The enormous cruelty of modern government.

By Nathan Barton

The story of a man recently denied clemency by the murdering thug still infesting 1600 PA is told by MSN together with brief mentions of other people in similar circumstances.

Apparently part of the tyrant’s “legacy” is his “pardon” of more than 1,000 people for various crimes, of which at least a good number are non-violent drug offenders. This is, as always, self-serving on his part. As is typical of most politicians, the entire business of pardons and clemency is an exercise demonstrating their glory by being so merciful in their enormous (and of course, fully-justified) power. One more way for these parasites to polish their egos.

The man in the article has a life sentence without parole for a “crime” which is now legal in Colorado, Washington state, and other states. The story details his sad tale, and his current condition.

What the media does NOT point out (not much, at least) is that this man is one of hundreds of thousands of people in similar circumstances, treated with enormous cruelty by governments which are supposed to PROTECT their liberties and defend them against the abuse and tyranny which they are undergoing.

While drug-related “crimes” are the reason for the largest number of these victims of government, there are many other excuses for the immoral abuses heaped upon so many: hunting law violations, “insider trading” law violations, breaking of laws regarding currency, tax evasion, violations of zoning and property management codes, and more of the millions of pages of federal, state, and local laws and rules and regulations.

There is no doubt that many of these people (but not all – there are a lot of people framed for their “crime” or roped in on technicalities) are guilty of breaking these laws. Which adds to the incredible cruelty of their fate. The laws and rules and regulations are themselves immoral, and irrational – serving no purpose except to add to the power of the powers-that-be, including the office currently occupied by that thug. Well, to their power and their wealth.

I think that the Founding Fathers were for the most part honest in their attempts to end this sort of cruel treatment of ordinary people when they issued the Declaration, wrote the Constitution, and drafted and passed the Bill of Rights. But they failed, because the greed for power and wealth – especially stolen from others – is so great an encouragement to human ingenuity. They were unable to conceive of the way humans respond to work around the limits placed upon them. Any allowance of power and control to government seems to be too much, as we can see in the last 240 years. And the more power, more ability, and more skill which can be used to inflict cruelty over others, the greater the temptation and worse the cruelties.

The solution is not easy. It requires the elimination of the system which instigates and promotes and provides opportunity for this cruelty. It is not limited to just the so-called nation-states, nor to the Fifty States themselves, but can be found at every level of government, from primitive tribes (and modern tribal nations right here in the Fifty States) and local “special services” districts right up to the vast and growing array of “international organizations.” Ultimately, the elimination of all forms of involuntary government, no matter what size or purpose, is the only solution to this evil cruelty.

The only thing that might be worse is the evidence that so many accept this cruelty as a fact of life. And some don’t seem to care.

(Author’s note: for what it is worth, this seems to be the 1100th commentary since we went to WordPress.) [Close, Nathan. Total items published since 09/2012: 10,301]

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