Libertarian Commentary on the News, 14 October 2015, #15-41C: Lies and Stupidity of All Kinds

By Nathan Barton

How’s this for a twist: the Sierra Club and the rest of the environists are fond of throwing data in our faces, but NOW, according to CNS News, the Sierra Club is saying that the satellite data they’ve been citing for decades for their religious myth of manmade global warming is WRONG – and that the world is “cooking.” Apparently, the government satellites are lying. Or the Sierra Club is. Ah, don’t bother me with the facts, I guess. Oh, and no free speech that doesn’t agree with the party line. Funny how Senator Ted Cruz can keep a straight face while he is being told these obvious falsehoods. I suppose he has a lot of practice.

Here is another example of speech that a LOT of people want to prohibit: not parroting the party line (of the environists) that fracking is evil – specifically, that it is deadly to the environment.  The R Street Institute a research group, points out the environmental advantages of fracking for oil and gas.  Their argument makes sense and counters many of the claims about how evil fracking is. Meanwhile, don’t expect the environists’ lies to stop.

It IS political. In the last several columns I’ve discussed free speech and guns.  The gun issue – including the recent killings in Oregon IS a political topic; it is self-serving AND misguided to condemn people for “making it political.”  Ari Armstrong writes a lengthy, but excellent commentary on the matter, and springboards from the discussion of the squatter and Ben Carson to talk about tactics and how unarmed people need to respond to wanna-be mass-murderers.  I don’t agree with all his points, but at least he is making them.  And I will tell you, frankly, being armed, alert, and trained is the best way to survive.

The war on some drugs sees yet another defeat. Counter Current News reports that the National Cancer Institute now publicly states that cannabis kills tumors: cancer cells. NCI updated its page to include various studies revealing how cannabis “may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow” while also protecting normal, healthy cells. (Thanks to Steve for this one!)  It is clear that, once more, there IS a beneficial use (actually MANY beneficial uses) of a natural product. But the more good uses we find for it, the more the established economic powers that be will work to prevent ending the war on some drugs. Be sure of it: the lies about cannabis WILL continue.

It is necessary to take away our religious freedom in order to preserve it, because we are misusing it. Yet another lie, World Net Daily tells us, this one from California, where Governor Brown has signed a bill forcing “pregnancy crisis centers” and other religiously-based pregnancy clinics to tell patients that the government will provide free or low-cost abortions to them. This is  not only something completely contrary to the reason MOST of these clinics were established (as an easily-available alternative to killing the baby) but in obvious violation of religious liberty.  Expectant mothers are not forced to go to these clinics, and except for the bizarre sacramental nature of killing babies for Tranzis, I can see no reason (except the usual greed of government for more power) that Brown and that sick bunch of psychopaths the idiots in California let go to Sacramento every two years) for doing this.

Closely related to the first story is this, from (More about that website, later).  A “vaccine against pregnancy,” which supposedly makes muscle cells block a hormone (GnRH), is supposed to work on multiple species (“all vertebrates”) by preventing sperm and eggs from developing and maturing.  It is administered by injection, and called “vectored contraception.” The actual publication is found here.  True Activist waxes poetically over how this will reduce the 70,000 cats and dogs born each day, and reduce the need to put 3,000 unwanted cats and dogs down each day. I’ve asked a number of friends for their thoughts on this, and shared my own with them: I’ll provide a lot more commentary on this in a separate article.

Mama’s Note: I’ll be very interested to see the article, Nathan. This proposed “vaccine” is all kinds of crazy, but illustrates the push to eliminate any responsibility for one’s choices and actions, as well as the eventual elimination of choice for individuals. Luckily, this particular idea involves the violation of a good number of physical and biological imperatives. I can’t see any real danger that these lunatics will succeed (thank goodness), but they will suck up a great deal of money in the process, I’m sure.

It is GOOD for us: it builds diversity and inclusiveness. Heard that lie before? Well, the students in a university in Toronto, Ontario, certainly have. But these poor deluded students, according to Last Resistance apparently value privacy more. The university is cutting back on the number of “gender-neutral bathrooms” because some women are complaining that cell phones are attaching themselves to the tops of shower dividers and attempting to video record the women taking showers. We do have to remember that it is NOT the owners or users of the cell phones who are to blame for this: they are as much victims of the lust of their cell phones as the users of guns are victims of the bloodthirstiness of their weapons. But at least the university is taking serious action and not just issuing an arbitrary ban on cell phones. Still, the university was not just lying, they were being stupid: you would think that a faculty and staff which constantly deals with a bunch of 18-24 year olds would understand the temptation that “same-sex bathrooms” offered. WITHOUT having to experiment to prove it.

Mama’s Note: How things have changed since I went to college. I’m wondering why these ladies don’t find the cell phones before they undress… and make them inoperable. A nuisance, of course, but direct action is always preferable to whining and playing helpless victim. But maybe that’s just me.

