Governmental overreach and comeuppance?

By Nathan Barton

UPDATE: Apparently a federal court in Washington State, which somehow has “jurisdiction” over the other 49 and territories (and maybe the whole world) has issued a restraining order prohibiting distribution of plans for 3D guns by internet. Again, long after the “settlement” out of court. Right.

Freedom Net Daily published some of the latest in the 3D-printed firearms front today, with news from Pennsylvania that Defense Distributed agrees to temporary censorship.

(PS: A plug for Kent McManigal, whose flag flew over Mama Liberty’s house for a long time.)

Quoting from a Philadelphia Inquirer article,

“In an emergency hearing in federal court in Philadelphia on Sunday evening, a Texas nonprofit agreed to block Pennsylvania internet users from downloading its files for making firearms with a 3D printer — for now. The hearing before U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond came in response to a lawsuit filed by state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Gov. Wolf, and the Pennsylvania State Police. The Texas nonprofit, Defense Distributed, had put the plans for an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle on its website Friday, and as of Sunday, 1,000 people nationwide already had downloaded them, according to Shapiro’s office. Had officials not gone to court to try to block downloads in the state, Shapiro said in a statement, ‘the harm to Pennsylvanians would have been immediate and irreversible.’ In New Jersey, officials also had sought to block downloading of the plans for that state’s residents by means of a cease-and-desist letter. But Defense Distributed challenged that effort on Sunday by filing a federal lawsuit in Texas.” (07/29/18)
Now there is a lot to talk about with this.  Even conservative shows like Glenn Beck’s have been talking a lot about the legal advent of open-source, 3D-printed, “unidentifiable” firearms – mostly favorably.
Frankly, I suspect that Defense Distributed was trying not to laugh as they “agreed to block PA internet users” – since such efforts are difficult even for Red China.  I am not sure how any such block would be effective with Tor, or even the fact that PA’s subjects can readily travel to NY, NJ, MD, WV, OH, and probably even Ontario and Quebec to be free from such a block. To say nothing of satellite ISPs.  Fortunately, sometimes (a LOT of the time) government goons are incredibly stupid.
Shapiro’s probably NOT laughing up his sleeve as he lies about the “immediate and irreversible” harm to the people living under his boots in Pennsylvania.
I suppose he wants to invoke images of a thousand MS-23 gangbangers in their basements in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and their suburbs. Imagine them eagerly downloading DD files to program their CNC mills and other equipment. Then building a thousand AR-15s and M1911s without – gasp!- serial numbers. And of course, then marching out on the streets to launch their open, violent revolution against the cops and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Of course, he and his fellow goons in Harrisberg (and DC) might want to worry about the REAL threat. What is that? Peaceful, generally quiet or even silent, lovers of liberty will build a few of these, figure out how to improve them (and lower the cost), build some more, hide them in various places… and when Claire’s time comes… Well, you can figure it out..
JPFO’s recent article about Russia and guns again comes to mind. We have been given a boon, making it difficult if not impossible to ever disarm all the American people. (I cited this in a recent commentary.) But NOT if we continue to roll over and play dead – or lick the boots – at the feet of the Nazgul and the other controllers.
If you are one of the thousands who have already downloaded the plans, please PLEASE share them with friends and families. Defense Distributed and GhostGun and everyone else realizes that the cat is OUT of the bag – and DD and GG are cooperating with nazgul and AGs and all the rest, glad to do so, I suspect.
Oh, you don’t think that one of those ABS blocky, ugly Liberator one-shot guns will do any good against militarized police and federal law enforcement agencies? Wrong.  Keep in mind the ancestors of those Liberators: one-shot tin pistols dropped behind National Socialst lines in Europe.  Designed to let the brave soul go up and kill an SS-mann or regular Wehrmacht type and inherit his rifle or pistol.  People can work their way up to – well, the imagination boggles: M-1? M-2? F-16? 8-inch howitzer? Freedom WILL win.

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2 Responses to Governmental overreach and comeuppance?

  1. beau says:

    the underlying ‘problem’ in all this is that the controllers cannot control under such circumstances. that is the REAL REASON they are so upset. after all, if they can’t put a collar on someone and get them to heel, their entire life has gone awry…ended…kaput…no more. can’t have that! they KNOW they are better than we and should, therefore, control us, the deplorable human beings we are.


    • tpolnathan says:

      Ah, but Beau, some of us – you see – some of us are more deplorable than others. Especially those who want to reduce their control of us. And to make matters worse, control of others! What a horror it must be to them to think that even a small town of a few hundred might have a mill and print-shop able to do custom orders to produce whatever firearm a customer might want. And on a walk-in, “while-u-wait” basis!


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