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Collapsing civilization? Electrical power in North America

Anyone who has perused a survivalist or prepper website or gotten emails from all those people that sell goods and services for that market has probably seen multiple stories and concerns about the vulnerability of the electrical power supply in … Continue reading

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Living free – first responders?

by Nathan Barton Do we know what it means to live free?  Are do we depend on government and other institutions too much? The term “first responders” is commonly understood today and frequently used to describe the various services (usually … Continue reading

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Wyoming – business as usual

By Nathan Barton Mama Liberty would have loved this story, found in the Lusk Herald in their 18 April 2019 issue (hardcopy only; I was unable to find it on their website). In Buffalo, Wyoming, a wanted man fled law … Continue reading

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The Year of the Jackpot – approaching fast, or here at last?

By Nathan Barton The stories seem to come thick and fast. Here are just a few: GQ Magazine reports from Washington, that in Seattle an armband-wearing, ranting neo-Nazi knocked out after being tracked down with Twitter through the streets of … Continue reading

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Hurricanes and Other Disasters

By MamaLiberty I read The Rational Review News Digest every day, except weekends and holidays when the editors take a break. Other than that, I don’t generally read much of the “news,” since my appetite for having my intelligence insulted … Continue reading

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Hazards and “Critical Infrastructure” – What can we do?

by Nathan Barton I recently was in a training class on Critical Asset Risk Management.  That is a fancy term and acronym (CARM) for identifying what physical infrastructure is critical for society to function, what threats or hazards may cause … Continue reading

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