Libertarian Commentary on the News, 21 November 2015, #15-46E: Upping the ante

By Nathan Barton

In recent days, the Battle of Paris has upped the ante when it comes to the “migrant refugee” crisis in Europe, and this has spilled over to the Fifty States.  The Mainstream Media (as usual) and much of the alternative media has made a hash of the entire debate, reporting falsely on actions by various states, failing to get the legal and constitutional issues right, and of course, (understandably) responding in knee-jerk fashion to the squatter’s asinine comments on the subject.  Personal Liberty has a good, fairly rational analysis of the issue and the lies and misunderstandings.  As usual, neither the conservatives/GOP nor the Tranzis/Dems NOR the Libertarian Party has it right. They are, of course, just interested in upping the ante to bring in votes and campaign contributions, and trash their opposition.

By the way, CNS News reports that since 1 Oct, Syrian “refugees” in the US amount to 346 Sunni, 5 “christians,” 191 males (with 64 aged 14 to 40), and 160 females. While this is a lot different than what we are seeing in Europe, it still doesn’t match the usual profile of war refugees, does it? Once more, we see bad guys (whomever they are) upping the ante, seeking to panic and create mischief in more and more areas. Last I’ve heard, at least HALF of the Fifty States have told DC that they don’t want Syrian “refugees” – meanwhile, the Tranzis (including a coorespondent) are bleating about how NOT accepting everyone of these “refugees” at face value and giving them shelter, food, clothing, prayer rugs, foot baths, and whatever else is being just like the Pharisee and the Priest who walked on the other side of the road to avoid the robbery victim that the Good Samaritan helped. (Honest, that is what she said!)

As Mama Liberty also pointed out, since when is Syria (or the Caliphate-held portions of what used to be Syria) the only source of terrorism (or discontent and hatred of the West)?  Supposedly, there are at least 1,000 Islamist terrorists running loose in the Fifty States, and very few of them have any contact or direct ties to Syria, Mesopotamia (Iraq), OR the Caliphate (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Dawah).  But “refugees from Syria” are the poster children for Tranzis and Conservatives (especially Neo-Cons) alike. And from the point of view of the Neo-cons, it is always easier to concentrate on a SINGLE villain to keep the public attention. And a single threat at a time.  Which is why the next story makes sense.

Upping the ante still more? New threat to the Fifty States? ISIS vows to blow up the White House in new video, as reported by Fox News, “Be aware, but do not be afraid. The NYPD will protect you,” NYPD Commissioner Bratton said. “We cannot be intimidated, and that’s what terrorists seek to do. They seek to create fear. They seek to intimidate. We will not be intimidated, and we will not live in fear.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement that he directed state agencies to “enhance their preparedness” after the Paris attacks, which killed 129 people last week.

Mama’s Note: Seems like a reason to ratchet up the police state. What a joke that the NYPD can “protect” anyone except the elite and government there. If that…

Nathan: Bratton should know how terrorists behave; he bosses a whole crew of them.  Maybe he thinks that the NYPD cannot be intimidated nor live in fear, but the NYPD EXISTS to intimidate the people of NYC (and visitors thereto) and makes millions live in fear, at least some of the time.  This threat gives NYPD and every other blue gang in the nation an excuse to terrorize MORE of the citizens they “serve and protect” in the name of security.  Which means (a) that they WANT MORE suspicious immigrants and poor “vetting” – because it increases the perceived threat. And as in France, it gives more of an excuse for the surveillance side of the police state. In other words: up the ante!

Already being cranked tighter and tighter in France after the Battle of Paris, as Sputnik News tells us.  In essence they are saying that our surveillance state once again failed to prevent a massive series of attacks, so we must double down and do MORE of the same failing measures.  Very similar to the War on Some Drugs, in fact.

Mama’s Note: What’s with this “battle” business? A battle at least implies two opposite combatants. There was no battle in Paris, just a slaughter of unarmed, helpless people. Never mind that most of them don’t have a clue about self defense. The bottom line was that they had no choice in the matter. Personally, I’d love to see these folks wake up and start to arm themselves and prepare for battle. In the meantime, they’d do well to stay out of large crowds.

Downing airliners is always a good ploy and excuse for expanding the police state.  So it comes as no surprise that everyone in power has decided that the Metrojet airliner downed in the Sinai is a victim of the Caliphate. CNN reports that the Caliphate has claimed downing the aircraft and released a photo of a plausible soda-can bomb, which would (based on the image) have to be a suicide type bomb, and that both the Russians and Americans agree that they did. See my separate commentary on this nasty business.

Every time we see the ante getting raised, it reminds us that the state is NOT going to defend individuals or families: indeed, exactly the opposite. WE have to be responsible for our own defense, and as others raise the stakes, we must be prepared to respond.

One presidential candidate seems to understand and get it right, no matter how bad he may be in many ways.  Donald Trump, as reported by Townhall stated in an interview that in light of the threats we face everyday – whether from Islamist terrorists (or state thugs, though he didn’t say that) or just normal criminals, it is not just our RIGHT to carry (openly or concealed) but an obligation (the headline uses the word “duty” but the actual quote does not) to do so.  To defend ourselves and others, including our family, neighbors and community.  (Duty implies something imposed from outside, to me.  Obligation or responsibility can be (should be) assumed by us.  This is in keeping with why I entered the military, with why I accept the responsibilities of marriage and fatherhood.  If only MORE people would understand the moral, personal, obligation to be a good neighbor, to (as Jesus said) “love your neighbor as yourself,” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  It is MORE than just “self-defense,” that is required in a liberty-loving and -practicing society.  But it seems as though fewer people really want that kind of society, an attitude that is both stupid and evil.

When we are dealing with threats, we HAVE to remember that there is NO place free of the stupidity and evil associated with government, the victim and herd mentalities fostered by government and academia (especially government-run academia). Dissatisfied UW students list demands, walk out of diversity forum, reports the Casper Star Tribune.

Mama’s Note: I should not be surprised at all, of course… but I was. Precious snowflakes demanding special privilege and control of other people – even in Wyoming.

Nathan: That is totally ridiculous.  If these “marginalized students” (did anyone bother to even DEFINE what that means?) wanted a meeting, they could have organized their own; clearly they did not.

And if we ever wonder why the Wyoming government, including the legislature, is such a mess and a hotbed of tyranny and political correctness, just look to see how many alumni of UW are in it.

And I guess I’m not totally surprised.  In one future history sequence of stories I’ve written about over the years, the “Principate of Laramie” is one of the more vicious tyrannical successor states in the former Federal State of Wyoming, a couple of centuries from now.  All for their own good, of course. Because like all other parts of government and the state, the educational institutions and the parasites that run them have to constantly raise the ante.

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