Revolution? Or Excuse for Coup?

By Nathan Barton

As reported in Eagle Rising, an email magazine on Saturday, 4 November 2017, massive anti-Trump/Pence protests are scheduled for fourteen major American cities.  Only eleven were identified: they are all liberal/Tranzi enclaves.  (As indeed, are most of the top twenty-five cities in the Fifty States.)  Eagle Rising claims these are being orchestrated by ANTIFA (or rather, some of the many “independent” groups that make up that movement), Black Lives Matter, and remnants of various liberal groups from the 2000-2016 era.

We are told that this is the beginnings of a left-wing revolution to overthrow the Trump administration, sponsored by and supported by a super-conspiracy including everyone from George Soros and the Bushes to Demo and GOP members of Congress and right down to the usual “anarchist” comrades who burn trashcans and cop-cars and loot stores. With the goal of establishing a Marxist government for all of the Fifty States and the territories.

And we are told that the FedGov (especially the FBI) and the various State police forces, together with municipal police, must take immediate action to prepare to counter these protests, suppress rebellion, and crack down on the protestors/revolutionaries.  We are told that we must be prepared to respond to violence with violence, but that our brave and faithful political leaders and civil servants and occupation forces will save the Republic, our nation, and our way of life and culture.

The article is serious – it is not a spoof.

And it is total garbage.

Not the possibility that the Tranzis are going to seek to overthrow “legitimate government” and establish a progressive government in the Fifty States – that is actually quite likely.

No, I am writing of the idea that any part of the federal governmental leadership, or any significant minority of state or local governments – or any of the police forces (most especially the Feebes) – would present any serious impediment to such an attempt.

And the idea that such an attempt would “establish” a Marxist government or political or economic system.  “Improve” such a Marxist system, perhaps.  But our American governmental and economic system is at best a “mixed economy” which incorporates far more of socialism (Marxism) than such pedestrian and antediluvian notions of free markets or real (not crony) capitalism.

But if there is indeed such an action planned, to begin with the massive 14-city protests Saturday after this one, it will not be a “revolution.”  It will be a coup.  Any protests, any violence, any attacks, will be nothing more than an excuse for both a massive crackdown on liberty in every possible way AND an excuse for Congress and the political leadership to “correct the mistake” that the voters of the Fifty States made by electing Trump to the White House. And no doubt many other “mistakes” that have been made in the past.

So why is a supposedly conservative, even “libertarian,” website hoping that the present government and society will prevent a further slide into tyranny and progressivism?  Because we (as the fifty states) are frogs in the cooking pot.

There is no republic to save – even if a republic was still worth saving.  But the American republic died a long time ago.  The shambling corpse that exists today is decaying in front of our eyes.  The choice is NOT between freedom (and liberty) and tyranny – it is simply what flavor of tyranny we will have.

Unless we act differently than this Eagle Rising writer and most other people think we should.  How is that? By NOT depending on government – and especially not on “law enforcement” to defend ourselves against those in government and in politics who wish to further enslave us.  Not necessarily responding with violence to violence, but by withdrawing both our specific and tacit consent for ANY action by government for or against us.  By, as necessary, withdrawing and seceding.

It means giving up a lot of things – living in even medium-sized cities and urban areas, perhaps.  Completely staying OUT of many states. Learning to do without many of the things we take for granted.  While investing in still other things.

But if the choice is doing that, or sliding deeper into slavery and the never-never-land of either the right OR the left in America (and the rest of the world), how can we NOT give those things up?

Mama’s Note: The most important thing, as Nathan wrote, is to withdraw ourselves and our consent to any level of non-voluntary government. But, to be realistic, we must also prepare to resist in any way necessary. Never underestimate your enemy, and the Marxists are absolutely the implacable enemy of your individual liberty, no matter what they say.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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