Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-03C: The “elite”

By Nathan Barton

Good morning!  Aren’t the elites wonderful?  Don’t they love us and keep us safe and happy and watch out for our future?  That is why we have news stories like these.

The huge Davos, Switzerland meeting of the elite (the “World Economic Forum) to “solve” global warming has an interesting side effect: 1700 private jets will fly in to bring their illustrious chairwarmers to press the flesh and moan about how carbon (and other) emissions are destroying the world as we know it.  Right. I love what the commentator at Front Page Magazine had to say: “I’m sure these will be non-polluting private jets powered by carbon offsets and unicorn magic. They will not in any way add to the heat death of the earth. Unlike you, toting your groceries home in a plastic bag in the back on an SUV.”

Starting to hear some fallout from the wonderful “See how great I am speech” this week by the Fuehrer himself.  He wants to raise taxes but ALSO reduce taxes, but the Washing Examiner points out that his Tax Credit would do little to help families.  He is proposing to give families with two earners a $500 tax credit, every year!  Amazing.  Enough to pay a month’s electric bill, courtesy of new Federal Regs.  Enough to pay for about 6,000 miles of driving, at least until the prices go back up.  Enough for a hundred or so Happy Meals.  Whoopie! As the next story points out:  For every day that the FedGov was open in 2014, it published a staggering $726 MILLION in new regulatory costs: trillions in costs that ultimately consumers – people – pay. Think about that: that is $2.27 per person in America per DAY!  $828.55 per person per year.  Take the $500 the “two earners” will supposedly get back, and WOW: only an additional $328.+ stolen each year from taxpayers (of course, it is worse than that: only half (or less) of us pay federal income taxes.)

Now this is getting weird: are these people sane?  The leader of the French National Front, an organization claimed to be neo-Nazi, racist, and Islamophobic to an incredible degree, and French President wannabe Jean-Marie Le Pen says that the terror attacks in Paris this month were the work of Western Intelligence agencies.  As Scott shares with me, the leader told an “anti-Western” Russian newspaper it is all a vast conspiracy, echoing many lovers of liberty and others suspicious of ANY attack as a false-flag operation. Now, there are a lot of ways to look at this, from the “instigator” situation (like the recent would-be capitol bomber) to the “these murderers were actually working for the French (or British or American) government” to the always-worth-considering claim “they did this because we are (unsuccessfully) trying to bomb their hometowns and families back to the stone age.”  Frankly, regardless of WHO did it and WHO got them to do it, the plain and simple truth is that Charlie Hebdo and a bunch of people in a kosher supermarket were NOT legitimate targets of ANY group or person, and would NOT have been soft targets if they could have exercised their God-given rights to arm and defend themselves.  No matter how disgusting a yellow rag Charlie Hebdo was.  And no matter WHAT the pope says about responding to name-calling with a punch in the nose.

Any more than a private business deserves this kind of treatment.  Indiana University Students Vote NO Against ‘Hateful’ Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A’s slogan is “Eat Mor Chickin” but students at Indiana University (Bloomington campus) voted “no” to more chicken based on concerns over the company’s views on same-sex marriage and other LGBT issues. The Chick-fil-A franchise at the Wells Library location is the issue over which a “Residence Association” has voted against the franchise, showing that political correctness is more important than consumer choice or freedom of association or speech. If that majority of students don’t want to eat at Chick-fil-A because they don’t like where their money goes, or what the private opinions of the owners are, fine.  But that does NOT excuse the students seeking to prevent ANY one from buying Chick-fil-A.

In Kentucky, in a really inexplicable decision, a jury found a police officer who was off-duty and stopped and drunk and shot a driver “not guilty.” Even when the officer was recorded doing so on video, even when the department suspended him, and even when eye-witnesses saw the entire stop. Nothing too good for our thug-boys in blue (even when they are not).

But it isn’t just Kentucky courts that do bizarre things to “help” cops.  In Connecticut, a policeman also caught on video was found not guilty of stomping the face of a man already subdued and not resisting.  He was just being punished for disrespecting the cops, no doubt. Frankly it is easier to understand judges (who are, after all, virtually all lawyers) doing this than juries.

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