger at not having the food of their choice to stuff in their faces.  The staff – and other customers – seemed to be very restrained in their response.  Too bad: a sound beating or even wounding in response to this vicious and unprovoked attack would send a lesson to other people like these two women.  I can’t call them barbarians: that would give barbarism a bad name.

Mama’s Note: Ah yes, the growing entitlement mentality. They have no clue that they are singularly incapable of survival when the “free” stuff dries up, and it probably isn’t possible to make them believe that the gravy train is just about to derail.

Every year, across the Fifty States, many people – including women and children – die because they lack the means to defend themselves.  This is despite the Second Amendment.  Is it not mean and rude – even cruel – to take away even that?  In a recent column, I commented on news that a Texan legislator is trying to nullify FedGov laws and rules regarding the Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms.  Sadly, it is a law professor from Texas (and A&M at that) that now is pushing loudly to repeal the 2nd Amendment (along with much else of the Constitution of 1787 as Amended) to replace it with a Tranzi “democratic” style of government. Keep in mind, her salary is paid by the forced “contributions” of Texan taxpayers and the hard-earned money that pays the tuition of cadets and other students at A&M: she denigrates the same document that those cadets are sworn to defend.  Looks to me like the threat to the Constitution isn’t in the Caliphate or Iran or even Saudi Arabia as much as it might be right there in College Station.

Once upon a time, New Jersey joined with twelve other colonies to resist the mean and tyrannical imposition of taxes by a arrogant king and his toadie ministers.  It sounds like a fairy tale, especially when you consider the taxes mean old King George was imposing are a tiny fraction of what people in the Fifty States suffer today. Facing high taxes, New Jersey residents want to leave. Half of New Jersey residents want to leave New Jersey; 45 percent want to stay. This is distressing news on multiple levels.  Like most of the refugees from the People’s Democracy of California (our esteemed publisher is NOT one of those many), the people fleeing from New Jersey will move and demand MORE services and MORE taxes (because, after all, they will still be much less than they had to pay in Jersey) and vote and push to make their new home states as hideous -a place to live as Jersey is.

No better example of a disarmed, rude, and mean society can be found right now than in Ferguson and nearby areas, and the next three stories demonstrate the impacts of a disarmed society, starting with a shopkeeper being abused by a petty thug, and quickly followed by an entire town being treed by a cooperative gang of uniformed thugs.

Gov. Jay Nixon activates Missouri National Guard in advance of Ferguson grand jury decision. A grand jury decision is expected this month on whether to bring criminal charges against Officer Darren Wilson. Nixon had declared a state of emergency for the next 30 days: martial law that makes people wonder if the abuses and confrontations of the immediate shooting of Brown are not going to come back in spades.

While Nixon plans for the great uprising, it seems the White House Occupant met with Ferguson activists and said he’s concerned they “Stay on course.” The claim seems to be that he, at least, has already decided (without facts: omnipotence?) that the police officer was guilty and the dead teen was without any serious fault, so it is only (take your pick: “racism” or “arrogance” or “cruelty”) and obviously, the protesters MUST be right and are justified in anything that they do.  Instead of calming them (maybe, maybe a legitimate role), he seems to urge them to violence:  more attacks on private businesses and homes and automobiles, and more assaults on people with the wrong skin color (or who are seen as uppity or Uncle Toms).

Of course, that kind of support for “anything goes” protests explains a wee bit why a Ferguson cop advises residents to get a gun: “We will not be able to protect you or your family.” Really?  Like they ever have been able to do so?  And I don’t know if Ferguson even HAS a gun shop, or if St. Louis County has some kind of waiting period to buy a gun, but a gun store nearby the town has reported a 700 percent increase in gun sales as the time of the announcement approaches.  (Maybe they think protesters might be more polite if they are facing armed drivers, business owners, and homeowners?)

Cops, of course, and their brother thugs (prosecuting attorneys, Nazgul [judges], and the like) don’t like the idea of armed “mundanes” in part because that would mean the thugs would have to be more polite, and might not get away with thieving and worse.  US Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch’s office (federal attorney in NYC) seized over $904 million in asset forfeitures in 2013.  Interesting that this would come out after the recent series of investigations by various mainstream media about how cops and prosecutors nationally are committing highway robbery and everything else.  But imagine, almost a BILLION dollars stolen in just ONE year in just ONE office.  This has none of the supposed moral justification of taxes, and is just one more case of how government sets a bad example as far as being rude and mean.

Well, it is short on stories, but I’ll wrap this commentary up for today.  If we can’t love our neighbor, at least we can be polite to them, right?  If possible, always give a verbal warning before shooting someone who is threatening you.  And it never hurts, after having to shoot them, to thank them (or their ghost) for the opportunity for some live-fire practice.

Mama’s Note: Oh Nathan! I’d much rather get my live fire practice reducing the number of tree killer rabbits on my place. If I ever have to shoot another human being, I’m going to be mad at them, not thanking them. But, that’s just me.

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