Libertarian Commentary on the News, 10 December 2015, #15-49B: Are you kidding?

By Nathan Barton

I suppose it is old news now, after the shootings in Colorado Springs and San Bernadino, but even Fox News is pointing out (together with JPFO) that the squatter is totally wrong in his televised claim that ONLY in the US do we have such mass killings: and not just referring to that long-ago event in Australia that was the excuse for disarming the Aussies. Germany, France, even Norway, and of course virtually every nation with a majority Muslim population, all have these evil monsters in human form that kill innocents on a large scale.

In politics 2016 matters, Trump continues to rile, yes, and enrage people, and NOT just Republicans. Some liberals  and Tranzis are so angry (as World Net Daily reports) that they are publicly calling for Trump to be killed – the “Bobby Kennedy” solution which is usually supposed to be the final resort of the right-wing nutcases.  Fortunately, at least SOME liberals have condemned such calls, although I don’t think any of the major Democratic presidential candidates have done so.

But the GOP and Conservatives are also livid about Trump, and his supposed “FDR” solution in which Trump’s call for prohibiting Muslims from traveling to the US is tied to Nisei-style internment camps, as used during WW2. Now, what riles me is that some of these people (including Glenn Beck’s staffers) are intentionally twisting Trump’s words to “prove” that he is even worse. Look, there are NO major presidential candidates (not even Rand Paul, I say opening myself to charges of heresy) that are true lovers of liberty. And not many that REALLY want to and WOULD roll back the power of the FedGov.

As a number of libertarians have pointed out (and many more others) there is a 1952 law ON THE BOOKS that could be used to deny the right of Muslims to enter the US, and there are examples of past laws (right or wrong) used to target certain RELIGIOUS groups (like LDS, both pre- and post-rejection of polygamy by the CJCLDS (Salt Lake corporation)) and prohibit their entry. Yes, inevitably there were people wrongly lumped together with their coreligionists, who did NOT actively support the aims of their more extreme brethren or the central organizations. (The 1952 law was aimed at Communists, and there WERE Communists (still might be) who did not advocate violence against Americans and the overthrow of the FedGov.

But then, Communism IS a religion, just not recognized as one by the FedGov and most people.)  But this is what government does!  It abuses and mistreats and neglects and wounds and kills people – innocent people.  It is one of the key things that demonstrates the evil of government.  Is prohibiting Muslims from entering the US more “that’s not us!!” than flying drones in foreign countries and killing children and people at weddings? Or the 900 dead killed by cops in 2015 so far?

The world changes, and a  big change is coming. Places Journal explains as the massive expansion of the Panama Canal nears its completion, again changing the entire pattern of seaborne commerce and impacting even such things as barge traffic on the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio Rivers.  Heavy construction has impacted the world for centuries and continues to do so, even though our attention is often just on information technology.

As this story from NCPA addresses, discussing technology and economic growth in the information age.  “The price tag for sending one trillion bits of information decreased from $150,000 to 17 cents in just 30 years, …”  This is something that I live with (and enjoy) every day. I do things today that were not possible even 10 or 20, much less 30 years, ago, that help me make a living.  I recently ran across an email from a  family member written nearly 30 years ago, noting that they would have to wait to send a lengthy missive by e-mail because they could not afford the cost of the additional message and length ON-LINE!  We should count our blessings, and recognize the impact that both better physical AND internet infrastructure bring to the cause of freedom and liberty.

Go outside, take a deep breath, enjoy it, and hold it in as long as you can.  And enjoy it as long as you can.  CNS News reports and shows on video where Representative Hank Johnson, Democrat of Georgia, says that action to keep EPA from regulating carbon dioxide emissions could make the planet uninhabitable for humans.  Keep in mind, this is the nutjob that was fearful that stationing more Marines on Guam would cause the island to tip over.

Back to shootings and sorta old news.  What the squatter proposed in his Sunday telecast speech to “prevent” things like San Bernardino’s massacre, Katie Pavlich points out at TownHall have been in effect for years in California AND IT DIDN’T HELP prevent a SINGLE death or wounding by these attackers.  But even if it is “terrorism,” it is grist for the mill of the hoplophobes and hoploclasts.

Any excuse to steal money AND liberty is what government does.  Another example was found in CNS News, where Defense Secretary Ash Carter stated that now that ALL combat positions in the Armed Services are open to women, that women “may need” to register for Selective Service so that they too can be drafted/conscripted/enslaved for military service to “protect our freedom.”  Slavery’s reach expands. Our government, especially the FedGov, is perverted.

Especially the judicial system. World Net Daily reports that a robber who killed a store owner during the robbery after the store owner shot and wounded (and disabled) the robber is using his right of self-defense as a legal defense for killing the man he tried to rob.  Any guesses as to whether the Nazgul or jury will accept this perversion?

Mama’s Note: Good grief… aside from the obvious, this should be a wake up call for people to get some serious training and to engage in regular practice. If the store owner had done that, the robber would likely have been more than “disabled.” Whatever that means in this case. And the man might well be alive in any case.

Part of that perversion is found in the legislative branches of our many governments. An example is found in a Home School Legal Defense Fund’s newletter. Clearly, the growth of the Nanny State is speeding up in Ohio. A state legislator who had previously introduced a bill to require an investigation by local officials of any parent wishing to home school their child(ren) (and then withdrew it under protest), has now introduced legislation that would require that background checks be run on ALL parents EXCEPT home-schoolers (which in Ohio does NOT include parents who do schooling in their home – go figure) to determine if they are or have been investigated for child abuse or domestic violence. Assuming this is defeated, I suspect that her next attempt will be introducing a bill to require that couples obtain a permit to have a child in the first place – with the child of permit-less parents either being exterminated in the womb or taken from them and put in a creche at birth. No doubt followed by mandatory sterilization (or maybe, sterilization of the father immediately upon conviction if not arrest. Hmmm. A lucrative contract for veterinarians with local police or courts.

Enough is enough. Liberty now.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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