Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-49C: Burials and corruption

By Nathan Barton

Good day!  An odd historical reference/discovery is my theme for some of the stories today, and I think you will have as much fun reading them as I did writing!

According to the WaPo, “DNA evidence proves that King Richard III’s remains really did end up in a parking lot. Scientists are 99.999 percent sure, in their most conservative estimate, that remains found in 2012 really do belong to King Richard III.”

Neat, huh?  The WaPo’s headline gives the impression that when he died (well, was killed in combat), that whoever buried him intentionally disrespected his body by choosing a parking lot to dump it in.  Obviously just a few years before it was paved, of course, because he died on 22 AUG 1485, or roughly 300 years before paving (Portland Cement or Asphaltic) was invented.  Of course, Shakespeare thought the world of him (not!) so I assume that the media take their hint from the classics?  Of course, there are a few politicians and “world leaders” today (state and local as well as national level) that I am sure a lot of folks would like to see buried in a parking lot…

The WaPo is punching its bleeding-heart liberal ticket with this article: WorldViews: How the world’s most wanted Nazi evaded justice for more than 60 years. “Alois Brunner, the right-hand-man to Adolf Eichmann during the Holocaust, evaded justice for decades, even as witnesses described encounters with the man in Syria. And now, Nazi-hunter Efraim Zuroff is certain that Brunner died at least four years ago in Damascus.”  (No word as to whether he was buried in a parking lot, by the way.) My oh my, so Assad was hiding him?  From the Israelis just 60 or so miles away?  Or perhaps Assad was as blind as that “good American ally” Pakistan about Osama supposedly living there all that time. Perhaps Brunner was advising BOTH sides (after all, many people claim that the Israelis are just Nazi hoodlums with Seals of Solomon instead of swastikas).  Picture in 2050, when justice finally catches up with the last few “presidents” and other senior officials of the late FedGov, and even the long-fled and hidden daughters of Uncle Bill and the Fuehrer and Dubya.  And their children and grandchildren, NOT because they are relatives, but because they continued to profit from and support the evil policies and philosophies of their parents and grand and great-grand parents.

A mainstream economist, certainly NOT of the Mises or Austrian school, is now telling us that the idea of retiring (at age 62 or 65 or 68 or whatever) is now “history” and that most of us will work (as wage-slaves AND tax-slaves, maybe?) until we die, just like Brunner.  (A lot of us figured this was the case already.) She doesn’t explain exactly how this impacts on the welfare drones that “retire” at age 30 or 40 or 50, drawing SSI for “disabilities” or disabilities.  Nor for military personnel who retire after 20 or 25 years of active duty.  Nor Congress.

(But then I have received e-mails recently pointing out the obvious disrespect that someone fighting for the country (well, for Congress and the Fuehrer, these days) for 20 years gets half-pay retirement, while a congress type (minimum annual salary $174,000) can get full-pay retirement after a single term.  This is NOT true (according to for representatives, because no one is vested until they have served FIVE years, but IS true for Senators (six-year terms, remember).  They also do NOT get 100% pay, but only average less than $40,000, or not even 25%.  Still, it must be nice, if you are willing to steal from taxpayers (they do have to contribute 1.6% of their salary to their own retirement, I might add).) As I discussed regarding Richard III, there are a lot of people who would be happy to see a congressional retirement consisting of a watch, a nice dinner, and (if they are really generous) a brand new hemp rope and a nice GI coffin, all to be given (and used) immediately upon leaving office (for the “encouragement of the others” especially their replacements).)

Hmm. Would parking lots work for interment? For the retiring congress types, I mean.  Of course, it might work for those of us who can’t afford to retire.  Would the land rent on a parking space provide some income for our dependents after we die (of overwork)?  It WOULD solve a problem with land use around large urban areas, if cemeteries doubled as parking lots.  A standard 10×20 parking space could be a nice size for a family plot.  You’d want to limit the users of the parking lot to Monday through Saturday so that the family and friends could visit on Sundays and read the markers without having to crawl under parked vehicles.  Or the markers could double as parking bumpers.

On to other governmental subjects.  Corruption, like tyranny and violence, is a basic feature (NOT a bug) in government, especially Arabic and Muslim governments.  Even in the 21st Century.  In a statement about the latest scandal in Baghdad, “Iraqi” Prime Minister Abadi promised to crack down on corruption in the military. A parliamentary statement said the 50,000 fictitious jobs, which is equivalent to several army divisions in Iraq, had been cut. Rafid Jaboori, Abadi’s spokesman, said a thorough headcount of soldiers during the last payroll period revealed the discrepancy, which led to the identification of the fictitious names. It was unclear from the statement who had collected money. A security officer told AFP there are two kinds of soldiers crowding the payroll. “The first kind: Each officer is allowed, for example, five guards. He’ll keep two, send three home and pocket their salaries or an agreed percentage,” Jaboori told AFP. “The second and bigger group is at the brigade level. A brigade commander usually has 30, 40 or more soldiers who stay at home or don’t exist.”  Maybe.  Of course, maybe the “fictitious names” are just to protect the innocent (Dragnet style), but one can doubt if there ARE any innocent “Iraqi” soldiers. (Naive, maybe.)  That is a staggering number of bogus people though: that would be equal to 10% of the US Army.  I doubt this happens in the US Army or other services, although there were some cases in the late 1970s (end of the Vietnam era) when it was found that soldiers assigned to units in certain areas ALSO had full-time jobs in civilian businesses “off-post” – they’d report for morning formation and disappear, and return for evening formation.  The idea that the soldiers could be totally non-existent in the army in Mesopotamia is fully in keeping with “As Allah wills” (Inshallah), of course.  I am also sure that it is not limited to Mesopotamia. Maybe some of these missing soldiers are actually buried in parking lots?

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