The Non Voter’s Dilemma

By MamaLiberty

Just got done talking to a friend who insists that if I do not “vote” for Trump, I’m actually casting a vote for Hillary… and the same if I were to vote for the LP idiot…

I asked her if that would still be true if I happened to die between now and voting day… I’d still not be voting for anyone.

She didn’t have any suggestions to prevent me from dying….

And, since I don’t want anyone to be “president,” and no politician has ever legitimately “represented” me… I don’t see any relevance.

Don’t give a damn who becomes president. I will not comply. I do not consent. I will resist every effort to control my life. And if I die in that, so be it.

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1 Response to The Non Voter’s Dilemma

  1. Grog says:

    The late George has some good words about voting, in his previously usual blunt style.

    OK, that’s not the best wording, but so what. 😉


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