Libertarian Commentary on the News, 22 June 2015, #15-25A: Lost Freedoms

By Nathan Barton

The Organic Prepper has a great “list article” about children, worth reading and sharing (and connecting to the links for things you may not have heard about). “Nurture the rebellion this summer. Boot them outside. Get your kids away from their TVs, laptops, and video games. Get sweaty and dirty. Do things that makes the wind blow through your hair. Go off in search of the best climbing tree you can find. Shoot guns. Learn to use a bow and arrow. Play outside all day long and catch fireflies after dark. Do things that the coddled world considers too dangerous and watch your children blossom.  Teach your kids what freedom feels like.”

Teach your children what liberty IS.  Yes, back in the 50s through (in some places) the 90s and even within the last decade (and rumors have it – but you didn’t hear it from me! – that some communities and some families even still do some of these things today), these were all a part of childhood, and NOT crimes.

I have my own stories from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.  Carrying my rifle to school so I could build a new stock for it in shop class. Carrying my pistol openly at school (high school and college) to go shooting after classes. The school superintendent getting on the intercom to ask all the students who had guns on the racks in their pickups to bring them into the school building because some stranger seemed to be casing the area and might steal them (no locks that worked on the doors of most of the pickups and you left all your windows rolled down so you didn’t suffocate when you got into the cab at the end of the day – heck, some of those pickups didn’t need a key to START: they were the hand-me-downs that the kids could take to go to school.  Having bike jumping contests over the nearest irrigation canal.  Having high school seniors (admittedly, only those on the honor roll) driving the school buses to take all their neighboring kids to school and back again, 30 to 60 miles on dirt roads in the winter and spring!  Putting pennies on the railroad track to have the train come along and squeeze them flat.  A troop of Boy Scouts hiking BY THEMSELVES – no adult “leaders” – to an old washed-out dam site to go swimming in the pond that was left, by diving off of the concrete slabs left hanging 20 feet in the air.

Read and enjoy, and remember to help YOUR children and grandchildren get used to freedom again, to enjoying liberty.  Start by getting them OUT of those insane institutions (government-ruined, theft-funded schools) and out of the suburbs and exburbs and especially the core cities (not just the inner-cities) to places where the authorities don’t have cameras and cops observing them 24-7.  And where they can learn and play and, yes, do stupid things once in a while and learn from their mistakes.

Well, it appears that in Maine, there may be a bit more freedom for farmers, at least. Popular Liberty reports that the Legislature overrode the governor’s veto on industrial hemp: it is now legal!  The law says: “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person may plant, grow, harvest, possess, process, sell and buy industrial hemp.”  On May 12, the House voted 135-6 to override LaPage’s veto, and today (Friday, 19th), the Senate voted 27-6 to do the same. A 2/3 vote is required to override a veto in Maine and these votes easily cleared even that high hurdle.

Californians Overburdened By Water Restrictions, with the normal situation getting worse. Owners of large farms will now have to hand over detailed reports of their water use to state regulators… Read the whole thing at National Center for Policy Analysis.  We saw it coming, and there is much worse to come; we know it.  I’ve discussed the reasons for the water crisis, and the same people and institutions that caused it are now “fixing” it.  Right. Meanwhile, in Colorado, at least one state senator has called having a rain barrel to catch water off your roof  “stealing” the water, according to Popular Liberty.

Other government stupidity is discussed at Real Clear Politics. They reveal the shocking (not!) truth that FDA Regulations Effect Drug Supply There were 265 drugs in short supply as of this year – down from a high of 456 in 2012, but still 74 percent above the total in 2010…  Yes, we should be upset about a 21-year-old hater killing nine people in SC, but the FDA kills their tens of thousands each and every year.  Enough is enough!

Oh, neat!  Wired has great news about the “new” amphibious folding plan from Icon. AFTER YEARS OF delays, Icon Aircraft is finally getting federal approval for the A5 Light Sport amphibian aircraft, which doesn’t just land on water as well as land, it folds up for easy towing and garage parking. Earlier this month, FAA officials issued an airworthiness certificate for the unusual plane, giving it the official go-ahead for commercial production. Icon can now start delivering to the more then 1,250 customers who have already placed orders, drawn to the aircraft by its novel features and relative ease of use.  I can only wish for the opportunity to fly one.

SCOTUS rules for Arizona church in sign law dispute  Source: According to the Washington Post, “The Supreme Court ruled Thursday for an Arizona church in a dispute over a town’s sign law in a decision that three justices said could threaten municipal sign regulations across the country. The court unanimously agreed to strike down a law in Gilbert, Arizona, that set tougher rules for signs that direct people to Sunday church services than for signs for political candidates and real estate agents. But the justices divided over why the law violated the rights of the Good News Community Church.” The Nazgul are too stupid as a group to figure out plain and simple 18th century English.

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