Corruption in the house – and other places (part 2)

By Nathan Barton

In the first part, we discussed the latest corruption queen in the US House of Representatives (who now claims that she is being “persecuted” because she is black). (I think she is wrong: it isn’t because because she is black, it is because she is STUPID. And corrupt. Even for corrupt cops like the FBI, that is an irresistible combination.) And I pointed out that corruption is found everywhere.

Another example in Congress itself (as if we needed more) is the betrayal of his supporters by Sanders’ endorsement of Miz Hillary, or should we say (to reflect her crimelord status) “Ma Hillary.”

But here is yet another example, which I hope would be a sickening moment to so many who have this perverse and fantastic view of the Supreme Court.

Indeed, the corruption is now not just complete, but blatant. Tranzi Nazgul Ginsberg has publicly come out to condemn Donald Trump’s candidacy for POTUS, stating that it is time for her to “move to New Zealand” if he is elected (New York Times). Since there is no way she would vote for or support Gary Johnson, this is a sitting Nazgul endorsing Ma Hillary, the archcriminal, and saying it is better to put the Clinton-Arkansas mob in control of the third branch of the FedGov. Of course we have to recall that 23 years ago, that piece of garbage (the arch-criminal’s AIDS-ridden “husband”) appointed Ginsburg to the Nine Nazgul.

And of course, the Nine (SCOTUS) have been corrupt for a century or more. But the openness is clearly about as far as it can go. The fact that not ONE of the other seven Nazgul even stirred enough to publicly speak, however tactfully, of the inappropriate nature of her words, condemns them as well. Just as much as the failure of 99% of “moderate” Muslims to condemn the jihadist-Islamists, the failure of virtually all prominent national black leaders to condemn the black-on-black killing (even if not able to condemn the Dallas sniper), or the failure of any prominent police officer or leader to speak out about 3-4 people PER DAY being killed by police on the most flimsy of justifications, demonstrates their moral depravity. And corruption: I think the Mafiosi term for it is “omerta.”

Corruption, as I have already pointed out, is a natural consequence (and necessity) for human government, and the only really effective way to keep it under control is to minimize (or eliminate) the power and authority of human government. The same thing applies to human-created religions, and to any institution that sees itself as elite or powerful or “anointed” except in very rare cases.

Even while we seek to defeat it by reducing and eliminating government and ending the idea that ANY group of humans, no matter how “noble” or “benign” their purpose, has no more authority or liberty or “right” to disobey the laws of nature and nature’s God than any individual, we must prepare ourselves for living under the shadow.

Mama’s Note: And what would constitute those “rare cases” in which the non-voluntary government powerful or “anointed” institution might be necessary? I don’t see any possibilities for that at all.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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