“The NRA Is Facing Disaster.”

By MamaLiberty

As reported at Sipsey Street Irregulars:

The NRA Is Facing Disaster.” Yup, you guessed it. The ATF snitch John Brown rears his ugly head again.

Based on many other details published here, Brown appears to be little more than a stalking horse for the BATFE, allowing NFATCA to act as an independent, “civilian” organization that rubber stamps and validates regulations the ATF wishes to impose. Having him on the Board of the NRA would just give more credence to his words and very likely will undermine the effectiveness of the NRA’s work against further encroachment of our rights. These details were found in all of five minutes’ worth of internet searching on his name. How was this not found earlier? Are our nomination committee candidates not being vetted? Or do the committee members see no danger or inappropriateness in this submission? This candidacy should be withdrawn immediately or, if not, this man should not be allowed a seat on our (sic) Board.

As most readers here already know, I am no longer a member of the NRA, even though I continue as an NRA Certified instructor. The idea that they would even entertain the nomination of a sworn enemy to the board is reason to think that the NRA has finally outlived any possible use to the rational gun owning public. But I hope I’m wrong. I hope they will come to their senses and eliminate this threat, and work hard for however many years it takes to repair all of the damage they’ve done to liberty and justice, both here and previously.

In any case… spread the word. If you are still an NRA member, do what you can to make sure they get the message.

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