Donald Trump, military dictator (or: Dick Daring, boy reporter)

By Vin Suprynowicz

(Full article at Vin’s blog here. Long, lots of stuff covered, and some we won’t agree on. Over all, an excellent read. Trump is not perfect, by any means, and is not “libertarian” no matter how one stretches it. But he’s also not Lincoln. Read the whole thing as let us know what you think! ML )

It took a pretty bullish personality type to stand there and weather the shame-a-thon orchestrated by the perverts Clinton and Podesta, who made the mistake of assuming the Donald would behave like one of their own simpering pajama boys, collapsing in a heap of tears and apologies, instead of standing tall, driving through, drawing 30,000 fans to his twice-a-day pep rallies — sometimes exceeding the populations of the towns in which they were held.

Arrogance can be at least partially forgiven in a man who — unlike Hillary Clinton — has a lot of accomplishments to be arrogant about. It also helps when the oratory doesn’t sound completely memorized.

I’ll tell you what really concerns today’s globalist, open-borders, “Oh no! Global warming! I’m mellltinnng” gang: It’s the fact that Trump is interviewing and winnowing down and seeking out leaders, not hand-holders who will coddle and sympathize with career paper-pushers who try to explain to them why nothing can be accomplished, but people who actually have a track record of suffering no whiners and getting things done.

THAT’S what worries them.

(Read the rest here.)

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