The Loose Cannon Libertarian


Book Review: Selected Salvos 2
By Garry Reed, The Loose Cannon Libertarian

Garry Reed has been a friend for many years. We’ve talked a lot about most aspects of freedom and politics, not always in agreement by a long shot, but I was always pleased to see that he would er on the side of individual sovereignty, even when he didn’t immediately embrace the full extent of the potential because pragmatism kept getting in the way.

Gradually, with interesting back and fill at times, he came to understand that electoral politics could not even be justified by any kind of pragmatism. Slavery, by any name, is still slavery. And theft is still theft, no matter how many people want to justify theft.

Garry has collected articles from the last fifteen years or so into two small volumes. They describe the journey from Libertarian political apologist, to the voluntarist he has become. Unlike so many, this journey is taken with wit, much terrific insight into humanity, and an unbelievable number of plain old belly laughs. And he paints even his sometimes painful transition with humor and good cheer.

If you have also made this journey, or are even wondering about it, these books will do you much good, and will serve as a springboard, perhaps, to conversation with friends who remain stuck in pragmatism, or actually still believe that there is some magic about electoral politics that can “restore” freedom in America.

Show them it just isn’t so.

To buy the books:
Lulu [Lulu wouldn’t let me post a review, but I didn’t have any trouble ordering the book.]

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