A taste of his own medicine

By Nathan Barton

It seems that the media, Tranzis, “libertarians,” and a whole host of folks are attacking Veep Mike Pence. His behavior and his ideas are inexcusable, and suitable for making fun of, criticizing, and using to show what a worthless and despicable piece of scum he is.

What could possibly cause this reaction?  Is it his playing second fiddle to The Donald?  Is it the new administration’s carrying on the terrorist war on terror in the Middle East?  Is it the evil of approving the Keystone XL pipeline application?  His casting a deciding vote to consent to appointing that eater-of-children Betsy deVos to the Secretary of Education job?

No, none of these evils are enough to raise the ire of the people screaming (and texting and tweeting and twittering and snapchatting) about Mike Pence of Indiana right now.

It is because he has some ideas (very decidedly strange ideas for 2017)  about the obligations he has to his wife.  And tries to live up to them.

First off, it is bad enough that all he has is a wife – and has only had just the one.  Not a husband, not a dog, not TWO wives (preferably at the same time, but even sequentially would be better than THIS!), no paramours, lemans, mistresses, pretty-boys, or anything else.


He says two things that strike fear and horror into the progressives when they discuss the horror of a “kept woman” enslaved by a male aggressor with a ring around her finger and a piece of paper.

First, he does not go out to eat with other women unless his wife is also there with him. Second, he won’t attend any event where alcohol is served without his wife attending with him.

So the mainstream media – the Tranzi talking heads – are condemning him as being afraid of something – perhaps of being unable to curb the lusts that they know all males are desperate to succumb to if not restrained.  Or of being a secret alcoholic ready to fall off the wagon without the strong hand of “his woman” (misguided and enslaved as she may be) preventing him from doing so.

George Takai, that long-expired actor famous only for a fifty-year-old television show and his current flash in the pain (opps, pan) status as some sort of wise old elder actor, felt compelled to mock Pence, saying that Pence won’t ever eat alone with another woman because “no woman in her right mind would sit through that.” (Thereby mocking millions of women, including many who were once fans of him and the show of which he is nearly only the sole surviving cast member.)

What better to mock than a man who takes his commitment and promise (contract, remember) to his wife seriously?  And to abide by rules he himself made FOR himself – showing a level of self-discipline, self-government that these detractors seem unable to comprehend or believe.

Dana Loesch – the lovely and unceasingly attack maven of the right-wing – had an immediate zinger  for Mr. Sulu (excuse me, Mr. Takai), responding “If you want Pence to stay out of your relationships, try staying out of his.”  The so-called conservative twitter- and blogo-sphere applauded loudly, claiming they saw a flaming warp-drive ship diving from orbit.

They were wrong, of course. Yes, Dana is no doubt right (and probably the 100 millionth person to observe Takai’s planetary-sized hypocrisy) in making the point. In any real, sane, rational world, it would not matter any more who Pence ate with than who Takai ate with. (Sigh – if this world were real, sane and/or rational!)

But in the ears and eyes of the Tranzis (and far too many so-called Libertarians, no doubt), what Pence is doing is biased, discriminatory, and part of the war on women.  By refusing to speak intimately, privily, and confidentially with women, he is denying them equal opportunity to network with the penultimate power in DC and the FedGov (if you believe that the Veep has any more power than a cardboard cutout or a “pull in case of fire” alarm). That is “unfair” and abusive to women – it has even been claimed to be facilitating “rape culture.” Loyalty to and respect for his wife are so evil that they cause other men (especially those precious snowflakes on college campuses) to go out and rape women and girls.

So Takai’s relationships are legitimate and moral and uplifting, in the eyes of the Tranzis. And Pence’s relationship are tawdry and lead to corruption and perpetrating more evil actions.

Isn’t there something a bit weird about that?

I am no more a fan of Pence than of Trump – or for that matter, only slightly more a fan of his than of Obummer and Biden. But if anything shows that the decline and collapse of America and this insane worship of government and the state is picking up speed, this foolish little brouhaha is it.  Of course, society is still swirling down the drain at an ever-increasing rate. We cannot imagine the depths to which it will flow; the depth of the tyranny and immorality and hatred that will overcome a once-promising land, society and people.

(An afterword:  Much as I applaud Pence’s respect for and loyalty to his wife, and his willingness to limit his consumption of alcohol, it would be far, far better, if he lived up to his “christian moral principles” in ALL parts of his life, and also rejected ANY use of alcohol whether Karen is present or not.  But his track record as a politician shows him to be as hypocritical as Takai, just on different things. He is a politician and exercises power of others that is illegitimate and immoral.)

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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