What if, or when? Is Trump toast?

Libertarian Commentary #18-10A,  By Nathan Barton

Is Trump at the Zenith? The first week of March 2016 has been an eventful one in that stupid game called “presidential politics” here in the Fifty States. On the Democratic side, that evil and maniacal woman and crypto-socialist/all-out Tranzi, Clinton, has apparently staved off Sanders’ quixotic quest to quash the Clinton crime gang (and bring in his own bunch of socialist, less-Tranzi gangsters). The potential for some (gag) “man on a white horse” (like crazy Uncle Joe) coming into play is much less.

But it is the GOP side of things where the real shake-up is evident. Yeah, Trump only took 7 of 11 contests, BUT that is definitely NOT what the GOP movers and shakers (especially the donors and the technocrats) expected. I dunno what happened; maybe someone hacked into their voting machine programs and kept them from doing the usual vote-rigging. Or maybe their arrogance just plain finally hit a trigger point on millions of deluded GOP voters. Cruz got three states (including his critical home state of Texas), and Rubio got one. But also important, Chistie, long viewed as an establishment Republican, not just dropped out but endorsed Trump. And very, very important, that washed-up piece of political trash named Mitt Romney, that perfect “RINO” and latest in a long tradition of worthless and failed GOP presidential candidates such as McCain, Bush I, and Dole, Tranzis all, dumped on Trump.

And how. I’m not the only one who said, when first hearing Romney’s attack, that if he’d spoken like that about the squatter who is in DC right now, back in 2012, that guy would again be living in the slums and boardrooms of Chicago. And I am also not the only one who said that Romney’s attack on Trump has all but given the GOP nomination to Trump.

But there is more: Article after article is popping up, claiming that the GOP establishment is terrified of Trump as president. Terrified that he will take the nomination and trash Hillary in November. Afraid of an end to politics as usual. And apparently, it wasn’t (and still may not be) just Trump: Cruz seems to be a lesser but still major threat to them; Rubio may (or may not) be, as well.

Indeed, an establishment Republican (Graham) “joked” about Cruz’s blood on the floor of the Senate (a la Julius Caesar?) (And remember, although many of us see Cruz as just another GOP-mask-wearing statist, the establishment is alarmed nearly as much by him as they are by Trump or Rand Paul or his dad.) And many, many more GOP types have made it clear that they will do ANYthing to keep Trump from getting the presidency. Not just voting for and financing more of Clinton’s campaign than they already are, but “more.” There is talk of a brokered convention; talk of the GOP being shattered into small pieces, and defecting to, if not the Dems, then to some sort of bogus unity party.

But especially, there is talk about death: about accidents and even, whispered and more and more outwardly spoken, about assassination. Not just gunning Cruz down in the Senate chambers, or even beating him to near death

Much as we do not want to admit it, assassination is an integral part of American presidential politics. It is a tradition that goes back a long ways. How convenient was McKinley’s death for his youthful and ambitious progressive Vice-President Teddy Roosevelt. JFK’s death certainly benefited both HIS Vice-President, Texan L B Johnson (and for years, assassination was referred to as “Texan political action”) and a good many other groups and people. LBJ’s policies (though as Tranzi as JFK’s) were significantly different from that of the dead president. Four+ years later, Robert F Kennedy’s assassination, ending his highly-likely successful presidential campaign did not help LBJ, but certainly DID help Richard Nixon’s chances. AND solidified the myth of the Kennedy family’s progressive legacy.

Back in November, an article claiming to be written by conservative Bill Bennett predicted an “accident” (assassination) of Trump, likely to the advantage of both Democrats AND Republicans, because he does not depend on and cannot be controlled (so it was said) by the donor class and the deep government (or deep state): his wealth gives him much less vulnerability. Supposedly, that article was not written by Bennett (according to Truth or Fiction), although I’ve not yet found anything written by him to deny or accept authorship, which is odd in itself. He does not appear to be a fan of The Donald.

But in recent days, the reports and predictions have taken on new legs. Breitbart reports dozens or more threats being posted on Twitter and other social media, and Facebook supposed has a page dedicated to that. Supposedly Russian intel warned Trump months ago about planned assassination attempts (according to USA Politics Today, and a Secret Service agent does not find funny a joke about Trump’s assassination made by a New York Times REPUBLICAN political analyst, also according to Breitbart and World Net Daily. No official statement from any government agency is to be found. But we DO have numerous GOP groups, all self-appointed, telling us that Trump is a real and present danger to the nation, its security, its economy, and everything else. But in their arrogance, they do not seem to understand that this just adds fuel to the Trump fire. Even the Palestinians (sic) and their supporters are screaming fearfully about Trump: when will someone decide to put the fire out with a fire hose that is either a bomb or a bullet?

Mama’s Note: I’ve been very surprised that the violence has not broken out so far generally. People have always been passionate about politics, and violence is certainly more the norm than the exception. Otherwise it’s the same old three ring circus, except that it isn’t even entertaining anymore.

I’ve talked to several people who have told me that Trump is a target, sooner than later, and that both the GOP and Dems see him as such a strong threat that “serious action” is both logical and likely. The impact of an assassination attempt will be profound.  It might (as has Romney’s whinging and vicious attack) backfire and usher Trump into the Oval Office. Or it might be the excuse for suspending of even the play-acting at republican government which we have left now, whether he survives or not. Remember that Julius’ assassination set the stage for a series of events which led to the full establishment of the Empire, even though it was disguised by the shell of the dead Republic.

Ironically all this is happening: the stakes again getting higher and higher, at least for some, even while others, like Max Borders of FEE makes a strong argument that politics is obsolete – overwhelmed by private initiative and enterprise and exploding technology. But it is PRECISELY at such key points in history that a few bad choices can derail progress. (More on that later.)

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1 Response to What if, or when? Is Trump toast?

  1. Darkwing says:

    The rise of Tramp, sorry Trump, reminds me of the rise of Hitler: not comparing Trump to Hitler. The way Hitler talked and hating of all Jews, the way Trump talks and the hating of all Muslim. His talk about war and torturer. This all scares the hell out of me. I fear for this country. At least with the other clowns, both sides, you know where they are coming and going and who controls them.


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