Stealing to reform or transform – what’s the big diff?

By Nathan Barton

Jeff Bryant, in Our Future, has an article, “What Betsy DeVos calls “education transformation” is actually public theft.”  Again Steve notes correctly, “Amazing how “public theft” (the basis of ALL government schooling) becomes wrong only when your own agenda is being challenged.” Amen, brother!

Bryant writes in part: “Betsy DeVos wants to give your tax dollars to private schools and businesses and tell you it’s an education ‘transformation.’ That’s the main theme of an address she gave this week to a conference held by the organization she helped found and lead, the American Federation for Children. Declaring that ‘the time has expired for ‘reform” she called instead for a ‘transformation … that will open up America’s closed and antiquated education system.’ “

Obviously, Bryant thinks our education system is anything but “closed and antiquated,” but it is clear that the educrats and the teachers’ unions and the politicians want to see it MORE closed (closeted, even) and MORE antiquated: let us follow the Prussian system even closer!

Here are a few thoughts.  First, the money pouring into our “public schools” every day has already been stolen.  All DeVos is doing is changing who ultimately gets it.  Someone once remarked (perhaps Mark Twain) that every election is just an advance auction of stolen goods.” Nowhere is that more true than in our government-run, theft-funded institutions of “learning.”  Local, state, and federal tax money pours into an ever-expanding, always empty hole, and comes out… where?

Actually, all that tax money already goes into the pockets of private businesses and private individuals.  Did you know that public school teachers get PAID for their work?  They are not slaves (no more than the rest of us who are part-time slaves to government with our taxes).  Indeed, the average private or parochial school teacher and staff actually make much much less than public school teachers, even in states like South Dakota where supposedly teachers are so underpaid. But the bulk of money goes to school employees (whether public or private – of course, few private schools have teachers’ unions).  And most of the rest goes to contractors and food service companies and grounds maintenance and building maintenance companies (or employees) and textbook publishers and companies that make and sell office supplies, instruction aids, and all the rest.

The big difference is that the private schools and their sponsors and supporters aren’t going to base their buying on who gave Politician X the biggest contribution.  Nor on the sellers’ political opinions lining up with the Tranzi agenda.  Except for the benefit of brainwashing the little inmates, it is NOT about the Chillun, folks, it is about the money.

Of course, the other reason Bryant and his ilk are up in arms is that in the public school system, a couple of dimes out of each dollar are going to the tax collection agency/government and to the bloated educrat bureaucracy – with a big chunk making its way directly or indirectly to (mostly-government) institutions of “higher learning.”  (And DeVos’ scheme would still allow the taxing agencies to have their cut – maybe a bit more.)

So, let me end with this thought: Betsy DeVos (nice lady though she is) is wrong: it isn’t time for transformation, and I agree that the time for reform is way past.  Nope, it is time to END the public school system, to end this tool of tyranny.  End the theft, no matter who prospers from it.  Now, for good.

Mama’s Note: Not mentioned here is the serious drain of tax theft funds for things like sports, all sorts of “public school” events, buses and other transportation, paying police officers as “guards” and so much more. The list seems to get longer every year. If parents want to provide these things to their children, nothing should stop them, as they would provide for the quality and quantity of education. It’s a matter of who is responsible for it… parents, or the taxpayers.

And then, only a remote possibility in most cases, there is the fact that “public schools” gather thousands of small children into places that are almost impossible to defend! The average public school presents an attacker (of any sort) with a sea of helpless victims, and even a large number of “cops” on staff would find it impossible to do much about it.

So, ending the Prussian slave creation formula using stolen goods to pay for it is vital. And so is the elimination of these vast “gun free” – unarmed victim zones.  Some colleges and universities are having to deal with this – however unrealistically – but there is little that even CAN be done for the rest.  Except for some very good private schools, armed teachers and staff are rare as hen’s teeth, and so wrapped up in restrictions and nonsense it is mostly useless.

But, if you know of a school, private or public, that has a better plan and record, we’d love to hear about it!

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2 Responses to Stealing to reform or transform – what’s the big diff?

  1. kirk says:

    it was Henry Louis Mencken who stated that an election is ‘an advanced auction of other people’s property’.


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