Europe’s fall continues

By Nathan Barton

Things are not going well in Europe these days. A point of which we are made freshly aware when an Islamist warrior attacked a French military patrol near the Louvre in Paris itself.  As reported by Stars & Stripes, there are several matters of concern.

At the same time, another Islamist, accused of plotting a bomb attack on the USAF’s Ramstein Air Base in Germany, was arrested in Austria, again reported by Stars & Stripes. The story also reports a series of arrests of more Muslims – presumed Islamists – in Germany, including one accused of planning a bomb attack in Frankfurt, a major western Germany city.  The Austrian teen said he planned the attack because he hated the German military for attacking Muslims, apparently not appreciating the irony of attacking an American base in Germany, rather than a German base.

Meanwhile, American troops are pouring into Poland, joining those already in the Baltics.  Reportedly, “neutral” Sweden is ramping up civil defense measures, concerned (or so it is reported) about Russian activities.  German unrest about Muslims is increasing, rumors (apparently untrue) that Switzerland is banning all Muslim immigration are widespread, and – gasp – the House of Commons has voted to sustain the referendum by which the subjects of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. And in Catalonia, a trial has led to protests which may becoming active rebellion as it seeks independence from Spain, and apparently is rejecting both the Spanish monarchy and the Tranzi paradise that Spain has become.

And it is true that the Swiss are doubling down on the vetting of people who want to become Swiss citizens.  No surprise, as the nation of 8.2 million, who had almost NO Muslim residents in 2000, now host 350,000 – about 5% of the population.  The nation, with its bottom-up immigration and nationalization system, is much more concerned about newcomers being culturally acclimated to their tiny confederation than they are about such racist and anti-foreign things as demanding that they speak German, French, Italian or Romansch.  So things like not knowing the names of your neighbors, not saying hello to people when you walk down the street, not shaking the hands of your children’s teachers, and the like are grounds to refuse someone (even, gasp! an American) Swiss citizenship and even residency as a guest.

With rot like that right in the center of Europe, is it any wonder that Europe is in such a mess? (Being sarcastic here, folks!)

Many think that we are seeing the end of European culture – which really means the end of French and Spanish and Italian and German society and culture – which is, after all, something that the architects of the new unified Europe (which is getting rather old now, come to think of it) wanted all along.  But it also means the end of Bavarian and Frisian and Sicilian and Catalan and Basque and Breton culture and society.

To be replaced NOT by some made-up Euro-culture of Euro-pop and all the rest, but by an increasingly dominant Muslim culture: a mix of Arab and Magheb and Turk and the like, in which the old white (Protestant or Catholic or atheist) peoples are tolerated minorities and dhimmis, if not in reservations with clear boundaries, certainly in isolated and controlled ghettos.

And sadly, they did it to themselves.  It isn’t just the last three decades; we can go all the way back to the insane behavior of the German (and other) princelings and nobles in the 30  Years War of the 1600s, the folly of Louis XV and XVI and the reaction to that; the even greater follies of the French Revolution and Napoleonic France.  Which led directly to the regime of Nappy III and the Franco-Prussian War, which in turn helped set the stage for the Great War (WW1) and the third and fourth phase of that (the Third Reich and World War II).  Draining the continent of its best and brightest, and destroying tens of trillions of dollars (in today’s money, at least) of infrastructure and food and more.

Just as they are doing it to themselves right now.  Europe IS falling. It is falling apart, its society is crumbling (even while they beggar themselves to maintain their infrastructure and support the hordes “fleeing” to them), the economy is a hoax perpetrated by a mixture of crony “capitalism” and a kind of socialism which is found only in dreams.

Europe will fall, just as Rome and Constantinople and the Ottomans did.  But the problem is that they want to drag the Fifty States into the dustbin of history. As with all those others, as the society, the “civilization,” and the state breaks down and collapses, it steals more and more liberty down with it.

Of course, that is another story.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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