Las Vegas Massacre

By MamaLiberty

Truly terrible event. I’m very sorry for all of the victims and their families.

But, as usual, even with minor happenings, the “news” and even the official accounts are rife with misinformation, outright contradictions, and political posturing. Too bad they can’t all calm down and be rational observers.

Some of this is stupid, some calculated to manipulate emotional hysteria, and some is just too predictable not to be almost amusing. Hillary Clinton using this tragedy to beat her old gun control drum, though there is nothing whatsoever that any “law” could have done to prevent such an attack. Or planting a big bomb, or a dozen other things, of course.

None of these cretins ever actually get around to explaining rationally and truthfully just how depriving the rest of us of our guns would stop such an atrocity. And, of course, there is no such explanation possible. Around 320 million people did NOT shoot at concert goers in Las Vegas. One person did… and he’s dead – however that actually happened. Maybe…

And, interestingly, there is little room for talk of a “good guy with a gun” being of any use in this massacre… the shooter was up 32 floors and there was nobody around to stop him, though I did read he killed a security guard. There is no indication, yet, if that person was armed… Just not enough verifiable information at this point.


I’d be interested to learn just how someone could manage to take that many guns, ammunition and equipment up to a 32nd floor room without anyone noticing… and questioning it. The negative response of Las Vegas cops to a man open carrying a handgun on the street would seem to indicate that someone, somehow should possibly have noticed a man carrying a machine gun or eight into a hotel… for pity sake. Maybe the security guard did notice and question it, but was evidently not equipped or trained well enough to do anything about it. We’ll have to see what is discovered in subsequent investigation.

Another unfortunate response to this insanity is from much of the Second Amendment crowd. On several of the gun and gear forums, they are loudly ranting and lamenting that this will automatically eliminate everyone’s right to self defense, especially with guns. Could be, and we’ll have to watch for that. We also have to decide not to accept that!

And then, we have lots of folks dragging out the “false flag” mantra. Could be, of course, but it is much too soon to make such a pronouncement, I think. And, in any case, we must have far more solid information and get over the emotional overload before we can begin to understand what happened, or the implications for the future.

Watch the “news” on this, naturally… but keep a large container of salt handy.

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2 Responses to Las Vegas Massacre

  1. Darkwing says:

    I posted a video of a 21 female who talked about a Hispanic women pushing herself , along with her man friend, to the front of the place and was yelling “You are all going to f–king die”, this was 45 minutes before the thing started. She and the friend were taken away by security, no one is talking.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      It will be very interesting to see if this is actually investigated and reported. Too much of a “coincidence” for comfort. But screaming that sort of “warning” in the midst of 30 or 40 thousand concert goers does seem strange. Any large, well attended gathering of people is automatically at risk for some sort of attack these days. I think we have to be grateful it doesn’t happen any oftener.


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