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The Year of the Jackpot – approaching fast, or here at last?

By Nathan Barton The stories seem to come thick and fast. Here are just a few: GQ Magazine reports from Washington, that in Seattle an armband-wearing, ranting neo-Nazi knocked out after being tracked down with Twitter through the streets of … Continue reading

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Hurricanes and Other Disasters

By MamaLiberty I read The Rational Review News Digest every day, except weekends and holidays when the editors take a break. Other than that, I don’t generally read much of the “news,” since my appetite for having my intelligence insulted … Continue reading

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Hazards and “Critical Infrastructure” – What can we do?

by Nathan Barton I recently was in a training class on Critical Asset Risk Management.  That is a fancy term and acronym (CARM) for identifying what physical infrastructure is critical for society to function, what threats or hazards may cause … Continue reading

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