What is wrong?

By Nathan Barton

In the same web page as the commentary about “dumbing down” and cannabis, “legendary singer” Charlie Daniels also has a commentary on CNS News profanely asking what has happened to our country. Of the same generation as my departed father, he comes to a similar conclusion: that it is the people who have let themselves be led astray, and yet in turn blame the politicians who did the leading.

I don’t agree with much of what Charlie had to write in the column, and want to avoid the mistake of too many liberals who think that being a celebrity gives some special insight into politics, religion, or anything else. But Charlie is not alone in his generation, and in following generations, who point out that “we, the people” are to blame for our own mess: we made our bed, and now we are sleeping in it.

But despite his misunderstanding and his “ancient” point-of-view, he is right on this. Americans, whether we are talking Californians or New Yorkers, Alaskans or Floridians, have done this to ourselves. We have allowed ourselves to be cozened into selling our liberty for a rotted pottage of “security” which is anything but. And we have done it for more than a century.

Starting with the strident and lying tactics of the Progressives of Teddy and Wilson, in the early 1900s, continuing through the bloodbath of the Great War, the excesses of the Depression, and the greater bloodbath of the Second World War, Americans ignored the lying tongues of those that they “admired” and were willing to follow into the deepest darkest holes of world history. Not just the trenches of France and the islands of the Pacific and rivers of Europe, but the abortion mills of the Fifty States, the drone-hunting fields of the Khyber Pass and the Levant, and the streets of Chicago and Central LA. And more.

Often the people were not even forced. Oh, the threat was there, but usually the carrot was enough that the stick was little necessary. And as the century passed, the carrot allowed the stick to (almost) vanish away. For 99.5% of us, apparently. We have been led down a primrose path. And we allowed ourselves to have that done to us, rather than kicking and screaming and fighting and resisting.

But today, as Mr. Daniels points out, we must accept that it is a result of our shortcomings, of our errors. We have sold ourselves into a once-comfortable slavery. Although increasingly uncomfortable, we are in chains. The soft edges have worn to hard metal.

What can we do?

What we can NOT do is to do the same thing as we have every two and four years for the last decades. No two-party or four-party race, no “new massa” elected will change this situation. We cannot allow ourselves to believe that ANY of the four candidates can or will change the current situation, except for the worse. (Even Mr. Daniels’ did not, at least in this article, suggest otherwise.) Stein will make it worse by implementing more of the “soft totalitarianism” for the sake of the planet and the children, Clinton will speed up the process of final assimilation into the transnational progressive collective, and Trump will talk and try hard, but continue to lead us into the madness of the state and government. Johnson, most likely, will continue to sell out to whomever he could get to go along with him. (As he has done so well so far in 2016.)

But even if it were a true man (or woman) on a white horse, incorruptible, able to speak and lead and negotiate and with a clear vision of liberty and freedom, there is no hope for any serious deviation from the path of slavery upon which these Fifty States and this world is embarked. Slight turnings from one side of the road to the other do no good when the grade is ever steeper downward and the distance less than that needed to brake.

Collapse is inevitable. Because of the great effects of that collapse, it is now clear that sooner is better. Not that sooner will be good: our expectations will vanish, our standards of living will collapse. Millions, if not billions, will die; some of neglect, some of lack of resources, and some of violence. But for some of us – perhaps even most of us – conditions will quickly improve and we will once again have at least a hope of living in liberty, and establishing peace and justice as a result.

But this will take a change. It will require the courage to face a future which does not have a certain result; to face life without security that is promised even if not fulfilled. To face life squarely. And I do not believe that the people of the Fifty States, nor even a plurality of those people, have that courage. They gave that away long before they gave their liberty to the tyrants.

But maybe, maybe, in places in Wyoming and the Dakotas, Montana or Utah or Colorado or Idaho, there will be a few – enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to What is wrong?

  1. Darkwing says:

    Sorry folks, the Sheeple will not wake up, because the MSM tell them to just be quite and we will control what you see and hear and pay no attention to the man or women behind the curtain


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Maybe… and maybe there are few or many who are looking for a better answer than the MSM. Have you noticed that their “ratings” are in the toilet, and readership/viewership is very, very low. Those who have their iPhones attached directly to their nervous system don’t count, of course. But that leaves plenty of us working hard to rip down that curtain.


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