Libertarian Commentary on the News #15-42C: Guns and Politics

By Nathan Barton

It has been a bad, busy week, and so here are a few more comments about news of the week.

First off, more on gun and self-defense issues. In the last commentary, I discussed migrants, the homeless, and barbarian invasions, all of which should make us aware of the need for defending ourselves.  Yes, even against the homeless, who often are mentally ill and support themselves by petty theft.  Not all, any more than all immigrants are of concern, but whatever the threat, the ANSWER is being properly prepared and trained. And often that means being armed and knowing how to defend ourselves and others WITH those arms.

Breitbart tells us that black preachers (“pastors”) are showing rising support for personal ownership and carrying of guns, and a number are now carrying guns while actually in the pulpit to protect their congregations and themselves; an increasing need not just in the Fifty States.  While this is good – very good, it is probably too little, too late.  Some preachers (including some I know) have been carrying weapons while preaching for years, keeping in mind Jesus’ command to go out and buy a sword. But many have confused guns with tools of Satan, and refused to reject the state’s claim to “protect” churchgoers and others.  Now, churches (like schools) are known to be hunting preserves for nutjobs. It will take many more incidents like the ones Breitbart relates until the message gets through.

And that is assuming the gungrabbers don’t get their way.  Freedom Outpost reports the stupid and insane decision by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals that New York’s semi-ban of guns and magazines and ammo is NOT anathema to the 2nd Amendment protections because government has an “overriding” interest in maintaining public safety.  Let us skip the stupidity of that claim (that taking guns away from law-abiding people improves public safety) and go to the meat of the matter. It is PRECISELY because of claims of overriding state interests that the 2nd Amendment was put in place to LIMIT government power.  These nazgul turn the entire situation upside down.  Supposedly, this opens the way for Australian-style gun bans. I think it speeds us down the path of true civil war inside the states, tyranny and rebellion and bloody conflict worse than Kansas or Missouri ever saw.

I find this encouraging, though. In Michigan, of all places, tells us that “gun-free-zones” are getting slightly better as a rather strange compromise to trade “open-carry” by “licensed” gun owners for “concealed-carry” by “licensed” gun owners.  But it still stinks, and would be rejected in states more free than Michigan. There is no constitutional (or moral) support for requiring a permit for either open OR concealed carry.  But this does reduce the danger faced by people in and around schools.

Even MORE encouraging, though, is the restoration of constitutional carry in Maine, also reported by Maine!  Home of that badly deceived war hero, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, who virtually single-handedly allowed that dictator, Honest Abe, to expand his tyranny to all of the then Thirty-Eight States.  Of course, in those days, before both state and federal governments grew as tyrannical as they are today, and before they completely ignored the Constitution, weapons were openly (and concealed) carried in Maine. Now, just 150 years later, that right IN MAINE is again (somewhat) restored.  The law, passed in July, took effect this week.

Could the Second Amendment be repealed?  The Washington Post seems to think so, and believes that mass migration to the Fifty States will destroy both the NRA and the 2nd Amendment because “whites” (Anglos and Euro-descendant Americans) will soon be in the minority and “everyone knows” that “people of color” don’t like guns and liberty.  Once more, the WaPo demonstrates that they just don’t get it.

Now lets glance at the already-heated 2016 presidential race. Dominoes are falling! Yahoo and many other outlets report and bemoan that Biden is NOT going to run: there isn’t time, he says.  I figure he was either paid off or scared off. But he is, of course, not the only contender now on the sidelines. Personal Liberty covers Lincoln Chafee’s throwing in the towel and reveals  Jim Webb dropping out. Both (as I recall) had been RINOs and defected to their current Democrat home, but found that the mainstream Democrats are far too liberal or outright Tranzi to be willing to support them against a lying witch and an open socialist.

So far, only a very few GOP types are giving up, but that will come. The media establishment finally admits Trump could win this thing, according to Fox News. This of course scares a lot of the GOP leadership, who realize that they can’t control him as easily as most of the candidates. But Mama Liberty notes: “I’m scared of all of them. A tyrant is a tyrant: no matter if he is honestly or fraudulently elected, or elected at all – and regardless of male or female, GOP or Dem.”

Mama’s Note: I think the GOP leaders are afraid of Trump because they know they’ll not be able to control him… and they are right, just as the Dems were not able to control Obama. The office of “president” has grown far too powerful and the two political parties are impotently thrashing in the mud as they die. I don’t expect anything more from Trump than I did from Obana – but I fear what we’ll get anyway. I don’t want either Democrats or Republicans… or anyone else to have any control of my life or liberty. A pox on all their houses.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Libertarian Commentary on the News #15-42C: Guns and Politics

  1. Paul Bonneau says:

    [The Washington Post seems to think so, and believes that mass migration to the Fifty States will destroy both the NRA and the 2nd Amendment because “whites” (Anglos and Euro-descendant Americans) will soon be in the minority and “everyone knows” that “people of color” don’t like guns and liberty.]

    Don’t look now, but that is the opinion also of some pretty influential “pro-gun” writers, e.g. Codrea and Vanderboegh. The sky is falling…

    As to what Wapo and their ilk write about guns, it’s pretty irrelevant. They don’t matter any more.


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