Libertarian Commentary on the News, 15 October 2015, #15-41D: Media and Getting It Wrong Again and Again – On Purpose

By Nathan Barton

When it comes to politics, what is worse than a celebrity?  (No, it is NOT a “casino capitalist,” fun as that is.)  It is a celebrity scientist, whether it is Carl Sagan or Albert Einstein… or a Stephen Hawkings, as reported by CNet. This man is obviously a prodigy who MAY know a lot about a very specific and extremely limited field.  Hawkings has long demonstrated his total lack of understanding of many other fields of science and engineering, even though he is worshiped as a demigod.  Now he shows he knows nothing about either economics or history. He claims that we should be more frightened of capitalism than robots (or apparently, government). Yes, the man is an idiot and epitomizes the worst of the American “elite,” who believe that prominence in one field – or just plain notoriety, makes them expert in all areas of life.

The war on some drugs seems to be crumbling in Florida, as Last Resistance  reports. 87% of Floridians want to legalize cannabis for medical use, and 52% want to make it legal, period.  What a blow to the fortunes built on dealing in illegal drugs!  But neither the media nor the politicians seem to understand.

Mama’s Note: None of them seem to understand that looking to government to “legalize” something is really no different than bowing down to prohibition. Eventually, people must come to understand that government has no legitimate authority to prohibit or “legalize” anything at all.

It is the same on other matters, as well. Salon uses foul language to condemn “the right” for “lies about global warming.” And castigates the mainstream media (as if Salon isn’t a part of that cabal) for wimping out and not calling us so-called “climate deniers” the vicious and evil names we deserve.  Never mind that REAL science, the kind that develops hypotheses and does experiments and research to prove whether or not those hypotheses are true or not, increasingly points out that the false new religion of “manmade global warming” or “manmade global climate change” is as bogus as Islam or the Azteca or Moloch worship.

Salon now makes the ridiculous claim that major oil companies “knew” about and “suppressed” global warming back in 1974. Mind you, this was when the “scientific community” (people like Hawkings, above) were babbling about how we were all going to die from global COOLING; that the next ice age would cover Europe and North America with vast glaciers by the year 2000 or 2010 or so.

Unfortunately, sometimes media that seems to present the truth and at least understand a little bit about politics and life STILL does something stupid. Last Resistance writes about how anti-gun advocates (hoploclasts) need to stop lying about gun violence and the need for more “reasonable” regulations, but STILL fails to understand the few simple words in the Second Amendment, or the idea that the right of defense of self and family and community and property is NOT “granted by the Constitution,” but rather are inherent in our existence as thinking beings with free will – whether you believe those rights are given to us by our Creator or not.

Let me be clear and blunt: the tens of thousands of gun laws on the books from the FedGov (including treaties), the Fifty States, and the thousands of local governments, that keep felons and the mentally incompetent from owning guns, that create and manage background checks and firearms licenses and concealed carry permits and prohibit underage gun ownership and limits on private ownership of any weapons are ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but more important, they are IMMORAL and EVIL and an excuse for tyranny.  We do NOT need to close “loopholes” to keep more “criminally insane” people (“madmen”) from owning guns, because it is WRONG to have laws that try to regulate a natural human right.  AND because they will just work to keep weapons away from SANE and HONEST and PEACEFUL people who need them to defend themselves against the nut jobs and psychopaths and thugs who think it is their right to rule over us.

YES, Last Resistance is right that the hoploclasts (and hoplophobes) are EVIL and wrong in trying to persuade us that more guns means more violence, but that argument is lost in their article because of the nonsense about “reasonable” regulations.  There IS no more “reasonable” regulation about owning and carrying arms than there is “reasonable regulation” of free speech or freedom of religion.

Mama’s Note: The big problem I see, and that most people just don’t accept or even think about, is that there is no guarantee or “right” to a risk free life, anywhere in the world. Each individual must do their part to avoid what risk they can, and responsible for defending themselves and their dependents from the risks they face anyway.

I find this very much a cause of anger, thanks to recent and current dealings with the US EPA. Raw Story reports that the EPA is spending millions to militarize its enforcement agents. Millions of dollars have been spent over the last decade on military-style weapons to arm its 200 ‘special agents’ to ‘fight environmental crime.’ Among the weapons purchased are guns, body armor, camouflage equipment, unmanned aircraft, amphibious assault ships, radar and night-vision gear and other military-style weaponry and surveillance activities, according to a new report by the watchdog group Open the Books. The agency spends nearly $75 million each year for criminal enforcement, including money for a small militia (sic – using this in the Russian sense) of 200 ‘special agents’ charged with fighting environmental crime – by others, obviously, not the EPA itself. Congress granted police powers to the EPA in 1988, during the Reagan administration. This is MUCH more than just disturbing: the EPA is a tool for tyranny. These 200 ‘special agents’ are just the tip of the iceberg. EPA uses militarized local and state AND FedGov police much of the time to do their bidding, and the fear – the TERROR – created by the horror stories of the court system and the punishments meted out on violators and their communities.

Oh, dear. One of the reasons we have idiots like media writers and editors and publishers and celebrity scientists (and just general celebrities) wandering around is because of the brainwashing they get in universities. Consider this report from Last Resistance that students at Clemson University are “offended” by Mexican food and by being served Mexican food by traditionally-clad cafeteria workers. Heaven knows what these stupid little embryo Tranzis think about Taco Bell, Taco John, Del Taco, and the thousands of family-run restaurants that cook and serve Mexican food (whether it is TexMex or WestMex or that awful stuff they serve south of Mexico City) across the land. Mexican food itself is apparently “racist” and must be banned from our universities, public and private.

Mama’s Note: That’s bad enough, but then these baby tranzies manage to force the providers to “apologize” for serving them. Maybe these infants need to go back to their traditional diet of Ramen noodles.

One last story: the US State Department demonstrates its lying nature and low opinion of us as reported in “Journal-NEO” as it asks Toyota Corporation to figure out how the Caliphate (ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State) is able to drive around in all those nice new shiny Toyota trucks and SUVs, when the public record shows that it is the State Department itself, and OTHER FedGov agencies, that bought and paid for and shipped those vehicles TO Syria and Mesopotamia and elsewhere to equip the rebels against the Assad regime.

The big problem with the celebrity and media lies and propaganda is that too many of us absorb it like we do moisture from the air: the public accepts it as “reality.” Unless we recognize and reject the lies and twisted interpretation that constantly bombards our ears and eyes, we can not have the liberty which is our birthright.

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