Liberty and Money, Money and Liberty (A Rant)

by Nathan Barton

Liberty Tree Quotes recently had some quotes relating to liberty and money. These in turn should make us think about what we say and do.

First, we have this quote from Ayn Rand: “Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction. When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Blood, whips and guns—or dollars. Take your choice — there is no other — and your time is running out.” The quote comes from Atlas Shrugged. It is sometimes used to support claims that being a libertarian (or an objectivist) is incompatible with Christianity. While there may be ways in which Objectivism is not in sync with Christianity (or some versions thereof), those who try to use this misquote and misremember Scripture. It is the “love of money” which Paul identifies as the “root of all kinds of evil.” Ayn’s point is very much in keeping with the concept of christian life as taught by Jesus Himself and by Paul: voluntary interaction versus coercion.

Here is the second quote, by the inimitable Star Parker, who founded CURE (Center for Urban Renewal and Education). She said, just a few months ago: “This leftist political strategy to win office and power relies on something very powerful: the desire to increase the number of Americans who are dependent on getting money that is taken from other citizens. Sadly, this strategy has worked for half a century! And now it works because Americans who are trapped in this nightmare do not want their government money taken away from them!” That applies to all of us: like Esau, we’ve sold our birthright for a bowl of beans. Our liberty for handouts. It matches with the H.L. Mencken quote from a few commentaries back: every election is an advance auction of stolen goods. It is the same trap that the Roman citizens got themselves into back before the time of Julius and his nephew.

Money IS A TOOL: like ANY tool, it can be used for evil or for good. The same knife or scalpel that can be used to perform life-saving surgery can take away life with a single stroke. The same drug that can prevent death can cause it. The same pistol that can save a woman from rape or a child from being murdered can be used to snuff out an innocent life. The same rock can be used to build a house or bash out someone’s brains. And the same money can pay a nurse or a jack-booted thug, a demagogue or a real teacher.

And it is NOT just HOW the money is used, but HOW it is acquired. Stolen money, whether stolen by a mugger in a back street or a burglar in a home or a conspiracy that includes 100 senators and 425 representatives and 1000 bureaucrats, is tainted. Even if put to “good” use, its source is tainted, its good diluted: and there is no gray here: just black or white.

Mama’s Note: I’d add that it’s not just the “love of money” that is a problem, but the things that come along with that love. The envy of anyone who has – or seems to have more. The feelings of superiority over those who have less. The feelings (and fact) that money gives one power over others. Actually, I suspect that the lust for power and superiority is pretty much behind most of that evil. That lust manifests itself in the willingness, even eagerness, to do harm to other people. I’ve found very little “love of money” among those who live by the non-aggression principle.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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5 Responses to Liberty and Money, Money and Liberty (A Rant)

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  2. jim carter says:

    Please forgive the troll, but you have a delete button.

    The pasted writing has been inspired by an economics professor. He informed his graduate class in Money and Banking how the FRBNY can create and hide phenomenal amounts for the (hidden) owners of the BOG using the auction accounts of Treasury securities. He had previously been employed by the FRBNY.

    The unidentified Wall Street owners of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors are assumed to be the same financiers who own the TBTF banks, who are among the Primary Dealers, and who have impoverished the third world using the IMF and the WB. They are also alleged responsible for the economic devastation of Europe; and who have additionally imposed a fraudulent debt of $18 trillion on the Citizenry of the U.S. They have even identified on internal memos that the collection of the U.S. National Debt is their “ultimate goal.”

    It is my conclusion that the embezzlement by the Board of Governors is the financial fountain that waters the corporatocracy decried by John Perkins.

    Perhaps the writing may be of interest to you or to someone you know.

    Jim Carter

    For an extended analysis, see

    For usage of the embezzled money, see


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Thank you for the links, but I have deleted the long part at the end. The comments section is not the place for a long essay, and there is no indication that it is your own work. If it is copyright material, we can’t use it without permission from the author or their agent. Thanks for writing.


  3. Grog says:

    Mama, if you won’t object to a parallel thought on your view that people “lust for power and superiority”, it’s that at the core, the majority of people in this “modern world” are selfish, shallow, impatient and delusional. I use the last word not in the mental context, rather in the context that many people choose to place more value in image over reality, whether the influence is from teevee, movies, music, or whatever, and so their subconscience reflects what they are influenced by. I’m reasonably certain you and many others who read here already know this, but it’s these people that are just a much of a security risk to those of us that choose to see events for what they are.

    Apologies for being a windy typer. 😉

    Off topic, CA has a good link dump update on the Hammond crisis.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      People have all kinds of thoughts, values and goals. Unless they were being used to actually harm others, it’s nobody else’s business. We can’t choose for others, rationally, and we can’t define any of these things for others either. The lust for power and superiority can definitely be used for harm to others, and thus those others can and must defend themselves. However people choose what influences them, what drives them, what motivates them… is their business only. And no matter how many social projects are launched, or how many “laws” are written, that will never change.


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