Libertarian Commentary on the News, 28 August 2014, #15-34C: Evil AND STUPID

By Nathan Barton

Evil seems to be a common theme for much of my recent commentary, both of government and of “private” organizations. The need to deal with evil, to address it and fight it, is more clear all the time. But sometimes, it is a forlorn hope. For example…

Last weekend I got all hyper when I saw this headline, but apparently the plan didn’t involve air attacks or even IEDs: Pro-Life Protesters Plan To Bombard Planned Parenthood Clinics Saturday, according to Freedom Force. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is claiming that the videos are made up or edited to present a totally wrong picture of them and their operations. Sorry, but unless they can show these employees are actors, that doesn’t seem to hold water. The eighth video was published earlier this week Life News reports, and does seem to make it pretty clear that this isn’t just “abortion” but actual infanticide: causing babies to be born and then killing them (not even “letting them die”) so that the “samples” are in better condition: and the demand is “quantified.”   But Planned Pre-natal-killing is pushing back, and Politico is helping. The headline doesn’t match the content of the article, which seems to indicate that PP is stretching the truth about the “manipulation.”  I am left with the impression that if the publisher were NBC or CBS, not the CMP, these claims would be laughed off.

Still don’t know what all the fuss is about? World Net Daily has put all the videos together, including the ones a Nazgul in California decided could NOT be kept back from publication because of a ghoul’s concerns for privacy.  Then tell me, please, just HOW this presents a false image of PP, its employees, business partners, and by inference its clients and government agencies and bureaucrats and politicians.  And THEN explain to me just how disgusting groups like Occupy Democrats and supporters of Clinton, Sanders, Carter, and Warren can NOT wonder at how evil that they have become.

Not nearly on the same scale of evil, but certainly NOT good. The enviro-nanny-Nazis have come up with something else for our own good, standardized recycling signs and symbols to ram down the throats of consumer-generators, businesses, and local governments.  Because we are too stupid to figure things out for ourselves.  USA Today reports on this (thanks for the tip to Deb).  Recycling rates peaked last year – GASP! We have hit “peak recycling” and the world is doomed! and contamination is up from 7% to 16%.  So we MUST be stupid and need to have simplified, dumbed down signage and commands – no doubt to be enforced by the trash police.  Why are we having these problems?  First, recycling as done in most of the country is a LUXURY – and it costs money.  Economic distress tends to make people back off most luxuries (except booze, it seems), and try to save money (for the booze, no doubt).  Second, people are rebelling against the stupidity and the enviro-nuts.  Third, markets are down and prices of trash collection and recycling are up.  Fourth, more and more people suspect (sometimes correctly) that the recycling is going straight to the landfill, anyway.  But our beloved government and their crony “big environment” buddies have a solution: tickets, fines, jail time, and MORE costs of trash and recycling collection and processing. All of this is encouraged and promoted by the FedGov, the White House and Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Energy, of course. And that moves us back into the realm of pure evil.

Not just evil, but we HAVE to again question the intelligence and due diligence and accountability of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It seems that, according to Vision to America the EPA’s highest paid employee has been sentenced to a terrifying THIRTY-TWO WHOLE MONTHS in prison for a decade and a half of fraud and lying about working for the CIA as an undercover agent overseas, while submitting fraudulent travel expense claims, paid leave requests, and other things. This is typical of the EPA, and shows its stupidity, its arrogance, and yes, its evil.

Michelle Malkin, on CNS News has a good review of the last six-plus years of EPA criminality, from the White House right on down, which is worth reading and pondering on it. The record is a sickening one, but we must remember that, Democrat or Republican, the EPA has been a tool for power and greed since it was established by Nixon in 1970 – 45 years ago.  Some of her review is very timely, seeing what is happening to Subway’s ex-spokesman for his child-sex activities, while EPA employees get away scot-free or even get promoted after being charged and convicted. Definitely evil which MUST be fought.

So is the War on Some Drugs. Which brings up this story: Do GOP voters want to legalize cannabis?  According to Eagle Rising, apparently the answer is “YES.”  The reason given is that after the Nazgul’s “same-sex marriage” decision, GOP voters are more concerned about states being allowed to make their own decisions (so-called “states’ rights”), than about either the legality/morality/constitutionality of the drug laws, or about the drugs and liberty themselves. Still, opposition to the FedGov is welcome! As is opposition to the evil of the War on Some Drugs, which has been the excuse for nearly a half-century of stolen liberty, AND has funded the growth of the police state at the same time that it has made drug lords and their minions incredibly wealthy, corrupted the government even more, AND destroyed the lives of millions.

Back to the beginning: it IS necessary to fight evil. The point at which the fight is no longer just a “fight” of words and argument and peaceful action, and must take the form of defensive but violent action, is always hard to figure. How much blood must be on some individuals’ hands before it is proper to take them down, to destroy their tools and facilities and support structure, or even to fight back against them personally and individually with the same arms that we use to defend ourselves against those who would kill us or steal from us? How much is too much? But just as important, how much is TOO LITTLE? Too many people reject ANY resort to violence, no matter how clearly the violence is in pure self-defense, or in defense of innocent lives, or property. If we are not careful, they will sell our remaining liberties for not just pottage, but ROTTED and stinking pottage that will not sustain even the lives of slaves.

Enough is enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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