Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-03A: More hypocrisy

By Nathan Barton

It is probably fitting to talk more about hypocrisy in government and public life on “Martin Luther King, Jr.” Memorial Day.  Only in America could we celebrate the life of a Communist and call him a peace-loving man, a man whose entire public life was built on racism who passed as a non-racist and is admired for it, a man who claimed to be a man of God and could not keep his pants zipped up.  National Hypocrites’ Day, anyone?

On to news related to hypocrisy:

The German group protesting and working to reduce “Islamization” of Germany and Europe had its weekly protest in Dresden cancelled by the authorities on Sunday the 18th, due to a threat against one of the organizers, after more than 25,000 people had assembled the previous Sunday.  Supposedly, although the German government condemns it as “racist,” the group PEGIRA is allowed to protest.  The group (or affiliates) is spreading to other European countries.  The hypocrisy of the various European authorities is obvious in the way that they address this group while supposedly encouraging the rallies in support of Charlie Hebdo.

Speaking of which, I had commented several days ago about the hypocrisy of political leaders concerning free speech and Charlie Hebdo and the murderous Islamists in France, Belgium, and elsewhere.  That was hammered home by a photo published in The Independent (UK) this weekend, showing that the iconic photo of the world leaders seemingly leading the protest is a fake: a staged photo op on an empty, closed-off street.  I am not too surprised, and I suspect that the story will not go far: I couldn’t even find it on The Independent itself.

Mama’s Note: The amazing thing was that Obama wasn’t front and center there. Hard to imagine him missing a photo op.

Overall, the hypocrisy of western politicians is growing, and certainly becoming more obvious.  In the Commonwealth, for example, a Canadian man was sentenced to jail for 18 months for saying that “Islam is evil,” on a transit bus, while Prime Minister Cameron is defending his “Communities Secretary” sending letters to mosques telling them they need to stop encouraging and supporting “extremism.”  At the same time, in London, the government and others condemn activists and claim that their exercising free speech and freedom of the press (for which the Charlie Hebdo staff supposedly died) is just going to cause a backlash by “peaceful” Muslims. But British Jews are “afraid to go to the store” because of the threat of Muslim, anti-Jewish violence.  Backlash?

That is not limited to the UK or Europe or the Commonwealth, of course.  We see it right here in the Fifty States. In Tennessee, a federal attorney warns people that they can be prosecuted for making negative posts against Islam (like this one?), despite his obligation to protect free speech from those who would use violence to intimidate people, the way the KKK and segregationists did before MLK came and saved us all. And (get this: non-Islamic related!) a cop in south Florida claims that to video record him during a traffic stop endangers his safety, even while the administration is pushing for ALL cops to carry cameras and record their interactions with the public.  I think that is nicely hypocritical as well. And in another example, even while the Fuehrer condemns oil and gas fracking and other aspects of the oil and gas industry, his Interior Secretary says that fracking bans “are the wrong way to go.” Of course, I have to admit that may just be stupidity and not actual hypocrisy.

When we look at hypocrisy, we have to keep in mind that the law enforcement in many places are the greatest of hypocrites, and not just on the recording of events.  Mama Liberty pointed out this article: 5 New Signs that the Jihad Against the West Is Just Getting Warmed Up, “The Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher jihad massacres were not the beginning, and they’re certainly not the end. There will be many more killings, many more infidels struck down in the streets. Jihad murder will become an ever more frequent feature of life in the West. And just this past week there have been new signs that we are in for a long, tough war -– made all the tougher by the fact that only one side has the will to fight, a clear objective for which it is fighting, and an indestructible tenacity enabling it to keep on fighting, no matter how long the odds. The free world could still prevail. But right now, it is being set aflame.” The article goes on to point out five individual incidents that are the “signs” – most of which involve individuals, which seem to be DIRECTED to violent jihad by FBI agents (like the guy in Ohio).  The fact that unbalanced individuals are doing this voluntarily when given the opportunity to do so, does NOT take from the fact that government agents are instigating and facilitating their efforts to become big bad jihadis.

At the same time, we need to look at the threat of more war.  The Islamic war is growing.

In Syria, the Caliphate has expanded its war, now recruiting jihadis from other groups and preparing to launch an invasion of Lebanon, attacking Hezbollah and other groups that have been fighting Israel for years. Of course, they blame Israel.  I don’t know if they blame Israel for the Caliphate’s latest efforts in southern Afghanistan, where they are clashing with the Taliban.  Israel, meanwhile is condemned still more for Netanyahu’s latest warning about Islamization of Europe, stating that Israel must expand trade with Asia to reduce dependence on the EU.

Mama’s Note: Sure would be nice if everyone cleaned their own house.

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