Government gone wild: out of the bedroom, into the bathroom

by Nathan Barton

Raw Story reports that New York City has joined the latest political fad, as their Council approves a unisex bathroom requirement.

“The New York City Council on Tuesday (last week) approved a law requiring single-stall public bathrooms to be gender neutral in a show of support for transgender people, the bill’s main sponsor said. The council voted 47-2 for the measure, which will take effect Jan. 1. Many New York City restaurants already mark their single-stall bathrooms without gender designations or as apt for both sexes, but the new law is meant to make the practice standard and recognize transgender people, Councilman Daniel Dromm said.’This sends a message that New York City supports the transgender community and understands the issue,’ Dromm said. A law passed by North Carolina that requires people to use the public bathroom matching their gender assigned at birth rather than their gender identity triggered wide criticism and led a parade of celebrity performers to boycott the state.”

The insanity of this bothers me. I don’t have a problem with having a single-stall toilet as either/or. Or with signs to tell you that: but that should be the choice of the family or business. It should NOT be mandated by some government, or some 47-2 vote of a bunch of so-called representatives of the people.

It is MY house, MY business, and this is, at best, a violation of my right of free speech and right of association. It might be appropriate for government-owned “public” toilets and locker rooms to be done this way – although for decades a big problem with public toilets in parks, recreation areas, and rest areas seems to have been their use by perverts to prey on the young and innocent. And let us not get started on the use of government-run, tax-funded school toilets for bizarre purposes which violate all kinds of rights of the victims of these actions. But this goes far beyond that, to dictate to private business, to private institutions, and more.

What really frosts me, though, is the basic underlying idea that this is necessary, NOT to protect the supposed 0.03% of the population that is supposedly “transgender” but rather to change society and the human race.

Mama’s Note: From what I can discover, the 0.03% even claiming to be transgender are not the main perpetrators of the rape or other assaults, but instead they are committed by people of every pursuasion and from all walks of life… even in mixed sex bathrooms, I’m sure. Perversion and aggression are possible everywhere, by almost anyone, and the only solution is situational awareness and self defense. Limiting use of a toilet to one sex or the other won’t solve the problems.

First, we must recognize that it is no longer considered a mental illness to BE “transgender,” despite the fact that psychology and physiology (when freed from the political correctness that corrupt them) show that to be the case: a situation recognized for thousands of years. This is a natural result of the claim (constantly proven false) that there is no significant difference between male and female in any way: a claim that dictates more and more actions in society and government.

Second, we have this frequently-stated, casual, unproven and very bizarre idea that people are assigned a “gender” (sex – gender is for inanimate objects like outlets and plugs) at birth: as if the attending physician or midwife whipped out a coin, tossed it in the air, and called out, “heads it’s a boy, tails it’s a girl.”

Despite the claim that we are a “scientific” society firmly based on reason, we now claim that a simple observation by the parents and/or others attending the birth cannot look at a normal human being and say, “it’s a pointer or a sitter.” Please! We even do it with kittens and calves, and believe me, it is very difficult to do it with some animals. (Sometimes we have to wait a few days! Don’t know about puppies, since I never had one.)

If there is some doubt, do to some genetic or uterine defect, a simple checking for XX or XY resolves all doubt. And if your mental picture doesn’t match the flesh and blood, or the genes, then – wow, you have problems. The problems MIGHT be fixed with psychology (although I think that they give witch doctors a bad rep), or with surgery, but until they are fixed, you are what you are and NOT what you want to be. I know, I am a BAD, BAD “Libertarian.”

The consequences of this current attitude, which demands that people be allowed to behave, in violation of other people’s privacy, based on how they view themselves – their “preferred gender identity” has more than just short-term consequences of violations of privacy, increased risk of rape, sexual assault, child abuse, and related concerns. In the long term, it opens the gates for still further bizarre changes in society. For example, if a person with male body and XY chromosomes is to be humored and treated based on “his” identification as a female, then how can we refuse to similarly humor and treat someone who (despite genetics and body) identifies as a dog? Or a horse? How much is society to be forced to accept identification based on feelings and not on facts?

Mama’s Note: Oh Nathan… you know perfectly well that nothing the non-voluntary government does is actually based on “facts” or any sort of logic except that of criminals and fools. And, sadly, far too few people ever even question their facts or logic.

This “gender” thing is just the latest to be exploited, and I have a feeling it has just about run its course. None of this is in the news much anymore, and I’m sure all the movers and shakers are ready to move on. The economy seems poised to be the next target, and it’s going to be nasty. Oh, and the latest false flag in Orlando, of course.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Government gone wild: out of the bedroom, into the bathroom

  1. “First, we must recognize that it is no longer considered a mental illness to BE ‘transgender,’ despite the fact that psychology and physiology (when freed from the political correctness that corrupt them) show that to be the case: a situation recognized for thousands of years.”

    Wow. It must take a LOT of work to get EVERYTHING in a multi-clause sentence completely backward.

    The psychology/psychiatry industries (they’re not sciences and don’t “show” anything — they are and always have been quasi-religious, at least semi-governmental cults which bless and enforce whatever the currently favored social superstition happens to be) do, in fact, consider being transgender to be a mental illness. It is designated “gender dysphoria” in the DSM, and a diagnosis of such is generally required in order to get other medical practitioners to do things like prescribe hormones, do sex reassignment surgery, etc.

    And for thousands of years, numerous civilizations have recognized more than two genders and considered being among those additional genders to be, if not completely normal, at least part and parcel of the way their societies function.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I completely agree with you on the bogus “psychiatry” industry. But then, much the same can be said for a great deal of any other “medical” practice. The various ties and obligatory cooperation with non-voluntary government is the problem, not medicine itself. When people are free to choose for themselves, win-lose-or draw, the evils of “other” control are limited at worst to those who choose them.

      As for the nature/nurture aspect of homosexuality, I don’t suppose humans will ever actually settle that any time soon. Once again, however, when everyone is left to choose for themselves, live and let live, with full self defense against those who would aggress… not much more needs to be said. Those who choose to view homosexuality and the rest as a “mental illness” can certainly do so (how would you propose to force them to change their minds?), as long as they don’t act on that with aggression.

      I really don’t care in the least what someone wants to believe or do regarding their sexuality… as long as they don’t pick my pocket to pay for their sex change or bring their lovers to my house. Nothing says we all have to agree on anything.


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