You can’t have it both ways, people

By Nathan Barton

Can I appear to defend The Donald for just a moment?  The drama-queen panic and screams of horror at his election to the positon of “the most powerful man in the world” have really not subsided in the last four (or even six) months.  The horror and fear and disgust (as expressed) are significant.

Indeed, the fears have increased, due to two major influences.  First, the Anti-Trump (or No-Trump) forces have pointed out that Trump either conspired with, or was a puppet of, Vladimir Putin to make us the United Communist States of America; not only Trump but most of his advisors and political appointees are traitors and we need only prove it to the satisfaction of a jury or panel of judges (such as the US Senate).  Second, is that Trump is so incredibly stupid, arrogant, uneducated and unable to manage anything, that he is incapable and totally unfit to be the most powerful man in the world.

These two points are made, almost hourly, by both the mainstream media and the liberal/Tranzi alternate media, 24-7.

The problem is that if one of these is true, it is very much unlikely that the other could be. If Trump is such a stupid, inept, incompetent, and unsuccessful political leader and administrator, he is NOT the supreme, right-hand-man of Satan, manipulator and arch-fiend that they want him to be.  He might be someone’s tool, but the idea that he is Vlad Putin’s tool is, well, as silly as thinking that Lyndon Johnson was a wonderful political statesman-benefactor.

The problem is in part due to the fact that the media has no idea how businessmen think – however eccentric they are.  NOT corporate managers, but businessmen: entrepreneurs who take risks with their own as well as others’ money. Who are answerable not to “did you follow the right process” but “did you succeed?” They can be a bit weird because they get things done.  Even if it isn’t the first or second time they try.  And aren’t necessarily likable or popular, but just… useful.  And sometimes they are people who are not the most ethical or moral people (whether when viewed by traditional measures, Christ’s measure, or that of the Tranzis).

People like Edison and Tesla, like Howard Hughes and Carnegie.  And less known, perhaps, but people like John J. Hill, William Jackson Palmer, and even Brigham Young.  Often strange and wonderful people, who DID things.  Politicians now and then, but not the standard politicians.  And the Tranzis and media (mainstream and alternative) just can’t get their heads wrapped around them.

(I am not supporting Trump TOO much, let me add.  One reason that private business and entrepreneurs can be eccentric is because it is THEIR money (and usually if not always morally gained).  But Trump is doing this with stolen tax money – as in, stolen from taxpayers.  It’s not his!  And, of course, he has that briefcase, the one with the phones and the buttons. (Unless they’ve done what Dilbert did to the pointy-haired boss and gave him an Etch-A-Sketch instead of a tablet!))

A comment on another opinion piece, vaguely related to this schizophrenic view of Trump this week:

Steve Trinward noted this commentary, saying “clever headline, less clever conclusions”: Don’t mine what’s ours published at In These Times, by Dayton Martindale, attacking (I think) Trump yet again.

“America’s public lands, Donald Trump told Field and Stream magazine in January 2016, are ‘magnificent. We have to be great stewards,’ he intoned. ‘Keep the lands great.’ He only just restrained himself from adding, ‘Some of my best friends are public lands.’ While he’s ‘very much into fracking and drilling,’ Trump continued, he would only support energy exploration that didn’t ‘damage the land.’ (Of course, extractive industries ‘damage the land’ almost by definition. Even relatively low-impact coal mines leak pollutants into groundwater and can cause sinkholes; fracking, for its part, produces poisonous wastewater and requires habitat-destroying pipelines.) Trump also seemed to suggest increased funding for land maintenance, and (in contrast to many Republican legislator) opposed transferring federal land to the states, as the states are likely to sell it off.”

Just as the media people don’t understand the type of person Trump is, they clearly do not understand technology, engineering, or environmental sciences.  If you want this guy Martindale’s definition, a house, a farm, a ranch, a road (much less a town or city) “damage the land.”  Properly designed and built coal mines and pipelines do NOT “leak pollutants into groundwater” (even if the pollutants are naturally occurring and have existed in the coalbeds since creation.  Nor do they “destroy” the habitat, nor cause sinkholes.  Yes, these things have happened in the past, and continue to happen today.  In part because people were not held accountable for their actions, and in part because government regulations and demands often have little to do with real science or engineering.

Trump is one of just many who have pointed out that maintaining what the FedGov already controls has always been third or fourth in priority to political ends (“getting and keeping votes and campaign money, creating “legacies,” and all the rest), expanding FedGov power and land ownership, and providing modern circuses (you don’t think tourism is a circus?).  The great “jewels” of the National Park Service and other agencies are rural and frontier equivalents of inner-city Detroit or the ghettos of DC and Kansas City and elsewhere: hosts to hordes of parasites (including the subsidized tourists) in which tourists, together with “Bambi” and “Peter Cottontail,” are allowed to overrun and overpopulate and destroy the habitat as much as any “cut the top off the mountain” coal mine in West Virginia does.  The highway systems, the water pipelines, the ever more grandiose waste water treatment plants and airports and “public transportation” systems cry out for maintenance and repair, but the backlog M&R takes a much lower priority than building new ones.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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