As The World Turns, So Does The Stomach

Libertarian Commentary, 29 Jan 2016, #16-04C  By Nathan Barton

The Wall Street Journal tells us that “Some Migrants in Germany Want to Go Home”. There are no official statistics on migrants leaving Germany on their own accord, but Germany’s immigration office keeps statistics of migrants leaving Germany through some programs which covers travel costs for people who prove they can’t pay for their own trip back. In 2015, a total of 37,220 people left Germany voluntarily through such programs, up from 13,574 in 2014. Most were people from Balkan countries, but the number of Iraqis who left quadrupled in the same period to 724. But Syrians currently aren’t eligible for support to return to Syria because of the security situation. But some still try on their own, or at least to neighboring countries such as Turkey or Jordan, where many Syrians had sought refuge before moving on to Germany. On government official said, “It regularly happens that people disappear. Many are ashamed to admit they made the wrong decision to come here.”

MamaLiberty noted that it’s a start. Nathan agrees, that yes, that is good news: any at all is good. And some of the “refugees” are really refugees and fleeing from really horrific places and events.  At the same time, that is 37K out of what Germany admits was more than a million. That is a few more than went AWOL from the US Army during the year of fighting in Central Europe 1944-45, and a whole lot LESS than the Russians had go AWOL/desert during their four years in the last two successful invasions of Europe.  But I wonder if all those who “disappear” are really going back home – or if some of those are ending up in graves in cellars and backyards after honor killings and fights.

Mama’s Note: All of the above, probably, and I suspect we’ll never know. I was talking with someone yesterday about this, and she was agonizing over how these women (targets of rape, etc.) could be protected. I suggested they all be given guns and taught how to use them… She just about choked. I asked just whom was ultimately responsible for HER life and protection… and she gave me a really funny look, but no answer. I do hope she gives it some deep thought. She’s not a gun hater, by any means, but the idea of women actually being responsible for their own safety isn’t much more than skin deep… even here in Wyoming, I’m afraid. As if it were merely optional.

We both sigh over the situation. People refuse to face reality. We note that, now “reformed” and “readmitted to the community of nations,” Iran (Persia) is sending their president (but NOT their Supreme Leader the Ayatollah) on a world good-will tour, which includes a visit to Rome (but apparently NOT to the Vatican). Media Research Center claims that Italy is submitting to Islam by covering up all the nude statues in Rome for this visit, and other critics are slamming this as well. No, they are not clothing them, but putting boxes over them: ugly. Hmm. I would have thought that the Vatican would ALSO object to nude statues. But the Italian authorities are more willing to blow off the Pope than the Persian president. The Pope has neither oil nor battalions. And they too refuse to face reality.

Speaking of which, back Stateside, Vision to America reported last week that the FBI “has enough evidence to prosecute Hillary Clinton for ‘public corruption.’” Are there ANY politicians, at least in national office, for whom you could not dig up enough evidence? I suspect not, but I also figure that the FBI knows who pays their salaries and all the rest, and that the chances of indicting Clinton or anyone else in the Democratic Party are ZERO. Especially since the FBI is busy killing and shooting ranchers and terrorizing others in Oregon.

On to political news: realize we now have to put up with this election cycle for JUST another 10 months. People are getting hyper about Iowa and New Hampshire. CNS News reports that Miz Clinton, not content with her life of crime and corruption so far, wants to expand. She says “the money to help Americans pay their bills should come from those who have it.” I say that people ought not to spend money they don’t have and can’t earn in a reasonable amount of time. Maybe, of course, she is talking about the $70,000 each of us went further into debt in the past 7 years, if we were assessed our equal share of the “official” fedgov debt created by the current regime.

Watching and listening to the still broad GOP stable of candidates can be fun. It would be funnier and more enjoyable if we didn’t have to live with the consequences, and if we weren’t sure the consequences would be really bad. Consider a few items (most from CNS News): Rand Paul: Without Donald Trump, ‘The IQ of the Debate Went Up a Couple Dozen Points’. Ted Cruz Challenges Trump to a ‘One-on-One Debate…Mano a Mano’. Ben Carson: ‘We Are at the Precipice’; ‘Stop Worrying About Personalities’. And at least one more from the Dems, O’Malley: ‘I Banned the Box,’ Decriminalized Marijuana, and Reduced Fatal Police-Involved Shootings’. How egotistical can you get? I hope someone video recorded O’Malley out there playing Rambo – or was it Superman? All of this just proves fuel for the comments of Steve Trinward and me on the next story.

Diagnosis: Trump mental disorder makes him dangerous as world leader. No fooling? Raw Story says, “According to a number of top U.S. psychologists, like Harvard Professor and researcher Howard Gardener, Donald Trump is a ‘textbook’ narcissist. In fact, he fits the profile so well that clinical psychologist George Simon told Vanity Fair, ‘He’s so classic that I’m archiving video clips of him to use in workshops.’ This puts Trump in the same category as a number of infamous dictators like Muammar Gaddafi, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Saddam Hussein. And although there are narcissists out there who entertain us, innovate, or create great art, when a narcissist is given immense power over people’s lives, they can behave much differently.

As the 2016 presidential election grows nearer we must ask ourselves, if elected president would Donald Trump act on the behalf of the will of the people, or would he behave more like a dictator?” (Steve wrote: If not for the fact that ALL of the contenders for the throne are authoritarian narcissists, this might actually be significant.) There are NO non-egotists in the race; and haven’t been any such in the White House, legit or not, in the last century-plus (with the possible exception of Calvin Coolidge, maybe). But also please tell me what occupant of the White House in the last 80 years has NOT “behaved more like a dictator?” And which has actually done the will of the people? That is, of a majority or even a significant plurality? One percent, maybe, or maybe five or ten percent.

Mama’s Note: And please tell me what is this “will of the people?” Has every American agreed to whatever that might be already, just awaiting some “right person” to put it all into place? Of course not. One problem with centralized government, involuntary government, is that the 320 odd million Americans across the country each have their own lives, needs, wants and beliefs. They don’t need government to provide for those, but only freedom to live their lives as they want, working in voluntary associations to negotiate and cooperate with their neighbors to achieve the “will” of each person without aggression on others.

But too many are happy to impose their “will,” their vision of utopia on everyone else – and call it the “will of the people.” Luckily, a great many are starting to see through this thin veil of lies and aggression.

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