“It’s for the children:” Excuse for Tyranny (#16-03E)

Libertarian Commentary, 22 January 2016, #16-03E By Nathan Barton

Children are the excuse for so much tyranny; a good deal of this is because those who are in power themselves never really grew up.

2016, the year of the REAL battle over guns in this nation? There is a lot to say for that. Consider what World Net Daily reported on Saturday, that the State of Oklahoma has published and is enforcing rules that say that foster parents may not own firearms, and that people who own firearms may not be foster parents. The entire business makes no sense except that it is one more way to disarm peaceful (and law-abiding) people. Oklahoma! And of course, it is an easy sell: It’s for the chilluns.

Mama’s Note: One big factor that is ignored all too often is the fact that the “foster parents” involved are receiving taxpayer (stolen) funds for their services. They are, in essence, government employees. That doesn’t mean they should be disarmed, of course, but they do have a choice in the matter. They can stop accepting stolen goods and go on with their lives if they wish.

Taiwan must abandon ‘hallucination’ of independence, warns Chinese media, as reported by the Guardian.

Mama’s Note: I had to laugh when I read this. Seems to me, after all these many years, maybe it is the Chinese government that needs to get over the hallucination that they have any authority over Taiwan. Are there no ADULTS anywhere in “government?” They all sound like spoiled toddlers…

Nathan: Feral spoiled toddlers, allowed out with no supervision. Yes, you would think that they’d learn. But remember how long governmental memories are, like most lawyers, who have excellent memories and are generally personable and really good speakers, but little or no reasoning ability or capability to understand science and life. And keep in mind that Peking’s leadership are still International Socialists (Communists). Sixty-five years? Piffle! When people are still demanding reparations for slavery which ended in 1865, 150 years ago? Surrender of the Falklands by its British-descended inhabitants because it was supposedly stolen from the Spanish Empire by the British Empire in 1815, 200 years ago? But that does not keep the governments from acting like spoiled brats, demanding everything.

In September 2013, Walmart finally opened a 33,000-square-foot grocery and drug store in the Chinatown area. (Immigrant Hispanic and Asian residents of central Los Angeles campaigned for years for a “big box” retailer to locate in their economically depressed neighborhood to compete against liquor stores that sold a limited number of food items at very high prices. ) Crowds flocked to the store for lower food costs, substantially cheaper pharmaceuticals, and even ethnic offerings. But labor leaders immediately started protesting against the store for refusing to unionize, even though 100 Walmart employees refused to sign union cards. During the November 2014 Black Friday protests in downtown Los Angeles led by the union-funded Movement Generation’s Justice and Ecology Project, thousands of protestors were bused in to protest against Walmart “destroying downtown,” even though the company only had the one store in Chinatown. Now, Breitbart tells us that Walmart is closing a Los Angeles store over the $15/hour minimum wage.

Mama’s Note: So, now they can go back to buying the groceries offered at the liquor store. No idea what it takes to run a business, only that they are entitled to whatever they feel like. WalMart made a serious effort to serve these areas, and got their hats handed to them. Here is an article with a little more detail.

Nathan: Just like spoiled toddlers. But it is not just the local underclass and working class people, who are little more than pawns in this game. The “destroying downtown” is true, when looked at from the point of view of the slumlords and entrenched business owners. If they can’t charge $10 a pound for hamburger or $5 for a bag of chips, then for THEM the downtown is destroyed, because they can’t make the profits they crave. Walmart is no angel, but compared to the sharks feasting on the inner-city… And too many of the denizens of these communities, as Mama points out, are cozened into supporting their oppressors, in part by the propaganda and in part because they WANT to be dependent, to be clients given “everything they want and need.”

Mama’s Note: Yes, and even more so when much of the “money” being used there is welfare, taxpayer’s stolen money. So it’s a scam and a shame on both the inner city moochers and the entrenched business owners who don’t want any competition. They deserve each other.

But, what about the children? As an earthquake shakes Northern Virginia and West Virginia (reported on WNCN and forwarded to me by Mama Liberty) NO one seems to be concerned about the children, trapped in public school houses that are NOT earthquake-proofed a la California requirements. To say nothing of a TOTAL lack of earthquake-proof certified gun-safes. I can already see the streets of Alexandria and Arlington, Harpers Ferry and Charles Town, earthquake ravaged no-man’s lands filled with injured, broken-bodied children hunted down by murderous gun-owners, just like in Haiti… And the schools, with the forgotten children cowering under their desks (just like in the old duck-and-cover movies) with the collapsed ceilings and roofs above them, hiding in fear as the rabid gunlovers, loaded for bear after looting the broken gun safes and the police and national guard armories, hunting them down. Oh, the horror of it all… Oh wait!

Mama’s Note: “ Missed D.C. by that much (dub in the voice of Maxwell Smart)…. but, of course, not strong enough to do anything useful. Nobody in Calif. even notices a weak quake like that, but the headline was too promising not to click onto anyway. 🙂 Huh? A false alarm? Like ‘quakes in Oklahoma, or Rocky Mountain Arsenal? But not as bad?

It is not always guns. Murder-suicide is suspected in deaths of 3 near State University of New York Geneseo campus as reported by Fox News. The Buffalo News reported that the 911 call that led authorities to the house at around 6 a.m. Sunday was made by a man who said his son had told him that he had just killed his girlfriend and was going to kill himself. Police said no firearm was used, but a knife was recovered. The Buffalo News reported that two of the three bodies were found in a bedroom, and that Annese lived at the house.

Mama’s Note: All three young people, athletes, evidently strong and healthy… physical health, anyway. How is it that they did not defend themselves? Oh yeah, it’s New York. That and their evident brainwashing. What a shame. But I guess it’s ok since no gun was used on either side. The demanding demon “mommies” won’t be adding this to their “gun death” numbers.

Nathan: This sad incident shows how immature the “college age” population can get: this is the same cohort that has to have “safe places” on campus where they don’t hear “bad words” (no, not vulgarity and foul language, but concepts that they reject or don’t want to even know about). Obviously, “safety” must include requiring them to live and be under constant surveillance, along with frequent mental-health screenings and daily inspections to make sure that they don’t sneak knives in anyplace.

Is it a race to the bottom? Bloomberg reports that Iran wants to rake in five times more from oil sales in 2016, now that sanctions have been lifted and they have all that money from Uncle Sugar. At the same time, oil prices continue to drop (under $30 for West Texas intermediate since last week, now) and the OPEC Gulf States’ stock markets are crashing as much or more than China’s and the Fifty States’ are. To get five times as much money might mean having to produce ten times as much oil. Angering the Saudis and all those other Sunni types. While demand continues to slide… Going to be a fun year.

Mama’s Note: I suspect the folks in Iran will have the same result as so many municipalities have had with huge tax increases on things people want. They never seem to have a clue that people will find another way to get things, and their massive tax take won’t ever materialize. Same with things that suddenly suffer drastically less demand and over supply. The sellers and speculators can’t rationally continue to act as if nothing has changed and they can sell all they want. The rest of us just need to ride out the economic earthquakes and tidal waves. Sadly, most of those with serious debt will suffer the most.

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