Choose sides – or else! Whacking on statues and more.

By Nathan Barton

The cesspool of North America, that “Chocolate City” New Orleans (at risk of being disgusting, there are a LOT more things than chocolate that are dark brown, and NOLA is full of them), is busy purging its history of anything rational.

The city has been involved recently with sending out masked men (HONEST – public works employees and firefighters) to remove statues of evil Confederate people.  They are, after all, “fascist” (never mind the term wasn’t coined until 60 years after the CSA bit the dust).  So the anti-fascist (“Antifa”) forces have been demanding the city be cleansed (ha-ha) of the presence of Lee, Jackson, Polk, Davis and the like.

But now, the effort has expanded, to allies (or would-be allies) of the Confederacy – or people who owned slaves – or people who are monarchists – or maybe just people who are not as crazy as the destroyers are.

The statue of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) has been vandalized (according to a report from a new age yuppie newspaper, NoLa Defender) on the 2nd of May, 2017.  The vandalism seems to have been limited to graffiti on the base of the statue of the Maid of Orleans, a gift from Orleans, France (her home) to New Orleans.

Because this is in line with the war on monuments being waged by the Tranzis in NOLA, most observers believe the unknown perps to have been of the AntiFascist/Left/Resistance to Trump persuasion.

I am not sure.  Is Jean d’Arc a hero (I think we aren’t supposed to call them heroines, any more) of the “right” or of the “left”?  Some ideas:

She was a rightist: She led her armies in support of/defense of the Dauphin, the “rightful heir” to the throne of France – she was thus a monarchist.

She was a rightist: She supported a male ruler, ( Charles VII of the Capetian royal family) subjecting herself to him instead of standing up for the rights (and superiority) of women..

She was a rightist: She fought in battles. She was a soldier.  She was therefore against peace.

She was a rightist: She rejected the marvelous ideas of feminism and free love, and died a virgin (unless her executioners raped her).

She was a rightist: She was a faithful child of the Roman Catholic Church, worshiped God the Father and Jesus His Son, and claimed that various personages appeared to her in visions.

She was a leftist: She fought against the evil English king – she was thus an “anti-monarchist.”  She rallied France against the evil English House of Lancaster (the vicious monster Henry V and his even more evil successor, the 1-year-old Henry VI) .

She was a leftist: She refused to accept cultural constraints on women and became a warrior and a leader of warriors.

She was a leftist: She stood for La Belle France – the source of all good things leftist and progressive.  Yeah, that didn’t happen for another 350 years after she was killed, but she was ahead of her time.

She was a leftist:  She was against the English (later British) imperialists and she was of the peasantry.

She was a leftist:  She was a cross-dressing lesbian who dabbled in witchcraft, and a victim of patriarchy.

So take your pick (and add whatever pejorative nouns you wish to the “rightist” and “leftist”).

France was of course in 1861-65 a monarchy – and an empire – and tacitly supported the Confederate cause and oppressed the third-world dark-skinned democracy of Mexico by making it into an empire with yet another dead white guy as ruler (he wasn’t dead at the time of course).  So that means the France of that time was just as evil as any French collaborator with the Nazis in 1940-45, or any French people that supported DeGaulle and his oppression on Indochina and Algeria, or for that matter the slaveholding racist French pigs who ruled Haiti until their slave people-of-colour roused themselves and rose up in rebellion back in 1930 or so – leading directly to the tropical paradise that is Haiti of 2017.

Not that Jean had anything to do with any of that – the Capetians had been replaced by the Bourbons and then the Bonapartes long before that.  And no one seems to remember that “republican France” was just as vicious towards the Haitian slave population as the royalist France was.

Maybe it is because she was Catholic, and is now a Catholic saint?  Is this anti-religious: (After all, religion is well known as the handmaiden of fascists.) Or just Anti-Catholic?  Surely it is not anti-European?  (Of course, if LePen wins on Saturday, then France its self will be anti-European, no?)  Or is it because she was white?  It couldn’t be because she was a racist – unless you consider the English of her time to be a minority race in France…

Fun as this is, I have a serious point or two:

  1.  People do not know or care to know about history.
  2. Modern Tranzis (or progressives or leftists or Antifa or whatever) are far more into destruction and more destruction than into doing good for people.
  3. New Orleans is a moral and political sewer as well as a physical one – far better to let it sink into the Delta swamps than spend billions and billions keeping it (literally, at times) afloat.  (There are good people there, I know – and know a few. But I decry their stupidity in not getting out.  How about a nice “Newer Orleans” in some sane dry place like between Odessa and El Paso, or Topeka and Lincoln?)
  4. The constant cry of resistance and rebellion and rally for Hillary is little more than an excuse to terrorize and vandalize.

Their liberty stops at my nose – and my property – or the noses or property of anyone else.

Mama’s Note: Indeed, and my nose is bruised and sore…

Don’t exactly get the “left/right” references here, however. As far as I’m concerned, they are both wings on the same bird of prey. Everyone riding on those wings simply wants to be the one to control the bird.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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6 Responses to Choose sides – or else! Whacking on statues and more.

  1. Darkwing says:

    I have a great idea, we take down every monument in the country. Then no one can complain, there will be nothing but a lot of open space.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Well, except for those on private property… that works for me. That goes for all government “owned” and run parks, preserves, etc. Let those who want such things create them from their own property, and maintain them at their own expense.


  2. kirk says:

    lived there three years. never been back and will never go back. no matter what is done, that place cannot be ‘cleansed’.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      The thing is, Kirk, that only the people who live there have any real reason to clean it up, and the only ones who actually have that opportunity. None of my business. What is so sad is that there are a good many other places in this old world with much worse problems; with even worse to come in the near future. But nothing lasts forever.


  3. tpolnathan says:

    That is precisely the point: THEY (whichever side) want to be in control. That is why the “two wings of the same bird” attack each wing over perceptions. So I’m just twitting them in their own way. They cannot (or will not) attack us as lovers of liberty on the basis that we want liberty (after all, they claim the same thing) – and because they cannot truly believe that there are people who do not want power. So they attack their true enemies (the enemies of ALL states) on their claim that we are the wrong flavor of control, just as they do their statist enemies.
    With someone like Jeanne d’Arc, they both embrace and reject her because she does NOT fit their nice little pegs-and-holes scheme. Just like us lovers of liberty. In doing so, they show their own hypocrisy and indeed, arrogance and stupidity. So why not use their own game against them?


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I happen to be one who thinks that trying to “use their own game against them” is a very bad idea if it leads us to dishonor our principles. I know that’s not what you intend or would do, but I watched too many “Libertarians” become nothing but scum politicians trying to accomplish that. If you lie down with dogs, you might well wind up with fleas – or worse.


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