Equal justice under law?

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.
[With “note” by MamaLiberty]

Following President Trump’s February executive order, the Department of Education has been reviewing regulations and guidance to make sure that they “adequately protect students.” Men on college and university campuses are students too, and they greatly need protection from the regulations and guidance of the Obama-era Office for Civil Rights, which remain in force at this writing. Campus drinking is a problem, but it is not the most serious problem (“Trump education official: Parties usually ‘both drunk’ in campus sexual assault cases,” July 12, 2017). Here is the most serious problem.

The situation regarding anything even remotely sexual on college and university campuses today is entirely controlled by ideologues steeped in former President Barack Obama identity and sexual politics. Those who caused the current situation to exist are “true believers” who must be replaced by centrists open to evidence and reason.

It is time to end the illegal practices of the campus kangaroo courts for allegations of sexual assault which were mandated by Obama’s Office for Civil Rights. These regulations and guidance required colleges and universities to always believe the victim and deny all due process rights to the accused, including the right to an attorney, the right of access to all evidence, the right to cross-examine and to have a standard of evidence for conviction consistent with the consequences for the accused of being found guilty.

The take-home message for the Office for Civil Rights and its current head, Candice Jackson, is straightforward. On campus, both men and women must be entitled to justice as per the words engraved above the entrance to the United States Supreme Court: Equal Justice Under Law.

The current injustices of the campus kangaroo courts can be corrected with a simple administrative stroke of the pen and the elimination of the ideological campus sex bureaucracies.

From Gordon Finley, Ph.D., professor of psychology emeritus, Florida International University, Miami, Fla.

Mama’s Note: True enough, Gordon… I’m wondering how you see that happening. How can that be accomplished? Do you really think that an EO from Trump would end the madness? Equal justice under law is a wonderful idea, and has never happened in this country… or any other so far. Those “true believers” in minding other people’s business are not about to give up their power for anything, much less bow down to an EO.

There is a rational approach that does not count on politicians and bureaucrats taking responsible action. No, the parents and students must take that responsible action first, and MAYBE the politicians and college administrators will get the hint.

1. Students (male and female) and parents who care about justice will make sure that the first rule is followed:

Don’t go stupid places, with stupid people, to do stupid things such as get drunk/high/naked with strangers. (I was taught this seriously in Jr. High School by my mother. Went on to 7 years of “higher education” and never had a problem with it. Unfortunately, the “schools” have changed a lot in those 50 years.

2. Students and parents who truly care about education these days, as well as justice, will find alternative educational opportunities. There are lots of them now, and will be more as demand increases.

Most colleges and universities have become government/socialist indoctrination facilities, rather than actual institutes of rational higher learning. They are not apt to change as long as they can continue to do as they want without any real repercussions, and spend our stolen
money doing it. Begging government to solve the problem is obviously not a good answer. Withdrawing consent, starving the beast, is a much better one.

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2 Responses to Equal justice under law?

  1. kirk says:

    the ‘tyranny of conscience’ has always been with humanity. today, the ‘tyranny of conscience’ is obvious everywhere, with perverted, deviant and evil consciences driving such being equally evident.

    due process is denied because the perpetrators of the idiocy on campuses cannot defend their positions, the reasons for their positions, or show any honesty in their positions. they must, therefore, be tyrannical and shut down all who do not agree. otherwise, they may just have to actually defend the indefensible and reveal the bankrupt nature of everything they hold dear.


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