Libertarian Commentary on the News, 23 November 2015, #15-47A: Accelerating Runaway Government

By Nathan Barton

Nazgul tyranny and “lawmaking” accelerates, as we read in a story from The Blaze in a case involving the Washington Department of Ecology, eight “youth” (“represented” by an environist “children’s protection group”) and a King County judge. It has been decided that the state has a “constitutional obligation” to act on controlling carbon dioxide emissions to prevent global warming, which will (according to the nazgul) otherwise keep the “youth” from growing up. The scope and insanity of this ruling (fully supported by the WSDOE and the governor, appearently) is amazing. Especially given the nature of the lies about global warming.

Eurotrash panic also grows and accelerates. Zero Hedge shows the way the lovely city (or at least it was for several decades and a decade ago) of Brussels is being terrorized by its own troops and military and police forces using extreme Muslim terrorism as an excuse. All weekend we were treated to this sort of fear mongering and watched as European nations entered into a visible sort of occupation not seen since the surrender of the Third Reich in 1945, at least in Western Europe.

Of course, Europe is not the only target. In formerly-French occupied Mali, it seems that Boko Haram (an ally or arm of the Caliphate) launched its own version of the Paris attacks, as reported by the WaPo complete with gunmen and hostages in a luxury hotel, filled with European tourists. Twenty or more dead, and more excuses for expanded tyranny everywhere.

And for more attacks killing people who have little or nothing to do with the attacks, as Russia reported three waves of “massive attacks” against the Caliphate. The CNS News story points out that the Russian air force’s idea of massive attacks is much different from France’s, but also that NATO air generals poohpoohed the Russian attacks as being old-fashioned and therefore ineffective. Hard to be as “ineffective” as Western attacks have been for the last two years: ineffective in shutting down the Caliphate’s advances, if very effective in killing civilians and blowing up non-military targets.

Can the mess caused by ObummerCare get even worse? Yes, and speeds up, as well. The latest on the Abominable Act business (ObummerCare) comes from the New York Post and it is NOT good news.  Marsh (who sent me this tidbit) says: “I do hope that Nancy Pelosi’s chair is burning her butt on this one. Reports from insurers said this would happen. Of course it should all fall on the Senator from Kansas or Nebraska who sold his yes vote for a few million on pet projects. What a travesty saying it would not be a one payer insurance plan (Government healthcare like Canada or the UK).” Frankly, Marsh, I blame EVERYONE in the Senate AND House who voted for this, not just one corrupt senator. Especially since every one of them went along with the “we have to vote on it before we can lean what is in it” garbage. Not ONE tried to file suit against their leadership or the White House to overthrow that little theft of power. But that is all water under the bridge now. As long as we have the current people in power, the march towards FULL and TOTAL health-care socialism is inevitable and getting faster all the time.

Mama’s Note: And the central problem with that is what most people won’t recognize now, and probably won’t for quite a while. Even having “insurance,” or a nationalized “healthcare” system, does not translate into having any actual care. There are fewer and fewer health care professionals practicing each year, and those numbers will nosedive faster as this disaster plays out. The costs will also continue to rise for everyone. The saying is true: You think going to a doctor is expensive now? Just wait until it is “free.”

The obscene growth of local tyranny as shown by the increasing number of people being killed by cops, for little or no reason so many times, is also seeming to accelerate. Mama Liberty found this in the Casper Star Tribune and notes: “Just because they were armed? Scary. But no surprise.” The headline reads, “Wyoming bucks trend of civilian oversight of police,” but the story is about cops killing people more and more EVEN in Wyoming. “The prosecutor in August ruled that a Casper police officer who shot and killed an armed man while serving a search warrant at his home in July was justified. The incident was one of four police shootings this year in Wyoming. Officers also shot and killed suspects in Campbell and Converse counties and the city of Cheyenne. Prosecutors determined all four of the shootings were justified. Authorities say the four people who were shot by police were armed at the time.”

My own immediate thought was unless police see some downside to their attacks and killing of civilians, it will just keep happening. I noted, that it seems like the best way to reverse this “trend” is to have some LEOs disappear.  This “justification” applies to about 7 out of 10 people in Wyoming. I agree with Mama that I don’t want to see widespread application of Claire’s “shoot, shovel, and shut up,” but as long as the courts and local government allow cops to keep doing this without any accountability, the situation will get worse faster until something nasty DOES happen. Unless bullies are stood up to, they just get worse.

In the now (thankfully) less than one year to go in the 2016 presidential election, the trend towards stupidity and viciousness grows at an ever faster pace. Last week, a big bruhaha was created by a media thug, but given life by a mixture of mainstream and alternative media and other GOP candidates. ALL being stupid. An example was this story at Townhall claiming that Donald Trump wants to require “special ID cards” for Muslims and special “surveillance” on mosques. I listened to the interview several times, and all I heard was a “reporter” or “interviewer” putting words in Trump’s mouth. Which media and his opponents then ran away with. He was talking about a wall on the border (different issue, and apparently one that Trazis in Europe are now fully endorsing), and trying to making it look like Trump wants to go all Nazi, replacing yellow Stars of David with (I guess) red (or maybe lime green) crescent and star badges. See at least one story at World Net Daily.

The man is not a lover or supporter of liberty, but neither are any of his opponents, really. Of course this seems to be backfiring on them since a lot of voters seem to be willing to debate the idea of a religious test to come into the country, given the murderous death cult which seems to be overrunning Europe. And a few have pointed out that it is only for government office that a religious test is banned: the constitution says NOTHING about screening for religion in allowing either immigration or visits to the Fifty States.

Other issues are not quite as prominent, but have not gone away. CNS News tells us that a State Department report has information that puts the lie to the White House excuses for killing the Keystone XL pipeline. “During operation of all No Action rail scenarios, the increased number of unit trains along the scenario routes would result in GHG emissions from both diesel fuel combustion and electricity generation to support rail terminal operations (as well as for pump station operations for the Rail/Pipeline Scenario),” the statement stated. “The total annual GHG emissions (direct and indirect) attributed to the No Action scenarios range from 28 to 42 percent greater than for the proposed Project.” Of course, the report is based (at least somewhat) on what makes sense. The claims from the White House and the environists about Keystone XL being “dangerous” for the environment are more about letting people continue to burn petroleum products, NOT how those products are brought to market.

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