Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-47E: Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop

By Nathan Barton

Good morning!  Today, for the end of the week, a long commentary on a bunch of stories!

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, or so says Proverbs 16:27.  Better believe it: look at the FedGov! Government always seems to be finding new things that it just HAS to do, and the Census Bureau is incredibly good at that.  The only legitimate authority it has is to count how many people each state has, so that Congress can have the House of Representatives properly apportioned.  In fact, after they no long had to distinguish between “other persons” and “Indians” and “other persons” with the passage of the post-War between the States’ amendments, their job got EASIER.  But instead of saving money, they add new “responsibilities,” and then do a poor job of it.

This year, the Census Bureau says that internet speeds vary wildly state by state – a shocking fact and a situation which MUST be corrected as soon as possible.  It HAS to be much worse than in the old days when so many parts of the country only had ONE television station and when local TV stations in small markets used to shut down transmissions at 2300 or (maybe on Saturdays) 2400 hours, or when you couldn’t get a daily newspaper unless you lived a short distance from a city of 20,000 or more. Maybe it is a crisis like in the old, old days when some towns only had 50 Hz power and others had 90 Hz power, or even (gasp) just DC power and no AC at all!  But when I read the story, I see that all it is, is that not EVERYONE is able to (or willing to) pay for broadband, big-pipe internet speeds, and that the average internet speed that people have in some towns and some states is slower than in other locations.  Shocking!  Just like the fact that some people drive Mercedes or Cadillac products and others drive Suzukis or – gasp! old, old Plymouths! Or that some people eat steak and other people eat beans!

Speaking of Cadillacs, it is clear that Cadillac Tax Will Hurt Employees Obamacare’s “Cadillac tax” will soon hit American consumers — even those who do not have high-value health coverage.  Those who still have any health coverage left, of course.

In the past several decades, the decline of schools into imbecility has been rapid. In yet another case, very familiar to those paying attention to government-ruined, theft-financed schools, a 2nd Grader is being taught that government gives us our rights, which are really privileges.  But the document posted has a date of publication of either 2006 or 2008… huh? So that means that for six to eight years, this school has been teaching this sort of evil Tranzi nonsense, and someone just NOW is reporting it?

Speaking of stupid schools, try this one on for size:  the sheriff’s deputies responded to the cry for help from a school bus driver who was fearful because they heard popping sounds and saw students in the bus with “confetti guns” which look even less like guns than your average Nerf gun or water blaster, and don’t even get you wet.  Never fear, the cops treated the kids like the evil, dangerous, out-of-control criminals that they are, and no doubt gave the bus driver a nice dose of sedative to further relax an obviously mostly-dissolved mind.

Ah, well, this IS the 21st Century.  Maybe the guy really liked what he read about the reversal of roles in “Farnham’s Freehold” (a time travel saga by Robert Heinlein) in which there was poor black trash and Anglos (and anyone with fair skin) was enslaved.  Except that this black man who was arrested for keeping slaves, right here in the good old Fifty States, had both black AND white women as his slaves.  Equal opportunity like sheiks and Saudi princes, I guess – or the Caliphate.  But at least they admitted that these victims (no doubt unarmed when first enslaved by this guy) WERE slaves.

I wonder if he filed for welfare for them?  In these Fifty States, a majority of Households Receive More in Government Payments than they Pay in Taxes. It is the top income quintile that is funding government transfer payments to the majority of American households after paying an average of $57,500 in federal taxes…

Supposedly the GOP types in the Senate and House of Representatives (what a MISNOMER that has become) have warned the Fuehrer that he is on notice that he will be impeached as soon as they have the votes, after his latest decrees about border jumpers. Scott, a frequent correspondent and reader, comments: They can’t, and don’t need to impeach him/her/it/whatever. Just officially recognize nonexistence and ineligibility of Barack Obama to be President of the United States, or even present in the United States. Then put the enemy infiltrator Barry Soetoro, and all the henchmen pretenders acting as “Barack Hussein Obama” on trial. Of course, Scott recognizes as much as I do that the GOP will not do this: they WANT to have two more years of the Fueher to help them control the White House as well as the Congress in 2016, and they AGREE with him on 95% (if not 99%) of his tyranny and actions.  They want to dominate, to control, to rule over the people, NOT be accountable to them.

White House: Things have changed since Obama’s ‘I am not the emperor’ remark. During a press conference this week, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said things have changed since President Obama said “I am not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.” Obviously, the Fuehrer is looking for an upgrade, to emperor.  (After all, he surely has enough frequent flier miles!) Perhaps it is the fact that many emperors were also officially declared gods?

