Violence Around the World Characterizes the Beginning of 2016

Libertarian Commentary 13JAN2016, #16-02D By Nathan Barton

More and more is coming out regarding the situation in Europe. In some countries, especially Germany, there is been significant pushback, as reported by Breitbart. In Koeln, a organization which opposes more Muslim immigration and influence in Europe, staged a protest which was in turn disrupted by violent counter-protesters; some of the original marchers responded with more violence. More reports have also come of New Year’s Eve events in a dozen cities in Germany, leading many to conclude that this is a concerted effort to terrorize European people and governments. Gates of Vienna is a vehemently anti-Islamist site which speculates, with some logic, that these are the next phase of an invasion of Europe in accordance with established Muslim actions, to determine whether or not the European population and their governments will be a weak enough adversary to proceed.

I frankly doubt that most of the Europeans will be rated “too strong” to challenge, and so the hagira (“migration”) will continue. A Swedish newspaper, Nyhert Idag, claims that actions very similar to what happened in German and other cities on New Year’s Eve took place in Sweden during a festival last summer, in which there were multiple rapes and assaults, but which was covered up by a major newspaper, possibly by government order. And video has now emerged (Morgeson Newspapers of “Arab looking” men firing pistols into the air and firing fireworks at vehicles (including ambulances and police cars) on New Year’s Eve, supposedly in Berlin where numerous sexual assaults were reported at the Brandenburger Tor. (See also Freedom Outpost. The New York Times reports that 18 of 31 attackers in Koeln have been identified by German authorities as being “refugee” asylum seekers. Meanwhile, it isn’t just Europeans who are unwilling to take action: many American commentators on the news stories spend more time arguing over “feminism” and male chauvinism than actually doing something about the violence. You know, things like letting people have the weapons to defend themselves, and the training to do so.

Mama’s Note: Forget “letting” people do anything… it is up to the people to take control of their lives and safety. Nothing can prevent them from arming themselves if they truly want to do that. If they wait to be allowed, many more will die. The long centuries of being cowed into submission, accepting the idea that self defense is somehow evil, and trusting any government to protect them… is the sad situation in too much of the world. It will take much suffering, blood and time to reverse this – if that’s even possible.

Violence isn’t limited to Europe or to those who may be Muslims, of course. In the continuing war in Mexico, where El Chapo was recently recaptured, it turns out the Mexican Marines who got him turned the city into a war zone, endangering and injuring inhabitants of the town and trashing the area, according to Breitbart. El Chapo’s capture will not stop the fighting in Mexico. Again, most Mexican citizens are not allowed to have the means to defend themselves against the cartels, or the government forces.

Mama’s Note: The smart ones are not waiting to be “allowed” to defend themselves…

Such violence is also very likely to come to the Fifty States; not from (or not JUST from) Islamist “refugees” or Mexican drug cartels, despite Americans being much better armed and trained than Mexicans or Europeans.  Here, it is government violence that threatens to grow from a relatively minor irritant to a major problem: from 1200 killed by cop (in 2015) to many times that, by a variety of agencies, many of which we do not think of as “cops.” Which is why the following is both alarming and disturbing.  Keep in mind that “” is NOT a trusted news source to me, and that is reflected in their headline and the actual article, claiming that Federal regulatory agencies are creating “militias” or “private armies” with military weapons and equipment, including (gasp) body armor.  There is MUCH evidence that Federal regulatory agencies are establishing heavily armed “militarized” enforcement bureaus: not just EPA and FDA, but many other agencies.  The ONLY threat that these forces could be designed to respond to are Americans: American companies and individuals, even if characterized as “criminals.”  But these agencies or bureaus are NOT “militia” nor are they “Private Armies.”  They CAN be considered separate military forces from those in DoD and DHS.  And there is little doubt that they WILL be used, sooner or later, unless they are disbanded.   (What the cartels have in Mexico (and probably here in the Fifty States) are “private armies:” NOT under control of some government.  And what we are seeing in Europe might be accurately described as “militia,” both that of the Islamic “refugees” as well as those “Islamophobic” Europeans trying to provide defense and protection which their government police forces are not doing.)

Mama’s Note: Hard to draw a straight line between the Mexican government (at various levels) and the drug cartels. Seems to me they blend as often as they fight each other. And most of us already know that the whole problem would be wiped out overnight if the US “War on Drugs” was abandoned. But there is far, far too much money and power involved – power being the government drug of choice – so the drug war will probably go on as long as there is an involuntary government on either side of the border.

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