Killings in South Carolina: Vicious Venom

By Nathan Barton

It is incredibly predictable, but the venom seems to be more vicious than ever. No, not the racism.  One man in millions being a racist and willing to kill strangers because of it is bad, but not as bad as even 20 years ago, much less 50 or a hundred.  No, it is the vicious display of hatred for liberty, and for those who practice and promote liberty.

The killing of nine people in a Charleston meetinghouse, by a man who admits to wanting to start a race war, has dominated the news for the last 36 hours (as I write this at noontime on Friday).  We see that, as always, the Tranzis and Hoplophobes/Hoploclasts let no crisis go by without taking advantage of it.  JPFO discusses it, as do other sites.

One Washington Post columnist (a definite Tranzi) screamed about how the refusal of Congress to pass the squatter’s bill to ban assault weapons and require mandatory background checks for every transfer, is in part to blame for this: never mind that this 21-year-old confessed murderer used a .45-cal Glock pistol (NOT an “assault weapon”) and purchased his gun from a gun shop months ago, which apparently DID do the background check.  The irrationality grows.  Stories report that he has been charged (but not convicted, “yet”) of a drug felony and some sort of misdemeanor which, according to some interpretations, means that he was NOT supposed to be able to buy a firearm.  So whose fault is it that the background check didn’t reveal this?  Seems to be a government problem: specifically a FedGov problem.

But I still have a problem with any law that steals away essential and basic human rights: we don’t take free speech rights or rights to a fair trial away from someone just because they have been charged with a felony; and indeed, for most felons (who have been convicted) we STILL don’t take away free speech or trial rights.

This sort of thing opens all sorts of cans of worms. All someone needs to do to prevent a person from buying a weapon to defend themselves or a family member, is get someone to file a bogus felony charge?  And it can take YEARS to make its way through court.  Which seems to be the case with this murderer; he had a bond hearing today, but his preliminary hearing is scheduled for OCTOBER?  That is FOUR months?  Swift justice?  Hardly.  One more crime to be laid at the feet of government; state government (South Carolina) in this case.  What happened to that state’s commitment to liberty and freedom?

I also note that the liberal/Tranzi pundits are screaming about the fact that South Carolina does not have a “hate crime” law, and still flies a CS Army battle flag or ensign by or on the state capitol.  Others screamed about Fox News using “code words” for racism and hate being one of the reasons this 21-year-old did this. Excuse me for being incredibly stupid, but murder is already against the law, and so exactly how would a hate-crime law have discouraged him from killing nine people for the color of their skin?  How does a flag cause someone to decide to go out and kill people?  (He seemed more interested in Rhodesia and old South Africa than the Confederacy, anyway.)  And I thought that Fox News was for old people: how do they even know that the guy watched Fox?  What else can they come up with?

On Friday afternoon, driving across the desert, I heard a nationally-known black “pastor” babbling about how the members of black churches would defend their churches and the people in them without guns, and how evil the guns were, but that the situation would not make them hide away or turn strangers away, and once more I was reminded of just how stupid some people are (or seem to be).  Of course, the NPR host ate this message up, because the simple and godly solution, self-defense, is anathema to them. Too many “pastors” are nothing more than manipulative parasites who want MORE control over their parishioners and are willing to even risk dying themselves for the sake of that power, wealth, prestige and influence.  They are ungodly and evil – as evil as the man who walked into that meetinghouse and killed and wounded all those people.

I realize that I am not writing anything that probably hasn’t been said a dozen times already, by a dozen people, and much better.  But still, if even ONE of these insane and vicious attacks on guns, gun ownership, and 99.995% of gun owners is countered, maybe this is worth writing.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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