Libertarian Commentary on the News, 20 November 2015, #15-46D: Government is Evil

by Nathan Barton

Theoretically, and morally, “governments” (and therefore, the State) are supposed to protect and defend good people from bad people: to prevent (and if necessary) punish evil-doers and their acts of evil: theft, murder, aggression in various ways, invaders, slavers, abusers, etc. The Bible (clearly, but seemingly ignored by most) states the standards that governments must meet to be legitimate (and there is NOTHING in Scripture that justifies involuntary government: indeed, making government mandatory is evidence that it does NOT meet the standards.

But there are degrees of evil, if not as far as punishment and in God’s eyes, but based on their impact, their perversity. Bad as is government which does NOT prevent and punish evil, worse is government which instead PRACTICES evil. Not just the evil of mandated government and aggression “sanctioned” by immoral law, but for government and its agents to go out and practice the very things that it is supposed to oppose: theft, murder, slavery, invasion, etc. Hence today’s major stories in this commentary.

Lets start with theft. Thanks to Scott and David for this one: David notes: “Bankers are bank robbers, police are thieves.  What a reverse in the last 20 years.”  Sadly, too many bankers have been bank robbers for centuries, yes, even here in the Fifty States.  They may be more bold about it now, and less likely to get called to account for it.  And police have also always been thieves and parasites, except in very rare circumstances.  Again, there may have been a time in the Fifty States when it has not been so blatant as it is today.

But the odious, immoral, and supposedly “legal” practice of “civil asset forfeitures” by police (always in cooperation with the corrupt court Nazgul and feral FedGov agencies) is certainly horrific.  The story “Police Civil Asset Forfeitures Exceed All Burglaries in 2014” by Martin Armstrong in Black Listed News goes into a bit of detail.  And we can expect it to continue as our so-called lawmakers have “more important things” on their plates.  What is particularly loathsome is that the $4.5 billion stolen directly (“seized”) in 2014 is just a small fraction of the amount that these criminal combines cost taxpayers in money stolen indirectly.  We are not only direct victims, but fund their criminal activities as well.

Let us move on to another kind of perversion. Speaking of “more important things,” that is the case with those who supposedly are defending us and keeping the Fifty States safe.  Heaven forbid that someone blow the whistle on them.  Feral federal officials, as reported in Personal Liberty, not only compare whistleblowers to terrorists and murderers, but must devote more time and effort to fighting those who tell the truth about the agencies’ rogue actions, theft, corruption, and incompetence. All, of course, as they steal from taxpayers and terrorize the people that they are supposed to “serve and protect.” Who will watch the watchers? Nobody, if the watchers get their way.

The threats that they are supposed to be defending against are real, regardless of who is to blame, and who is carrying them out or ordering them.  Which brings us back to Europe, France, and Islamic wars. And more sins of government agents, including murder and invasion.

More blowback for the blowback: NBC News reports on events in Belgium where police launched raids in Molenbeek area of Brussels.  This is a once-nice community I’ve been in; apparently now a ghetto (or whatever you call it) of Muslim immigrants. “The fate of the suspected lynchpin behind the Paris massacre was still unclear Thursday as police staged six new raids and made another arrest linked to last week’s atrocity. … Authorities launched six raids in Brussels early Thursday, including in the impoverished Molenbeek neighborhood where [Abdelhamid] Abaaoud grew up, a spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecutor told NBC News. The raided homes belonged to family and friends of Bilal Hadfi. The 20-year-old was one of three suicide bombers who attacked the Stade de France during a soccer game between France and Germany. One person was arrested, the spokesman said, adding that the operation was ‘ongoing.'”  Meanwhile, the French have now claimed to have killed the “mastermind” of the Friday the 13th attacks, according to news from The Guardian early Thursday morning [my time].  Supposedly (and conveniently) this man and his cousin (the woman suicide bomber) were killed, avoiding questioning.  Their bodies were so mutilated that it required skin samples to identify them.  Again, how very convenient for whatever story anyone (state or non-state) wants to make up.

At the same time (as also reported by the Guardian on the same web page), the French aircraft carrier De Gaulle is arriving to join the “massive” attacks on Syrian targets, continuing the bloodbath.  (I would like to point out that France and Vichy France ruled Syria for about three decades in the early 20th century, creating the “modern” state of Syria out of chunks of the dismembered Ottoman Empire. Paris can be blamed for at least SOME of the mess in modern Syria, even though Islam bears the lion’s share.)

Meanwhile, down south in Africa.  In Nigeria, Boko Haram has killed 49 in suicide bombings, as reported in the Tuscaloosa News. “The suicide bomber exploded as truckers were tucking into dinner at the bustling marketplace where vendors urged them to buy sugar cane. (Keep in mind this is the same country where a high official has been charged with stealing $2 billion supposed to be used to buy weapons and ammo to FIGHT these murdering Islamists, as was reported recently.) At least 34 people were killed and another 80 wounded in Yola, a town packed with refugees from Nigeria’s Islamic uprising, emergency officials said Wednesday. Later Wednesday, two more suicide bombers killed at least 15 people in the northern city of Kano and injured 53, according to police. Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency said more than 100 were wounded.” Obviously African christian lives are NOT as important as French atheists and rockstars, else we’d hear at least as much about these attacks as those in Paris.  Of course, I also have to ask – are these also “false flag” attacks, as so many claim the Paris attacks are?  Or is “Boko Haram” a REAL Muslim terrorist group while “ISIS” (the Caliphate) is a bogus one, controlled by the West?  As I’ve said before, recently, dead is dead. Whether you are killed by “real” Islamist fanatics or undercover agents of the state, or uniformed thugs.

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