Low how the mighty have fallen: deterioration, decay, and collapse

Libertarian Commentary #16-09D by Nathan Barton

Lo, how the mighty have fallen. The deterioration of government and society and the current “civilization” worldwide proceeds apace.  Stories this week illustrate this, and send a chill up my spine.

The major example comes from Europe, and specifically the European Union.  Conditions in Greece, steadily worse for years if not decades, are deteriorating in an accelerating manner. Yahoo reports that food lines are growing in Greece while the border camps housing the Muslim “refugees” flooding through Greece into the rest of Europe explode.  Greece is in a full-blown depression and government actions have made bad conditions incredibly worse. This is coupled with a similar depression in Spain, where their government is more interested in forcing Catalonia to remain part of Spain than in setting ALL the Spanish people free to make a living and behave as adults.  And this in turn is helping send Europe over the boiling point.

Mike Snyder, over at the Economic Collapse Blog talked about it three and a half years ago, explaining how we are seeing the EU economy implode right in front of our eyes. Unemployment, the “refugee” crisis, the meddling in Ukraine (and of course, in a half-dozen countries of Dar Al-Islam!), and his predictions are pretty much panning out as true. No wonder more and more Brits want OUT, and conditions are worsening even as more and more Muslims pour in – and more and more of those (not ALL by any means, of course) seem intent on looting their hosts – sexually as well as monetarily.  But the underlying cause is the insane actions of governments and the inevitable result of 70 years of socialism and a half-century of nanny-state elective dictatorship over the people and businesses.

Similar problems and similar causes are found in Venezuela.  It was predicted in 2013 and 2014 that economic collapse was coming to the once-wealthy nation, thanks to years of damage by Chavez, Maduro, AND their opponents.  Now, as reported in Yahoo, that is coming true, bread shortages are made WORSE by fingerprinting to buy food and other government controls, depressed oil prices, and insane inflation.

Once, years ago, I compared public schools to supermarkets, asking what would happen if we let stores be run like schools are, with mandatory district lines and limits and public financing.  Well, look at Venezuela in 2016 and see the reality of such stupidity.  And it’s more than just the economy; liberty is being dumped down the drain faster and faster. The BBC reports on student protests against a Supreme Court ruling which makes the court system an autocratic self-perpetuating oligarchy by stripping the national legislature of power to review appointments. “On Tuesday, the Supreme Court said the National Assembly’s power was limited to overseeing the executive, not the judiciary.” The reason for ruling seems to be that the legislature is controlled by opponents of Chavez’s successor, Maduro.  (This should be a warning to the Fifty States on how the evils of Nazgul are perpetuated.)

When it comes to decay, deterioration, and collapse, you can almost feel sorry (ALMOST, please note) for the old-line, power-hungry, anything-for-a-vote, compromise-is-essential GOP types.  Their schtick is broken; Trump is another Mussolini or Uncle Adolf who is taking away all of their marbles, and so they are doing some really bizarre things, as Business Insider reports. Lindsey Graham (whom a correspondent describes as “queer as a three dollar bill” and a master at playing off even more stupid GOP types who claim to be “conservative) is open to supporting Hillary Clinton. Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney is giving an “emergency” speech to the GOP on Thursday (and announcing he is riding in on his white horse to save the GOP from Trump?), and things are just going bad… Almost sorry for them.

Wow! Rocket engines for USAF launch birds might be made in America, again, by 2020 – or so says Popular Science, now that old Russian engines (left over from Communist days) are being used up and only a few are left.  And although the present squatter in DC has a policy of “import almost anything” versus “made in America,” that doesn’t extend to buying NEW engines made in Russia, because (unlike China and Vietnam and Cuba), Russia is EVIL.  Or should I say, eeeevvvilll!

Of course, for lovers of space and travel, the fact that in 2020 we will STILL be dependent on “kerosene rocket propulsion technology” is a tremendous disappointment, when we should have high-impulse thorium engines on-line… or just an elevator.

Mama’s Note: The fact that space exploration and travel are still dependent on government and stolen goods is the disappointment. We should have freedom, and all the new wonders that would produce.

The Utah Senate has voted to repeal the 17th Amendment (direct election of US Senators) to again allow states to choose how to select senators.  As reported by the Salt Lake Tribute the vote was 20-6.  A good but very tiny first step to ending the tyranny of the federal system, but too little, too late. That system is collapsing, after more than a century of more and more abuse. No sympathy here.

The British are coming, the British are coming!  According to Antiwar.com Brit troopers are headed to Tunisia to help keep ISIS off the Libyan border, and Whitehall is backing a ground invasion of Libya to “deal” with ISIS.  Never mind the Brit have their own crisis at home with Muslim invaders – oops, excuse me, migrants and refugees.  Nor that the last time Brit troops were in Tunisia was during WW2.  As a former French colony, it is “supposed to be” French troops doing this sort of thing, but all the Brit tourists massacred by Islamists in Tunisia last year is driving this stupidity.

Mama’s Note: And I ask again… just why in the world would tourists go into war zones like that? Insanity. Or just an excuse for more war and invasion?

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