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Courage – part 2

By Nathan Barton Courage, as discussed earlier, is a virtue.  It is also a requirement for many occupations. “First responders” is a fairly new label, referring to firefighters, emergency medical technicians/paramedics, and law-enforcement officers.  That is, those persons (usually government … Continue reading

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Hazards and “Critical Infrastructure” – What can we do?

by Nathan Barton I recently was in a training class on Critical Asset Risk Management.  That is a fancy term and acronym (CARM) for identifying what physical infrastructure is critical for society to function, what threats or hazards may cause … Continue reading

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You can’t have it both ways

By Nathan Barton Two news stories out of Oregon today.  From Estacada comes a truly macabre story about a man carrying the severed head of his mother and stabbing a grocery store clerk. On Friday the 26th, according to the … Continue reading

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Is El Neil burning his bridges?

By Nathan Barton L. Neil Smith’s recent column ending his commentary cycle on the recent election and elevation of a new Massa for the FedGov on The Libertarian Enterprise may come as a bit of shock to some people.  In … Continue reading

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Islamist threats to American cities?

By Nathan Barton Is your city next? Almost a year ago, I contemplated a brief article on Islamist threats to American cities, but never completed it. However, I’ve tracked such things anyway, for several years.

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 01 December 2015, #15-48B: Clunkers and Junkers

By Nathan Barton If you haven’t had one yourself, you know someone who has: an old clunker that just keeps breaking down, one thing after another, and always a bit more expensive. Finally, you give up and decide it is … Continue reading

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