Four relatives of a pregnant 25-year-old woman who bludgeoned her to death outside one of Pakistan’s top courts were sentenced to death on Wednesday for the crime, their defense lawyer said. The woman’s family attacked her because they objected to her marriage. Farzana Iqbal’s murder briefly focused attention on Pakistan’s epidemic of violence against women. Her father, brother, cousin, and another relative were all sentenced to death and a $US1000 fine. Another cousin was sentenced to 10 years in prison and also fined $US1000.  So, the price of the woman’s life is $2,002: including the fifty cents each of these thugs’ lives are worth.

It seems that the D.C. Housing Code Restricts Affordable Housing Availability In Washington, D.C., a group of architects have developed a community of miniature homes, but housing regulations threaten to keep the houses off the market. This sounds very much like “The Nonviolent Zone” a book and proposal by Muir Matteson, which showed that it was possible (at least in 2011) to live on a dollar a day in a free land, including owning a (very small) house.

Oh, my! Terrorism is up, but concentrated in a handful of countries where a small number of terror groups are carrying out most attacks. Terrorism deaths are up in Iraq and Syria largely as a result of the rise of the violence-preaching Islamic State (and not counting the violence of Western states and the “legitimate regimes” in those countries), and in Nigeria (where Boko Haram continues to mount high-casualty attacks). But the Christian Science Monitor points out that there’s something else to know about terrorism: “At the end of the day, it doesn’t work. Since the 1960s, only a very few terrorist organizations have achieved their goals through violence.”  That is, of course, garbage: consider the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea,” multiple generations of Afghan terrorists, Castro’s Cuba, and the African National Congress.  Even if you want to ignore (as failing, if nothing else) the old Afrikaaner regime in South Africa, the Soviets, the Khymer Rouge, and of course, the FedGov, the City of Philadelphia, Sadaam’s Iraq, Assad’s Syria, and many more local governments.

What is THIS? “A Cuban doctor infected with Ebola while working in a Sierra Leone hospital is being flown to Switzerland for treatment.” Felix Sarria had been working at the Kerry Town Ebola treatment center. The doctor had a high fever and tested positive for Ebola on Nov. 17, Sarria will be treated at Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health said in a statement on its website. What IS this?  Don’t we have Michael Moore himself telling us that Cuban medical care is the finest in the Western Hemisphere?  And they can’t treat Ebola?  They have to have those uber-capitalist Switzers to do this instead?  What a SLAP in the face!

Gasp!  Come on Claire, you HAD to have seen that disgusting, sexist, anti-woman shirt that nerd was wearing.  It had pictures of WOMEN on it.  And they were wearing  just a tiny bit more than what HUNDREDS of women can be seen wearing on the streets of Miami or San Diego or San Antonio in the WINTER (and by the way, I saw a woman at the Safeway store in Trinidad, Colorado early on a frosty (20F) morning that was wearing a bit less than the cuties on that guy’s shirt: shocking!!!!).  Why don’t you trash him?  Instead see what Claire writes in: Stranded in a strange world (Source: Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe) “In the adult world … I’ve seldom been bothered by that terrible sense of being something irreconcilably foreign to the ‘normal’ world. … Once in a while alien horror strikes out of the blue, though. It hit last week when mouthy morons blighted a great moment in science by making scientist Matt Taylor’s un-PC shirt more important than the fact that our amazing species (led, as always, by a handful of those above and beyond the pack) had just set a lander down on a freakin’ comet! … The shirt squawkers are not only self-righteous morons and bullies … They’re not only intolerant conformists in the best public high school ‘mean girls’ tradition. They’re savages — and I say that in the true sense of people who have no grasp of human achievement. Savages. People who, on their own, would never have gotten out of the caves or figured out how to clothe their naked skin.” Poor, poor Claire.  A GREAT column!

The end of the American meth lab? Don’t get too excited (Independent Institute by Abigail Hall) “While the number of domestic meth suppliers may be shrinking, this doesn’t mean the market for meth is going away. As the Associated Press and others have pointed out, the production of methamphetamine is shifting from smaller operations in the United States, to ‘super labs’ in Mexico (cue the Breaking Bad episodes). Border states are seeing sharp increases in meth-related activities. Federal forces in California, for example, seized 3.5 metric tons of meth in 2013. In 2012, this number was about 0.5 metric tons. We see the same trend in Texas and Arizona.”

History has warned us about this: the change from “bathtub gin” to smugglers (like Joe Kennedy, Sr.) sneaking the booze in from Canada.  And dealing with meth itself, the switch from making it in the basement in houses in old or “ethnic” neighborhoods in Denver (slums) to motel rooms in the suburbs and isolated abandoned vans in rural areas or trailers endlessly cruising on remote highways:  The demand is there, and all the interdiction and success in the cities and rural areas does is increase profits because risks are increased.  We see this locally in ND: meth makers aren’t interested in freezing in winter (or summer) in North Dakota to produce the meth: instead, the dealers are just importers.  But I do have a question: what will all those people with all the spare time on their hands do with their “idle hands” since they are no longer making meth in their bathtub.

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