Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-50D: This and that

By Nathan Barton

Good morning. Just a little of this and that on the Home Front today, for our midweek review.

First, some home front news, showing how the police forces have continued to get even MORE corrupt (if that is possible).  Because a cop refused to taze a man armed with a knife and threatening self-harm, and instead talked him down and got him to surrender peacefully (so that another, freshly-arrived cop could needlessly taze him), he was fired because he did NOT use violence to resolve the situation. So here we have a case of a “good cop” (assuming such exists anymore) who is punished for keeping the peace instead of resorting to violence.  Soon no doubt to be followed by similar examples across the nation.

Of course, some people are protesting stupid cop tricks, still.  At least SOME tricks. More than 150 protesters were arrested in California overnight after shutting down a major freeway in another outbreak of nationwide demonstrations against police use of deadly force on minorities. … Several hundred people stormed onto Interstate 80 in the college town of Berkeley near San Francisco on Monday night snarling traffic in both directions. Protesters threw rocks and other objects at officers, California Highway Patrol spokesman Daniel Hill said. More than 150 people were arrested, mostly for resisting or obstructing an officer, he added.” Similar actions took place on the Boulder Turnpike (US-36) in Colorado.  This “die-in” could have become the real thing, if some folks with dump trucks or semi-trucks had the same kind of attitude as too many cops do today. Folks, there aren’t many things to choose from between the cops and these protesters, are there?

The hoplophobes and hoploclasts continue to promote their agenda, underhandedly. A trade magazine recently had this article: “Why Emergency Panic Alarms Are Often Welcomed by Teachers, Doctors and Nurses” They report that healthcare and education professionals generally prefer mobile duress solutions over security cameras and card access control systems.  Gee, are YOU surprised?  Of course, they didn’t ask the obvious question: what is the best “mobile duress solution?”  It is NOT an “emergency panic alarm,” it is a SELF-DEFENSE weapon.  Together with a small notice “Our Staff are Armed to Protect Ourselves and Those in Our Care” would go a LONG ways to ending the continuing low-grade epidemic of school shootings, and prevent similar events from happening in medical facilities.

Of course, some dangers are much harder to defend against. There is NO way to be safe from Congress, at least not right now.  In its latest perfidity, congressmen have a deal reached to allow pension plans to cut benefits. The move, affecting current retirees, is an effort to save the nation’s most distressed plans. Except of course, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL as well as immoral and just plain evil: it impairs private contracts – it NULLIFIES them! But why should Congress bother to obey the constitution?  Two examples of how they have NOT for more than a century in one case, and six years in another.

Mama’s Note: I don’t see where the “constitution” has anything at all to do with pensions, myself. Theft and fraud are what they are, regardless. Pensions that were obtained by fraud, coercion and theft should be nullified completely. This would include all government pensions, at every level, especially those for  “officials” of every kind. After that would come those gained through the extortion tactics of unions and would include most government school teachers, police, etc.

For some strange reason, I didn’t read a word in that article about reducing the benefits of any of those people… even though that’s pretty much what is bankrupting communities across the country. Those pensions have to be paid for with money stolen from the people who live there… and guess what? Those people don’t have too much left to steal these days and are getting a mite testy about it.

The idea that any government should be able to manipulate or dictate private contracts between employers and employees is, of course, abhorrent.

Utah’s governor has signed a law demanding that all federal land in the state be surrendered TO the state government on or before 31 December 2014 (about three weeks from now!).  That is 31.2 million acres, 66.5 percent of the entire state.  But of course, that won’t happen: not even the watered down, Mr.Rogers’ Neighborhood sort of “educate and negotiate” won’t happen, and there certainly will not be any incidents of State Troopers, Utah National Guards, or Nauvoo Legion storm troopers or Danites rounding up FedGov employees, seizing control of federal office buildings or gates to national parks, or the like.  This will be ignored and nothing will happen except a few more electrons or ink cartridges to be consumed.  Good night! Look, we know that for the FedGov to own the vast majority of the land in the Western States that it does is immoral, unconstitutional, and a total perversion of the principles of American liberty and government.  (All the Feds legitimately own in Utah are Hill Air Force Base, Dugway Proving Grounds, and the remnants of Fort Douglas, Camp Williams, and a couple of courthouses and the post offices.)  But it is going to take more than feel-good legislation and a few platitudes to reclaim the land that was basically stolen from the state in 1896. Frankly, the Utah State Government and its backers (to remain nameless for now) don’t have the guts to do it.

Mama’s Note: What is the actual net difference? The people who live there still won’t own it. The “state” of Utah has no more legitimate authority to exist than does the Federal Government.

The Fuehrer has taken to joking during speeches that his Republican “opponents” are pretty sure that he is an illegal immigrant.  Of course (as usual) he is lying about his opponents and the situation, in his usual tactic of making everyone who disagrees with him to be racist and stupid.  In reality, unless he is lying about who his mother is (and very few if any claim that), he IS an American Citizen, but not a naturally-born one if he was born someplace other than Hawai’i (about which there is significant doubt, of course).  Even if at various times he has claimed to be a Kenyan or Indonesian: claiming a tail is a leg does not give a dog five legs.  He almost CERTAINLY holds dual or even triple citizenship, both as a Kenyan (the modern nation-state AND as a subject of Her Majesty since Kenya was a British colony when he was born) and American.  But he wants to demean and vilify his so-called opponents, and seems unable to do anything but play some variation of the race card.  It really doesn’t matter: he has been able (with his backers and stooges) to totally negate the constitutional requirements for office and any hope of claiming that the occupant of 1600 PA is subject to any laws except voluntarily.

Mama’s Note: I suspect that the LAW of unintended consequences will be the one to bring him down eventually.


About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-50D: This and that

  1. Matt says:

    I agree with Mama on the state of Utah issue. The state was authorized and recognized by the federal government, so can’t have any more of a legitimate claim to the land recognized as Utah than the feds do. All the state of Utah wants to do is collect the taxes, fees and royalties from those lands for themself instead of getting some back from the Feds. New boss, same as the old boss.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Only two kinds of people… those who want to control others, one way or another, and those who do not. Every non-voluntary government is peopled with and supported by the first sort.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Not that it matters, but even if we drag out that old beat up rag called the “constitution,” the federal government has zero authorization to “own” more than a tiny sliver of the land they now claim. And, when you get right down to it, what the feds don’t claim to “own,” they claim to control anyway. The EPA and the rest of the alphabet soup gangs take up any little slack. No ordinary individual in the country actually OWNS a square inch of land, or much of anything else. It is all held at the pleasure of the rulers and their minions. And we pay tribute for life to have that “privilege.”


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