Corruption in the House – and other places (part 1)

by Nathan Barton

Although this is a Democrat, we are again reminded of the corruption of the powers-that-be, no matter which political party they claim as home. A Florida Democrat congresswoman, Corrine Brown, and her chief of staff have been indicted for corruption and 21 other charges, according to the indictment posted on ScribD, for bilking $800,000 out of contributors to an “education charity” she and her sidekick used as a personal slush fund.

This is, of course, petty cash to congress members, who vote daily on how to steal more money from taxpayers or how to spend stolen money (past, present, and future) on really stupid things, like more power and prestige for themselves, and more pork to buy more votes back in their home district. At least she didn’t FORCE (at least no threat of physical force, apparently) the victims … contributors… to this scheme to shell over the money, unlike how she and the other 434 members of congress do when it comes to income and excise taxes and “fees” and “contributions” to FICA (social security) and the rest. And no doubt, many of the people who donated to this bogus charity feel their money was well spent because they bought influence with her – indeed, they may resent her being indicted because now what they paid for may be lost.

We have to face it – EVERY member of congress is corrupt to some degree, else they’d not have been elected to the chambers in the first place. And with each day, each month, each session, they grow more and more corrupt. They corrupt each other, they are corrupted by their staffs, by the bureaucrats of the executive branch, by their campaign (and charity) donors, and by the constituents who suck up to them on a daily basis. The Capitol is a cesspool, just like that “little” building behind it with the Nazgul, and that white building on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. You know, much of the center of DC was built on swamp, and swamp gasses used to be a problem, but the swamp gas was nothing compared to the stench which has permeated the area for 220 years, generated from the mouths of our “public servants,” from the likes of Aaron Burr to the present squatters at 1600 and Blair House.

We can talk all we want about cleaning up Congress, about cleaning up elections, about cleaning up political processes at all levels of government in the Fifty States – or indeed, anyplace in the world. But the plain fact is that government, being inherently evil, can NOT be cleaned up completely. Maybe enough to be “tolerated,” (I have my doubts about that) but even that is incredibly difficult. Even if you “clean up” elections by making them “publicly funded” or by requiring 100% disclosure of every dime and minute of time donated and spent, it just shifts the location where the corruption festers. The real solution is to reduce the power of Congress (and therefore of ALL federal government agencies) so that the attraction of corrupting the members is greatly reduced, but only if the process of reduction is enough to leave Congress and the rest of the FedGov with no power or authority except that which people voluntarily give to them. And that is very unlikely to be possible with anything other than violence and a very dirty interregnum period.

In the meantime, all we can do as individual citizens is understand that we need to take action to minimize the impact of the corruption on us, our families and businesses, to be ready (and able) to defend ourselves. And be prepared for the inevitable collapse of this wicked and corrupt system.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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7 Responses to Corruption in the House – and other places (part 1)

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  2. richard says:

    I absolutely agree that the real solution is to greatly lessen the power of gov. And while I agree that use of force, outward violence not excepted, is a viable method, I propose an alternative. The people must become informed. The people must be knowledgeable of their superiority over all of gov. The people must be knowledgeable of American history and what exactly is a Republic, and it’s distinction from a democracy.

    We declare war on political correctness and all it’s subversive tendencies. We go to battle in the schools and by God we apply our power to our elected or appointed leaders. We no longer ask, we demand. We use the fullness of our power to tell them what to do and how to do it. This is not a R or D, left or right issue. This shall involve all the citizenry of this country. Anyone who decides to obstruct this pogrom is deemed a traitor and shall be ostracized and shunned. Any public official, elected or appointed, right down to the dog catcher, shall not accept any form of compensation or benefit from any labor union. If they do they are immediately deemed unqualified for their position and shall be disallowed from any thus position for a period of 25 years hence from the time of their infraction.

    Nothing I have mentioned here is new. It is old means and methods only slightly modified to today’s society. Yes, I am a firm advocate for returning to those old tried and true methods. I believe it can be done. However, if after a period of, say a decade this shall not come to fruition then we can shed all the blood required to make this country again into that which is the idea which born her in the first place.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Please don’t include me in that “we.” None of those things you list as problems would be possible without the non-voluntary government to force its will on everyone. There are about 320 million people in this country. EACH has a slightly different idea of what they want and need. It is not possible, even if it were desirable, for any “representative” to fulfill all of those wants and needs, requests and demands. And most of those “needs” and demands can only be provided by theft and coercion of others. The non-voluntary government produces nothing, and has nothing to give except what it steals from those who do produce wealth.

      The only thing that can manage to provide for the needs of people is for individuals to govern their own lives and families, associate voluntarily with others to achieve mutual goals, mutual defense, and give up the idea that they can control the lives of others, and live off the stolen productivity of everyone else.


  3. richard says:

    For the sake of this discussion I find exception to your comment that gov is inherently evil. It is not gov, per se, but those who are in gov. It is important to make the distinction between the system and the people in the system. The two are not the same. It is important to put a face on corruption. It is perhaps ironic that your comment begins by mentioning specific persons then goes on to speak of all the elected in generalized way then to finish by saying it is the system which is corrupt.

    That is tantamount to saying the environment is so toxic that however good a person is, they will become corrupt. Sure, there is that we should avoid hanging around blackhearts lest we become under their influence but there is also that the individual has the choice, and the responsibility to se that choice wisely, which is so often the basis for their corruption. To wit, it is a lack of integrity in the individual.

    Side note: Wash D. C. is indeed built on a swamp. The deleterious effects of that natural environment are mostly eliminated today. I said mostly for there are still medical illnesses though they be few in that locale which can be directly attributed to the swamp. Even up until after the Civil War, most people would vacate D.C. during the summer months in order to avoid malaria, dengue, and other crud of that place. Thusly was born the summer recess of Congress.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Government – the non-voluntary kind – IS essentially evil because it claims to control people and their property against their will, and backs that up with the initiation of force. Nothing else it could do will change that or make it right. Voluntary association, on the other hand, which many would call a form of “government,” enlists the members in cooperation according to their will and has no mechanism to initiate force. That is the difference.


      • richard says:

        So are you saying the gov which was instituted by the founders was essentially evil from it’s very beginning? If so, what ideology supports such a position?


      • MamaLiberty says:

        Theft, coercion and discrimination (by government) should do as a starter. Research the “whiskey rebellion” and the slave trade. The US “constitution” continued the abuses of the British King, and has never ceased to make every effort to exceed his tyranny. There are several sets of “founders,” and not all had the same agenda. But even Jefferson, Adams and others saw no real problem with the landed and economically powerful exercising control over others. You notice that there is no OPT OUT provision in any of the “founding” documents. They treat everyone as part of a COLLECTIVE – “we the people” – instead of individuals who should and must govern their own lives and property.


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