Baker’s Dozen: ALL Black Lives DO Matter

by Nathan Barton, from an idea by D. Pettis, a reader.

Author’s Note: I drafted this a couple of weeks ago. Since then, the news pages have been (as always) filled with a steady stream of photos of dead black people (and people of other colors, too), some killed by police, some killed by other black people. It isn’t just in the Fifty States: we see it from England and Brazil and of course from Nigeria and Sudan and so many other places.

This baker’s dozen ™ is to remind us God’s view is of our souls and not our skin. Right now, I have few close friends or even associates with “that” skin color, and I am mostly working and living in areas with few people of central African descent. Our neighbors and family and friends and business associates tend to be AmerInd (various tribes, including Lakota and Dineh and Numu), “Hispanic” (Nuevo Mexicano, Tejano, and Mexicano), and the odd military mongrel. But we have many brothers and sisters in Christ, many comrades in arms (or their family members), and some business associates who are of darker skin color and have ancestors from south of the Sierra and north of the Kalahari. Most of those people have ESCAPED from the horror that modern “American” black culture has become, whether we are talking the rural areas of Mississippi or Oklahoma or the ghettos and fringe communities of St. Louis or Baltimore or Kansas City.

Baker’s Dozen ™ Reasons Why ALL Black Lives DO Matter (in the Fifty States)

If all the blacks suddenly disappeared from the Fifty States:

1. The population would drop by 11.3 percent (Some report 13%).

2. Total employment would drop by 11.7 percent, but the total number of lawyers would drop by only 4.6%

3. Total farmers, ranchers and miners would drop by 6.2%, but persons in “protective service occupations” (police, fire, jailers, etc., all government employees) would drop by 19.9%

4. Prison populations would drop by 48% and there would be 40% fewer cop killers

5. Street gang membership would drop by 53%

6. Average ACT scores would go up by 5.9 points

7. Average SAT scores would go up 110 points

8. Sexually-transmitted disease rates would plunge: AIDS/HIV down by 65%, Chlamydia by 59%, Gonorrhea by 69%, and Syphilis by 58%

9. Total population in poverty would drop by 54%

10. Homelessness would decline by 65%

11. Welfare recipient population would go down by 52%

12. The number of professional basketball players (in the NBA) would drop by 74.4% but there would only be 30 fewer hockey (NHL) players

13. The number of professional football players (in the NFL) would drop by 68% but only 8% fewer baseball players (in MLB)

There is no doubt that America would be a very different place, but it would not be all good or all bad. Some other data is worth noting: killings by police would drop by 26% percent, if that killing were racially based. Felonious killing by gunfire of white people would drop by 81%. Killings of blacks would drop by an astounding 97% – except, wait, there wouldn’t be any blacks for other blacks to kill. But murders of blacks by other blacks is a disgrace. For example, in St. Louis, MO, over a 12 year period (2003-2012), 2% of the violent deaths were blacks killed by cops; 98% were blacks killed by blacks. And in NYC, blacks commit 75% of all shootings, 50% of all robberies, and 66% of all violent crime, even though they are just 23% of the city’s population. Unfortunately, most of their crimes are against other black people.

But it is critical to remember that most black Americans are NOT cop killers or gang-bangers or welfare recipients (OR NBA or NFL players). The majority are peaceful people living their own lives and paying their own way through life, contributing positively to others in their families and communities. Nor are all of them loyal lackeys of the Democratic (or Republican) Party or Tranzis. They are people and we can and should reach out to those who are not already libertarian with the ideas and messages of liberty.

Actually, it is quite easy to point out that most of the really negative things in this baker’s dozen are the direct negative impact of government on black families and communities and businesses.

Enough is enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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