Watershed moment: Politics 2016

Libertarian Commentary #16-18C by Nathan Barton

The race to select a new Massa for the next 8 years had a major development, as we all know.

Now that Cruz and Kasich have bailed out, after getting drubbed YET AGAIN by The Donald, the GOP is panicking, certain that the Mainstream Media is right and Clinton will do to Trump what Nixon did to McGovern in 1972 (McGovern only took one state, and it wasn’t even his HOME state).  So they are going to either (a) HELP Clinton by voting for her, (b) HELP Clinton by staying home, (c) HELP Clinton by encouraging everyone else to stay home or vote for her, or (d) HELP Clinton by fielding a third-party candidate and voting and getting everyone they can to vote for it.  You notice, I am sure, the common factor in all of these.  Now, this strikes me as incredibly stupid: they BELIEVE the MSM?  Or is it that they WANT to believe because they are afraid that Trump is going to tear down their meat house if he gets into office? At least for now, he is trashing the NeoCons AND the RINOs AND the so-called religious right (or at least its leadership).  And they are stupid in that they believe that the GOP could really survive ANY of these alternatives?

According to the WaPo, Next Tuesday’s primary in Nebraska features one of the two Republican senators, Ben Sasse, a leading critic of Trump. Sasse declined to be interviewed about his plans but signaled that he would continue trying to rally votes against Trump in the primary. He claimed: “I plan to keep doing what Nebraskans elected me to do: Tell the truth that America’s greatness isn’t found in a strongman’s narcissism but in our Constitution’s celebration of limited government, natural rights, free speech, and equal opportunity,” he said.  Hypocrite? I sure think so: the GOP is NOT for ANY of these things, and really, NEVER has been.  They are about POWER.

Mama’s Note: The power to control. That’s the bottom line. The thing that saves us all from utter totalitarian insanity is the fact that all these people fight over who has that control, rather than consolidating the power into a few hands. But it could happen… so the more these evil politicians and their harpies argue and fight, the better off we are.

People who go on and on about the death of conservatism, who wail about how liberty (or freedom) has been betrayed by the GOP, who fear that Clinton now has a straight shot to the White (again), just plain miss the point: whomever wins will have the security apparatus at their fingertips. They will have the reins of power, and THEY WILL USE THEM. The loss of liberty has been happening for more than a century, and growing worse at a faster pace for the last 2+ decades. AND IT WILL CONTINUE until at some point, some TRUE watershed is reached.

The Libertarian Party meets at the end of the month, and will select one of a dozen announced candidates to run, and that person will probably appear on fifty state ballots and that ballot for that pesthole called DC. And that person will most likely AGAIN gather 1-2% of the popular vote and gain not a SINGLE electoral vote: a meaningless sideshow even if many Sanderistas or Cruzites abandon their usual parties for an opportunistic “protest vote.” Which will most likely generate new laws to control alternatives to major parties.

The breakup of the GOP will not change things that much: either the Democratic Party will also break up and form several parties of which one or two will absorb many of the pieces of the GOP, or there will be a period of Democratic dominance until a new – probably more centrist – party of opposition forms. But the effect will NOT be significant. The process of government growth in size, power, and ability/desire to steal more and more may speed up or slow down a bit, but it will NOT decline.

And if the GOP does NOT break up, and The Donald DOES win in November, don’t count on much changing, either. Yeah, he may pull back a wee bit on the worldwide occupation and empire, or he may simply continue as-is with some token changes. If there are serious changes overseas, we can expect the “peace dividend” to be plowed back into federal domestic spending – especially the welfare state, even if there are again face saving changes in the system. And worse, too many people will again say, “Things are going to get better with a new guy and new ideas, so lets wait before we take any further action.” Yes, there will be pie in the sky by and by.

Excuse me, I’m going to stop before I get even sicker to my stomach. Enough is enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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