Politics as a blood sport

By Nathan Barton

Yesterday’s incredible display of poor marksmanship fortunately seems to have resulted in just one death – that of the perp.  Maybe. I and many people are grateful for that, and have prayed for those hit and their families and coworkers.

Based on the initial information (which of course, as is common in these things, will be buried and replaced by a “legitimate” narrative), it was probably an assassination attempt. And based on the usual definitions (despite the FBI’s waffling), it seems to be an act of terrorism.

By whom is the real question.  Not the terrorist who actually pulled the trigger, supposedly for 100 or so times.  But who is behind the shooter?  And who is behind the shooter’s backers?  He is labeled as a “Bernieista” (maybe several different spellings of that), a NeverTrumper, a liberal left-wing nut-job.  Although I haven’t actually seen the words “lone wolf,” there seems to be a common theme that effectively denies there is any cabal behind this attack.

Or is that the case?  It seems that the mainstream media does want to identify an eminence grise.

Who? None other than that most evil of public figures.  Donald Trump.

The less poisonous version seems to be this: Donald Trump is to blame for this attack because he is both such an incredibly poor leader, such a joke as a POTUS, and such a threat to the lives and health of millions and to the environment and the economy that he has terrorized people like this perp into becoming radicalized, thinking that they are going to save the country (or the entire world) by directly or indirectly changing the political landscape – and (to use the name of a group the perp supposedly belonged to) to Terminate the GOP.

The highly poisonous version appears to be a claim that this is a false-flag attack.  Although I’ve not seen such a claim, I am sure that the accusation may be that Trump used his family-Russian connections to create this madman persona and stage this attack as part of a purge of the GOP by Trump to gain control of the party and eliminate real NeverTrumpers in the GOP.

An intermediately toxic version is also a false-flag attack, but staged by the GOP leadership or some deep-state apparat.  This is used to explain why the perp was such an incredibly poor shot: his misses were intentional, and the one seriously injured congressman was just really unlucky.  As I understand this particular flavor of spin, the evil and desperate GOP is whipping up sympathy and excuses for all the dastardly actions that they plan, by being the victims of a near-miss attack.

Part of all these versions is the real fate of the attacker: is he really dead or has he just been disappeared, either as part of his contract for the work or in a doublecross to remove any chance of these plots to be revealed?

Of course, the right-wing is also busy trying to come up with their own spin.  And they won’t have far to look: the reported increasing instability of Hillary (coupled with the rumors of the fatal illness of her husband), the shadow government and wealth-building machine of the last squatter in the White House (modeled somewhat after the get-rich-quick plan so successful for the Clintons), the shrill attacks of Bernie on Christians in government, the growing violence and fanaticism of the AntiFa and AntiTrump left-wing groups, all making the political climate toxic and warping the minds of the likes of the perp.  They point out how his brain stewed in the caustic rhetoric of the liberals.

Some have already pointed out the liberal/mainstream-media acclaimed presentations in Central Park of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. In this play, Gaius Julius is portrayed as an orange-haired, older tycoon that “just happens” to resemble a reality TV star turned president, who is attacked and stabbed to death in a park setting.  The comedienne who waved around a bloody (fake) head of the Donald is also pointed out as a way that discourse has been coarsened.  And in both cases, blood (admitted imitation blood) has been spilled in a public setting.

Now, none of these really make much sense, except possibly as plots for Hollywood productions.  But then, much of what the media (both mainstream and alternate) writes and says does not.  And the extremists, both right- and left-wing, seem to have little problem with whipping up and approving of bloodletting.  Whether it is “sanitized” drone strikes on wedding parties in far-off countries, or police gunning down and blowing up children (and claiming they are fearful for their life and safety).

Maybe I’m being too harsh, but this is the kind of words and action that are pretty hard to ignore unless you are so warped into a false patriotism and even more false fear that you can’t see it.

What is clear is that politics – always a blood sport from Nimrod on – is getting more bloody by the day here in the Fifty States.

More than ever, we need to calm down and realize that people’s lives are more important than the government, or the nation, or “the people.”

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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7 Responses to Politics as a blood sport

  1. longline says:

    More than ever, we need to calm down and realize that people’s lives are more important than the government, or the nation, or “the people.”

    You have these things out of order. ” the people” will be safe guarded by the loss of lives protecting the nation. The Government is incidental, but important. The looney that did the shooting was egged on by stupid political nonsense… a willing idiot. The Left is guilty of fomenting this.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      All people must take personal responsibility for their own safety, and that of their legitimate dependents. After that, they probably will defend their communities. There is no “the people” as an aggregate. The non-voluntary government not only can’t protect people, it generally has no mechanism to do so, even if those who are in control had any real desire to do so. The “left” and the “right” are two wings of the same bird of prey.


    • tpolnathan says:

      These are not in any priority order. The terms “the nation” and “the people” are based on the idea of some “collective” – witness the claim that prosecutors take action in the name of “the people” against a single person who is nevertheless supposed to be part of “the people.” Government action is based on the (wrong) idea that any one person is expendable as long as the nation or The People survive, To them (as to states and progressives) we are nothing more than a fingernail or a strand of hair, to be discarded or sacrificed at will. (Of course, some of us are less expendable than others!) And I think my attitude towards human, coercive government is pretty obvious. I assume you are being sarcastic by saying that “‘the people’ will be safeguarded by the loss of lives protecting the nation” – and agree. How did the seven sailors killed in that collision off Japan safeguard anything?


  2. Whatever it was, it was by definition not terrorism. Terrorism consists of attacks on civilians for the purpose of creating a climate of terror. This was an attack on regime officials with the seeming goal of killing them for being regime officials of the wrong gang. In other words, pretty much the opposite of terrorism.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Unless you want to use the attack on the politicians as an excuse for changing regime officials… the Dems want very badly to replace the Repubs. I don’t know… they can terrorize each other as much as they wish. But it looks as if at least some of them plan to use the incident as an excuse to further “control” our guns. They keep trying anyway.


      • “Unless you want to use the attack on the politicians as an excuse for changing regime officials”

        No, not even them.

        Terrorism consists of attacks on civilian non-combatants, not regime officials. This was an attack on regime officials.

        Terrorism consists of attacks intended to create terror in the population so that they pressure the government to do what the terrorists want. This guy was attacking the government directly.

        Not every bad thing or violent thing is terrorism. Words mean things.


      • MamaLiberty says:

        If you want to argue about it, you are technically correct, of course. There were “innocent” people also present, but the congressman seems to have been the target. Let us hope that these nutcases continue to be such poor marksmen. Maybe their “gun control” has achieved at least that much.

        Words very much “mean things,” but often not what we expect or even insist on. 🙂


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