Libertarian Commentary on the News, 12 June 2015, #15-22C: Liberty is DEAD in Many or Most Places

By Nathan Barton

Our Liberty to Defend Ourselves is Gone – Liberty is DEAD – in Many (or Most) Places. Here are some examples from recent news of how our “Second Amendment” freedoms are sliding OR HAVE GONE to extinction.

Government kills: in Political Outcast, we read about a woman, threatened by a stalker, being stabbed to death while waiting for her gun permit. More than six weeks, because of a delay in the fingerprint report? Yes, a sickening situation made possible by stupid politicians who think that court orders and police can and will protect you.  The woman had asked why there was such a delay, just two days before her ex-boy-friend killed her.  You wanna bet that they won’t even refund her application and background check fee to her heirs?  The state and locality in which this woman lived and died is NOT a free state: it is a police state.

Mama’s Note: Granted all that, Nathan, but this woman bears some of the responsibility. And no, that’s not “blaming the victim.” It’s just the same common sense those of us who keep and carry a gun must take responsibility for every day. Just having a gun, or a “permit” makes little or no difference if we are not prepared to use it effectively either. But this lady seems to have trusted the “system.”

I have to ask why she continued to live in that cesspool state. Had she taken some self defense classes? Did she practice serious situational awareness? Did she lock her doors? Lots of other questions.  The man who killed her is totally responsible for that evil act, obviously, but I know from personal experience that it probably would not have happened if the lady had known more and practiced those other things. A gun, important and effective as it is, can’t do anyone much good without all the other things that go into self defense. Since she knew her life was in danger… why in the world would she just wait for government “permission” to defend herself? That’s not rational.

Of course, the Nine Nazgul (or at least seven of them) continue to play the games that got the woman killed.  JPFO reports the recent court decision that lets San Francisco’s deadly laws continue to put its residents and visitors at risk: guns must continue to be locked up at home instead of available for self-defense, and hollow-point bullets continue to be limited to cops.  How many more innocent people will die in Babylon-by-the-Bay as a result?  San Francisco is NOT a city of freedom, no matter what its dominant homosexual population can do on the streets with impunity: it is a police state in which there is no real liberty: only privileges which can be snatched away by elected or unelected thugs at a whim.

Mama’s Note: The last I knew, there still aren’t any road blocks. There is no logical reason for anyone who is the least interested in self defense, or even survival, to stay in San Francisco – or the rest of the state, actually.

Maybe some good news, or sort of. Will Maine become the 7th Vermont carry state? Freedom Outpost reports that “the legislators in the deeply purple state of Maine have just passed a bill that would abolish the need for concealed carry permits and allow residents (over the age of 21) to carry firearms freely.” The state will still require background checks for all gun owners, following the unconstitutional federal law, of course. So people would needlessly die because they cannot buy a weapon quickly, and because accusations of child or other abuse and violence, even though not adjudicated, will keep them from buying something to defend themselves with.  Maine is NOT a free state, as long as it continues to demand its residents and visitors adhere to wicked federal laws which ignore God-given liberties that we have from conception.

How long, oh Lord, will this evil continue?

And the evil really does exist now.  Even so, too many people just don’t get what is really going on, and has been for years. Are so many people really so oblivious to the current situation?  This is one of the latest articles on Jade Helm 2015 and various military-police developments, found at GlobalResearch.US: “Towards a Militarized Police State in America? Explosive New Revelations over “Jade Helm 15 Exercise” and Potential False Flags.

People, the police state in these Fifty States has been militarized for a LONG time, and if some don’t realize it (like these “libertarian” writers and publishers seem to) it is because they just aren’t looking:  there is really no way to describe the current “law enforcement” establishment in the nation as anything BUT a standing army of occupation; even in relatively free rural areas and states with a bit of freedom left, like Wyoming and South Dakota.

In states like New Jersey and Massachusetts and California, the situation has been a militarized police state for decades.  Some are worse than others, of course.  But it is just getting worse everywhere, people, NOT sliding into a police state.  Jade Helm and other exercises and events are NOT “warning signs” but just a natural result of the liberties which disappeared some time ago.  Even though we still have (in some places) SOME liberties (to speak freely, to own and carry weapons of self-defense, to worship with liberty), those isolated patches of freedom are getting smaller and less free. And in other places, the soft leather or felt is just getting a bit thinner and more worn so that the chain mail underneath is showing through more.

People like Dave Hodges can talk all they want about how the people of this nation “will be brought” to their knees, but… Dave, we already ARE on our knees in front of everyone from a junior police officer or sheriff’s deputy (or METER MAID), right up to the idiot squatting in 1600 PA Avenue as a shill for his real masters.  People already live in fear of being killed by cops on a daily basis; in fear of having their property and livelihood seized by a local court or the IRS or some state-capitol bureaucrat looking for a good evaluation report and bonus; in fear of losing their job because the company for which they work (or even own) is shut down for violating some arcane and virtually unknown/unknowable regulatory dictat; because they tick off some scummy parasitic politician or buddy of a politician.  It happens EVERY DAY and multiple times a day. Across the Fifty States.  If it hasn’t happened to you YET, almost certainly it has happened to a member of your family, a friend or a neighbor.

But the so-called independent or libertarian media is seemingly more concerned with either attracting readers who are ignorant and/or unobservant and unwilling to admit that they are not free.  Or with really minor and trivial “liberties” like so-called same-sex marriage or using government to forbid circumcision or parents taking their children to church.  Or whether to boycott a state which makes a pitiful and worthless attempt to preserve some semblance of freedom of speech and religion.  Majoring in minors, even while we hear the last of our REALLY critical liberties gurgling as they flow through the p-trap under the tub: free speech and freedom of religion, self-defense, sanctity of private property and our homes and businesses.  The idiots in DC and the state capitols aren’t the point people in an attack on our freedom and liberties – they are the clean-up crew at the end of the victory parade.

It is no longer a matter of fighting to keep the chains from being locked on our wrists and ankles: they are already welded on, we just are ignoring reality to say otherwise.

Enough is enough: the time to fight to regain our liberty IS here.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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