Islamist threats to American cities?

By Nathan Barton

Is your city next?

Almost a year ago, I contemplated a brief article on Islamist threats to American cities, but never completed it. However, I’ve tracked such things anyway, for several years.

Killeen, Texas (Fort Hood); Chattanooga, Tennessee; San Bernadino, California; Orlando, Florida; Moore, Oklahoma. Just a few of the more recent attacks. In the rest of the world, in the “developed world” we have Istambul airport, Brussels, Paris, and more. Those on the fringes and inside the Ummah are too numerous to track even on a weekly basis.

World Net Daily has a list stretching from 2001 to July of 2015 that has dozens. Wikipedia has a list going back to 1983, worldwide, but it doesn’t seem to include many recent ones, including the Orlando Massacre.

We hear about them and we often hear them claimed to be “workplace violence” or now, “Homophobic attacks.” Websites like have stories weekly about attacks by Muslims on other Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide. Some may be “workplace violence” but many do not seem to meet the usual criteria, whatever the FBI or local police agencies state.

But the list keeps growing. And the ties are obvious, whether or not they are false-flag attacks or represent action by “legitimate” Muslim, Islamist groups.

It is reasonable to assume that even if, say, the 9-11 suicide attackers were doing this on the orders of the CIA or NSA or MI-6 or some other Western black ops organization, the attackers themselves must have believed the reason for their attacks was NOT to justify more tyranny in the West, but to strike back at the Great Satan. And not just attack, but die doing so: people seldom if ever commit suicide because they are paid to do so. Their religious faith (in their eyes) justifies their death: Allah will reward them.

And despite many claims to the contrary by apologists for Islam, and even some scholars, the text of the Koran and the Haditha and Shari’a ALL preach and encourage violence against non-Muslims: against the kaffir, the ferengi, the “heathen.” And this is GENERAL violence, with special rewards in Paradise for those who do so. Even those commands to kill their enemies in the Tanakh (the Old Testament) given to the people of Israel were specific and limited, despite claims of apologists otherwise. But Muhammad (peanut butter und honig) commands that his followers go out and wage physical war against those who reject their preaching. And that includes about 99 percent of Americans.

We can expect much more in the immediate future. Ignore the published threats by the Caliphate or Hamas or Al Queda: the next bloody attack will not necessarily be San Francisco or DC or some other named target. What it WILL be is a soft target, where we have fooled ourselves into a mindless state of dependence on government, and/or have disarmed ourselves.

And remember, the BEST ally that the Islamists, that the various people that want to strike at and kill Americans, is our own government.

Mama’s Note: Why go into a sitting duck situation? Remember that there is not a square inch of this planet where the risk of attack is zero. I’m actually amazed that we’ve not seen more attacks, with bombs and fire. I suspect there will be if these people are serious…

Remember that the first rule of self defense is (or should be): Don’t go stupid places, with stupid people and do stupid things (such as get drunk or high) and make yourself vulnerable. Large crowds of helpless victims would seem to be the perfect “sitting duck” opportunity. I wouldn’t go to such places anyway, since there is little or nothing one can do to defend themselves against a suicide bomber or a building set on fire. How about you?

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Islamist threats to American cities?

  1. Darkwing says:

    Be prepared, be armed and know what is going on around you.


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