Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-53B: Looking forward, looking back

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  This morning, I’ll share a few stories and a lot of comments about them!

A 74-year-old German journalist spent 10 days with the Caliphate’s forces, and has explained that he believes they are far more dangerous than the West understands or admits, and they are not just willing to, but PLAN to, kill at least 500 million people to cleanse the Middle East, their Caliphate not just of unbelievers but of rival Muslim factions and Muslims who believe in such Satanic things as democracy and freedom of choice in religion.  His interview is important to read, and his conclusions worth pondering. Others’ impressions of his investigation can be found here. I know I’m beating the drum again, but it is clear that the only thing Western and “tame” Middle Eastern, Islamic or Muslim-majority governments are doing is making the threat worse: governments are doing the wrong thing, and increasing the likelihood of success of this Caliphate.  Todenhoefer has some suggestions: some I don’t agree with, but stopping the bombing raids seems to make sense to me: it IS a terrorist breeding program.

“US, NATO put on dog and pony show, pretend to end war in Afghanistan,” is the headline the people at Freedom Net Daily put to this story: “The United States and NATO formally ended their war in Afghanistan on Sunday with a ceremony at their military headquarters in Kabul as the insurgency they fought for 13 years remains as ferocious and deadly as at any time since the 2001 invasion that unseated the Taliban regime following the Sept. 11 attacks. The symbolic ceremony marked the end of the U.S.-led International Security Assistance Force, which will transition to a supporting role with 13,500 soldiers, most of them American, starting Jan. 1. Gen. John Campbell, commander of ISAF, rolled up and sheathed the green and white ISAF flag and unfurled the flag of the new international mission, called Resolute Support.” I suppose this means that the Fuehrer and his minions learned from the stupid end to the Vietnam War, and avoided the bogus end to the war in Mesopotamia.  But once again, a huge bucket-load of US blood and treasure has been spent and the biggest result is a country more firmly based than ever in the tribal culture which they’ve had since sometime about 1000 BC:  a culture that defeated everyone from Cyrus the Great and Alexander and his heirs to the British Lion, the Russian Bear, and now NATO.

In Pennsylvania, an intruder was fatally shot by the homeowner , continuing the string of self-defense actions in the media I talked about yesterday. CBS reported: “Authorities in western Pennsylvania say they’re investigating an apparent home invasion that ended with the death of the alleged intruder. The Washington County coroner says a homeowner fatally shot 37-year-old Emanuel Ladson after he broke into the house through a window early Saturday. A single shot saved a lot of grief for a lot of people and hopefully will save many more lives, as criminals get the message.

After the “torture report” comes the “NSA scandal report,” issued on Christmas Eve, like a piece of coal in DoD and the Fuehrer’s stocking but ignored by the media except as a very brief mention.  Heavily redacted government documents show that analysts with the National Security Agency have been abusing surveillance data to spy on significant others and spouses for more than a decade. Some examples: an NSA intern reported his colleague for allegedly spying on his foreign girlfriend; a NSA analyst searched her spouse’s telephone records for at least two years before being told to stop; an unidentified soldier was punished for targeting their soldier spouse.  All of this is almost certainly the tip of the iceberg: these are the token sacrifices to hide what is surely tens of thousands of examples where the surveillance benefits business competition, political enemies, bureaucrats, and those willing to pay for the access.

Is government good for small business? Yeah, I know, stupid (or at least silly) question.  But I’ve heard many people over the years say how good government is for various small businesses.  You don’t often hear, in the media, at least, about things like this guy in California.  Just as I never knew that it was illegal in California for “for-profit” businesses to use the labor of volunteers. (Don’t know if that extends to parents, children, or spouses.)  So now the thugs in Sacramento are “protecting the workers” and fining the guy the equivalent of 10+ years of profits…  And they wonder why companies and people – productive, hard-working people and not parasites – are bailing out of the Golden State.

Another case of an observer of a police-civilian “interaction” having his phone stolen by the cop for recording the incident has been resolved in Florida, where the man received $15,000 in compensation for the theft and his illegal jailing.  That isn’t enough in my opinion, even if the department in essence agreed that the cop was totally wrong.

New York Police Department continues to behave brutally even while shunning their mayor (and theoretically “commander in chief”) even more.  The latest example brought up today is the reaction of cops to a guy dancing on the sidewalk. At least they didn’t kill him.  Still, does this support or justify the kind of reaction right there in NYC?

When is “aggressive violence” warranted?  A christian or a true libertarian (a self-government) will answer correctly, “NEVER!”  But most revolutionaries, especially those of the socialist/communist camp, and most statists (especially tranzis but including both liberals and conservatives (particularly neo-cons) will endorse it: just differing on WHO has the power to use violence for political or other purposes.  Consider this grad student at CUNY, who urges a war on cops: not a defensive war, but in essence terrorism: the use of violence to force political change, or at least “demonstrate” how unhappy he and those like him are with the police. (PS: I do NOT agree with “” that this punk ought to be locked up.  HE has freedom of speech, and we NEED to hear speech like this to remind us who ALL of our enemies (those of liberty) are.

We haven’t heard much about Ebola or any of the other diseases that were the “threat of the day” just a couple of months ago, and meanwhile, old enemies are gaining strength, due to fear and poor management, including too many people trusting government to do the right thing.  Malaria is killing thousands more than Ebola in West Africa.  Africa’s fight to contain Ebola has hampered the campaign against malaria, a preventable and treatable disease that is claiming many thousands more lives than the dreaded virus. In Gueckedou, Guinea, near the village where Ebola first started killing people in the country’s tropical southern forests a year ago, doctors say they have had to stop pricking fingers to do blood tests for malaria. Malaria is a disease which HAS killed tens of thousands of Americans over the years, but this (like the common influenza and other diseases) is being ignored due to the Ebola fears.  Meanwhile, the virtual blackout of Ebola news seems to continue.

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