But the faculty and staff certainly have to work hard to keep up with the stupidity of their charges (the students). In Texas, where a new law “allows” concealed carry on campus, many students who have been brainwashed into believing the evil of guns (but not cellphones?) are going to protest the new law, according to Last Resistance by OPENLY carrying dildos. Apparently the law will still make carrying dildos to class illegal, even though carrying guns will be legal, and so they will stage a form of “civil disobedience” (disgusting “civil” behavior) to protest. At the risk of a risque comment, it reminds me of the old Drill Sergeant’s response to an idiotic recruit-trainee calling his riflle a “gun.” Since the dildos are protesting “concealed” weapons, does that mean that the dildos will be properly “sheathed,” (that is, in a condom)?

Mama’s Note: I saw that article and found it hilarious. The dildo thing certainly doesn’t bother me. These girls can look as ridiculous and slutty as they wish. It will be interesting to see if any of their classmates will pay any attention.

Thanks to Debby for this one: not just college staff and students are really, incredibly stupid. (Including the people who let this even get to that jury.) Newsday tells us that a jury has decided that a woman can NOT sue her nephew for a quarter-million dollars because he was too enthusiastic in greeting her at his EIGHTH Grade birthday party and injured her wrist. Of course, the stupidity of even allowing this case to GET to a jury does go a long ways to explaining the overall stupidity of our court system, doesn’t it.

Mama’s Note: Actually, anyone should be able to sue anyone for just about anything. The trick is to have a system of arbitration instead of the “state” courts, including a requirement for the losers to pay all expenses as well as any judgment against them. Frivolous nonsense like this would end almost overnight.

Back to lies. During an appearance at a “No Labels” event, as told by Personal Liberty, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was taken to task about his positions on women’s issues by a female audience member. It turns out it was staged by the Jeb Bush camp. The woman is a Bush staffer, but seems to have given Trump an opportunity to shine, and to tactfully state that he is pro-life, answering a question that has been argued back and forth. He also made it clear that people should get paid based on what their work is worth, whether a man or woman. Which of course earned him condemnation that he is just part of the GOP’s “war on women.”

Echoing his now-infamous “bitter clingers” remark from the 2008 presidential campaign, that squatter at 1600 PA says in a new interview that Americans tend to get kind of crazy when they get too religious. Personal Liberty reports that he wishes Americans wouldn’t take religion so seriously. Well, I’ve always figured he thought my family and I were crazy. But I still think he is lying: if your religion is that of worshipping the Almighty State, he WANTS you to be serious.

Of course, the bar for liars is set, as it has been for several decades now, by the Clintons. Again, Personal Liberty thinks that the debate on Tuesday night (underway as I write this, and NO I am not listening to it. My stomach couldn’t take it any more than I could the GOP ones.) will highlight the famous Clinton dishonesty. “In tonight’s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton will face a few tough questions.” Translation: It will seem as if she’s being attacked, just to give the impression that things are on the up and up; she’ll skate; she’ll change the subject to “more important matters our great nation must face in the coming months and years.” Sounds about right: but she can’t even keep her lies straight, any more.

Planned Parenthood said it will stop taking reimbursements for procuring fetal tissue used in medical research. Personal Liberty says this is a step to defuse the political maelstrom that includes a campaign by congressional Republicans to end federal funding for the group. Of course, everyone believes them, after all the other lies that they have told. But they’ve learned their lesson, right?

Mama’s Note: How is taking money for it the problem? They evidently will continue to murder the babies and sell their tissues and organs…

Last Resistance reports that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is laboring to make inroads with potential Republican voters flocking to Donald Trump and Ben Carson (and losing ground), is intensifying attacks on the Affordable Care Act (ObummerCare) and making renewed pledges to repeal and replace the 2010 law. He hints of “BushCare” which sounds pretty bush league and should scare people off even more, keeping in mind Medicare Part D and the rest of the garbage the Bushes have fobbed off on Americans.

Mama’s Note: Indeed, Obummercare is terrible and is destroying much more than just health care, but very few people understand that the only viable and healthy alternative is freedom. It must be repealed, but replaced with nothing except liberty for all to take responsibility for themselves. Of course, no politician would ever suggest such a thing.

No, I didn’t forget I was going to talk about the website, “” I seriously cannot think, at this moment, of ANY website claiming to be pro-liberty and anti-government, more filled with lies and insane writing than this one. The “What they neglected to tell you about Christopher Columbus in school” article this week is a perfect example. The article tells lies about the lies that supposed evil European history is telling about the “discovery of America” and the events of the last 523 years. Indeed, an article to refute all the lies in the True Activist (what a lying name THAT is) article would have to be much longer than this commentary.

Suffice to say that the truth has been taught about Columbus, even in the public schools, for at least fifty years (to my personal knowledge), and that no REPUTABLE historian or even public school teacher, much less other teachers, has denied the existence of advanced AmerInd civilizations in North and South America for at least a century.

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