Libertarian Commentary on the News, 23 June 2015, #15-25B: Hoplophobes and Hoploclasts

By Nathan Barton

Stephen King, who has made a fortune writing horror stories – many of which feature guns prominently, has publically attacked the stupidity and pride of gunowners and called for more laws following the Charleston killings.  How can such a smart man be so stupid?  It is claimed that he owns guns, which puts him in the same category of hypocrite as are so many Tranzi politicians.

King is not the only seemingly stupid person out there, of course. Gizmodo reports that Uber’s managers are just as stupid. Drivers and riders must be completely defenseless now. “Uber has changed it[s] legal policies in order to prohibit the carrying of firearms by both drivers and passengers. … In April, an Uber driver in Chicago shot a man who was himself shooting at a group of people. The unnamed driver had dropped off a passenger just minutes before. That news was perhaps enough to convince the company that it had to take action.”  Heaven forbid that either a driver or passenger be able to defend themselves OR other people, lest the company get criticized for it.

And we have this from Prison Planet: A gay open carry group was barred from entering a gay pride event in the state of Washington Saturday after event organizers claimed they were being “harmed psychologically” by the presence of firearms.  These activists are more concerned about their standing with other Tranzis than about the freedom and liberty that they claim for themselves.  What about so-called “homophobes” who might claim that they are “harmed psychologically” by the presence of homosexuals?  Are they going to be allowed to refuse the presence of the people that they fear?  Of course not: privilege and the double standard rule.

This isn’t just an American problem, of course. The Pope further betrays his lack of understanding of the Scriptures that his organization claims to have “originated,” when he writes: “It is hypocrisy to seek of peace, to be called Christian, and meanwhile build or invest in arms.” As reported by NBC News, he condemns ALL manufacturers and investors, which clearly includes you and I, “investing” in arms to defend ourselves, our families, and our communities.  This appears to be Francis’ response to the killing of nine people in a Charleston, South Carolina church building; killed for their skin color and NOT for their faith. They were killed because they were not armed and able to defend themselves.  It may be that this statement is as much attacking governments and their suppliers of arms and weapons of war as private individuals, but the result will be that (a) the states (governments) will ignore this appeal EXCEPT to use it to further disarm their populations (yes, I’m looking at DC as I write this).  So apparently the Roman Catholic Church is willing to have governments and other thugs armed so that they can prey on the innocent, but unwilling to have private persons able to defend themselves against the aggressors.

In Northern Ireland, as reported by Eagle Rising, a preacher is to be prosecuted by the State for preaching to his congregation that Islam is a false and evil religion because his sermon was posted on-line.  This is a shock to Eagle Rising and others, but they fail to understand that this has been the case more often than not in the United Kingdom, and especially in Ireland.  For CENTURIES, British subjects have been prosecuted, tried, convicted, and often imprisoned for long terms, even tortured and killed (by burning at the stake, drawing and quartering, and simple execution) for preaching something that His or Her Majesty or their ministers or Parliament (Lords or Commons) didn’t want preached.

In the past it was primarily anything that disagreed with Roman Catholicism, and later anything (INCLUDING Roman Catholicism) that disagreed with Anglicanism, and so on.  Today it is anything which might anger the growing Muslim population in the UK, or that makes an excuse for the Tranzis (Conservative, Labor, Scottish National, or Liberal-Social Democrat) to crack down on “rogue” preaching and religion.  Remember, the United Kingdom has a “state religion” – officially it is the Church of England (Anglicanism), but in reality the STATE IS THE CHURCH.  The religion is the STATE as GOD.  Even the monarch and her heirs can be condemned if they do not kowtow to the Tranzis in parliament who want to see any form of “Christianity” demeaned and demoted; assuming that they cannot corrupt it.  (And the Church of England’s leadership from the Archbishop of Canterbury on down, is mostly corrupt, and would not be recognized as anything but heretics and hypocrites by even their own predecessors from only half a century ago, much less the 1600s or 1500s.)  For now, at least, this preacher probably won’t get executed for his crime.  Assuming he does not die in the firebombing or suicide bombing or jihadist gun attack of his meetinghouse.

This censorship and persecution is not unique to the UK, of course.  NBC News tells us that a European social media censorship force is to be set up: “A Europe-wide police unit is to be set up next month with the aim of shutting down social media accounts used by key Islamic State militants to spread propaganda and recruit foreigners to their cause, Europol said on Monday. The small police team will scour the internet and try to take down accounts of ISIS ringleaders within hours of being detected, in a bid to dent a propaganda machine which is reckoned to send out about 100,000 tweets a day.” As Tom Knapp pointed out, “…if you think they’ll only use it against ‘the terrorists,’ think again; this is just the trial balloon” He is right. This is one more tool that is “justified” to fight Islamist terrorism, but in reality will quickly be used against anyone the authorities do not like. We can expect to see it here in the US soon enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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