By Nathan Barton

Last Thursday, by about 52 to 48 percent, British subjects of Her Majesty voted to divorce the island nation from the European Union, triggering celebration and panic and predictions of a glorious future and a hideous future. Brits voted “LEAVE” on Brexit.

Ron Paul and Donald Trump, hardly bedmates, both encourage Americans to rejoice and imitate the British electorate. Even though the “benevolent tyranny” of Whitehall (the House of Commons, a bunch of elected powermongers and nannies) is bad, it has to be better than having both Whitehall and the Brussels-Strassburg Axis of Euro-Evil on your neck. And they both hope that this will be the turning point not just for the liberty of Brits but Americans, Europeans, and around the world. Like Boris Johnson, former Lord Mayor of London, they expect things to be difficult but working for the better, in the short and long term.

On the other hand, you have the likes of the Clintons, the current thug squating in the slave-built environs of 1600 Pennsylvania, soon-to-be ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, and all sorts of celebrities and entertainment figures and yuppies and tranzis of all sorts screaming in panic and depressed beyond expression. This is the end of the world, a victory for racism and xenophobiia and caveman economics and society, according to them. They have many reasons for their fear, most of them for exactly the same reasons that most libertarians, Paul, Trump, Johnson (of London), and Johnson (of New Mexico) are rejoicing.

The combined stock markets of the planet did indeed panic, destroying trillions of dollars worth of “wealth.” It may have pushed the world definitely into recession, and supposedly is the worst day for investors since 2008. Don’t worry, most of it was a bubble, just waiting for something to pop it: not just something like this, but virtually anything else that the powers-that-be don’t “predict” or implement, or that threatens their futures.

The European Union itself also panicked and continues to do so. That sickening heir of the glories of Imperial Rome, the “Holy Roman Empire” (which was none of the above), the Hapsburg Austro-Spanish Empire, Napoleon’s Imperial France, the Third Reich, and the Communist “Empire” of the mid-late 20th Century rates Her Majesty’s subjects (or at least 52% of them) as lower than the most benighted of heathen savages who reject the benefits of civilization for their primitive savagery.

And at the same time, they demonstrate, literally within days, just WHY the Brits want a divorce. The recent proposal by the French and German foreign ministers to make the European Union a unitary superstate, with “nations” and local governments reduced to administrative enforcement agencies and thieves (taxgatherers), shows that the Eurocrats and elites just don’t get it. And that, however bad being ruled by Brussels is now, if the elites and Europhiles get their way, is nothing compared to the future. I’ve even read the term “Eurasian” used, like something right out of 1984 (the novel, not the year), and used by supporters of Britain remaining and the EU growing more powerful.

Another stupid, poorly timed, and perplexing proposal just floated SINCE the Brexit vote is to create a “European Standing Army.” One of the many fears panicking people is that, of the 24 or so members of the EU, only the UK truly has an effective and worldwide military: army, air force, and navy. (France’s military is effectively a coast guard and a gendarmerie good only for occupation of “former French colonies” in Africa and acting as auxiliaries for American legions garrisoning the world and whooping on Arabs and other Muslims, no matter how good some units and troops are.) But Europe MUST have a military, for two major reasons: first and foremost to keep the thumb on the native European populations (who seem to have about the same future as 95% of Amerind nations and groups had when Columbus arrived), and second, to wear a junior policeman badge and strut along beside the Ami world’s policeman. Oh, and generate reasons to steal the tax money of their Euro-citizens and provide corporate welfare.

Actually, I don’t know if the Brits (read: Whitehall and Hollyrood (Edinburgh) will really go through the divorce. This was an “advisory” vote: the corrupt Members of Parliament will actually decide whether to follow through or not, and I’ve been told that about 70 percent of them don’t want to leave the EU, no matter WHAT their constituents want. That doesn’t count those who could be bribed and/or threatened to vote to remain. Also, it could be that the first need for that huge standing Euro-Army is to prevent the UK from leaving, just as Lincoln kept South Carolina from leaving. Together with how many military-age Muslim “refugees” swarming through the Chunnel? And despite the squatter in DC’s “acceptance” of the popular vote, who knows but whether the drones might not start seeking out offices of the UKIP and the “radical” Conservatives? And do not forget that Scotland, its courage and love of liberty LONG ago bred out of its remnant population as the Wild Geese flew, voted decisively to REMAIN, and is again plotting for a vote on independence from the UK and slavish submission to the EU.

Liberty may have a possible revival in England and Wales, and even in Scotland and Wales (and Gibraltar -The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands had no vote), if this really happens. And Polexit and Spexit and other departures may come (George Soros says the dissolution of the EU is now inevitable). And there are those that now push Quexit and Texit and Flexit (Quebec and Texas and Florida) may be coming. But unless and until we are able to enjoy “govgo” (government, go away), it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take tens or hundreds of millions of inhabitants (subjects/citizens/slaves) to have a tyranny. A tribe of a dozen people can be as bad.

So celebrate, but keep in mind, the problems liberty (and all of us who want liberty) faces in the next years and decades are not going away because the UK is leaving the EU.

Afterword: When writers get tired and are around people of similar bent, we get silly and write silly things. Including silly things about serious stuff like breadsticks (Brexit). Look for a couple of humor pieces in the near future.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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